Chrom Amiibo avaliable for Pre-order and FE Warriors Chrom & Ryoma Bond Support snippet.

The Chrom amiibo is now up for preorder on Best Buy


Tiki also has a page, but it doesn’t allow the preorder, only saying “coming soon” so just keep your eyes on the page here. It was available earlier today, so it may be temporarily unavailabe with a “coming soon” placeholder.

We still aren’t entirely sure what they do yet in FE Warriors, however if it’s like Hyrule Warriors we may get bonus weapons and (in Link’s case) a bonus weapon type, although that would go against “classes use one weapon type” which Koei-Tecmo recently confirmed in an interview.

Additionally, the second place winner of the Bond Support snippet show off was also given to us, between Chrom & Ryoma.

Torii on our Forums posted this rough translation:

Ryouma: However, I’ve finally started to see your sword-fighting style through our repeated fights*. Until now they’ve been pretty even matches, but next time I might beat you.

Chrom: What? Like that’s gonna happen! I’ve also just gotten used to the Hoshidan sword-fighting style. At first I was confused by your known stance/posture**, but now I can deal with anything.

Ryouma: How dare you say that? I’ve also already seen everything the Ylissean sword-fighting style has to offer!


*Couldn’t think of a word in English to really describe this, like a sparring match but a bit more intense

**Martial arts posture, probably referring to how Ryouma holds and wields his sword.

It must have been entertaining behind the scenes, for Matthew Mercer to yell at himself!

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