Heroes: FEH Channel Live Stream 2 Details

Summoners! The second episode of the FEH Channel live stream gave us 17 minutes of excitement, starring our beloved owl is officially named Messenger Owl Feh (pronounced like Faye).

What a cutie!

Catch the recap of the live stream here (Japanese viewers, click here).

Now that we’ve finally learned the official name of Feh, what about the units? Well, to start, the next Nohrian Summer banner gives us some new ones, of course!

Nohrian Summer will bring Leo, Xander, Elise and female Corrin. Xander dons a hilarious Lilith floatie, a “Tomato Tome” for Leo, an unmounted Elise with her green Tome and F!Corrin will be a Wyvern-riding blue tome user, marking her as the second flying tome wielder in the game.

These units will be available in just a few hours, officially on July 28th at 12a PST. More details on this will be revealed in just a few hours, when the units become available, but here’s a sneak peek at the units and their skills:

  • Elise (Voice: Liv Strander | Artist: Mikuro)
    • Hibiscus Tome+ (Green Tome, 12 Mt, Rng 2 | Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk/Spd +1 during combat)
    • Rally Atk/Res (Grants Atk/Res +3 to an adjacent ally until end of the turn)
    • Spd/Res 2 (Grants Spd/Res +2)
    • G Tome Valor 3 (If unit survives, all green tome users on team get 2x SP. If similar skill effects also used, only highest multiplier applied.)
  • Xander (Voice: George Spelvin | Artist: PenekoR)
    • Lilith Floatie+ (Axe, 14 Mt, Rng 1 | Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk/Spd +1 during combat)
    • Bonfire [3 CD] (Boost damage dealt by 50% of unit’s Def)
    • Fire Boost 3 (If unit has at least 3 more HP than enemy at the start of combat, unit receives Atk +6 during combat)
    • Infantry Pulse 3 (Special cooldown count -1 at start of Turn 1 for any infantry allies with at least 1 fewer HP than unit (effects will stack with similar skills)
  • Leo (Voice: Max Mittelman | Artist: Tobi)
    • Tomato Tome+ (Red Tome, 12 Mt, Rng 2| Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk/Spd +1 during combat)
    • Iceberg [3 CD] (Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit’s Res)
    • Seal Res 3 (After combat, foe suffers Res -7 through its next action)
    • Atk Ploy 3 (At start of turn, all foes in cardinal directions with Res 1 more lower than unit suffer Atk -5 until the end of foe’s next action)
  • Corrin [F] (Voice: Marcella Lentz-Pope | Artist: Sencha)
    • Sealife Tome+ (Blue Tome, 12 Mt, Rng 2 | Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk/Spd +1 during combat)
    • Dragon Fang [4 CD] (Grants 50% to Atk)
    • Swift Strike 2 (Grants Spd/Res +4 during combat if unit initiates attack)
    • Fortify Fliers (Grants adjacent flying allies Def/Res +6 through their next actions at the start of each turn)

The Nohrian Summer banner will last until the end of August.

With a new series of units of course brings a new Voting Gauntlet (Ylissean Summer vs Nohrian Summer), begins on August 1.

Bound Hero Battle, featuring Etrurian General Cecilia and Delightful Noble Lilina. Starts August 7th. 

Lilina and Cecilia have both been buffed, an apparent increase in stats, as well as some powerful new skills (Blazing Wind and Hone Atk for Cecilia, with removed Rally Resistance, and R Tomebreaker for Lilina)

Of course, we’ll have a Banner for the Bound Hero Battle, featuring Lilina, Cecilia and Roy.

Speaking of Hero Battles, we’re getting a late August debute of our third Magvel character, Valter, in a new Grand Hero Battle.

Valter comes equipped with:

  • Cursed Lance(16 Mt, 1 Range, Grants Atk/Spd+2 and accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1). Unit takes 4 damage after combat.
  • Luna
  • Darting Blow
  • Panic Ploy

Valter looks like he’ll be quite the powerful ally to have on board once defeated.

We’ll have the Reunited At Last Tempest Trial event starting on August 11, featuring Bonus Units:

  • 40%
    • Celica
    • Delthea
    • Gray
    • Sonya
  • 20%
    • Berkut
    • Clive
    • Alm
    • Genny

Rewards include crystals, shards, orbs and feathers as expected, as well as 4* Clive at 6,000 points, a Breath of Life 1 Sacred Seal at 12,000 points, an Atk Ploy 1 Sacred Seal at 20,000 points and a 5* Clive at 30,000 points.

To improve the Tempest Battle experience (and others), there will be some new Quality-of-Life features added in.

  1. New Team Management for multi-map battles, allowing you to create up to 10 reserve teams for quick selection
  2. Normal level battles, hovering around Level 10, for new Summoners to engage
  3. New scoring system, with a 3x Point bonus modifier applied for the first two battles per day
  4. Bonus Units will also gain a passive +4 to all stats, and +10 to their HP. They’ll also gain bonus EXP and SP

Version 1.6 will include a new Arena Mode. Arena Assault will include a battle system just like Squad Assault, requiring a new team of four for each map.

Arena Assault will include items, including one time use Elixirs (one time use, heal 99 HP to all allies), Lightning Charms (Deal 20 damage to all enemies), Special Blades (Enables immediate use of all Special skills for all allies), Infantry Boots (Grants +1 movement to all allies for 1 turn) and six more we have yet to hear details about. You will be allowed to take up to three items with you, and you can use these at any time during a battle, much like a Light’s Blessing.

Can Infantry Boots work on popular mounted units like Reinhardt and Cecilia? We’ll have to figure that one out

The best part…Stamina and Dueling Crests are necessary. Winning battles will net you Sacred Coins and Hero Feathers…but the uses for them is not yet know. This is going to begin August 8th, and will be handled much like Arena seasons in terms of schedules and time periods.

Also will be a “Catalog of Heroes”, letting you view their profile, replay their summoning sequence, and head their audio read through quotes, as well as play their character animations by simply tapping them. Heroes you’ve fought will appear in silohuette, while Heroes you haven’t met will be simply hidden from view.

Additionally, the Hero Merit cap has also been bumped up, from 2,000 to 3,000, and we’ll be seeing EXP/SP boosts in the Arena, as well as ambiguous improvements to the Training Tower.


For a pretty big celebration, August 2nd marks the six month anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, so some special events have been planned.

  • Six month Anniversary & Starter Support Log-In Bonuses
    • 10 sets of daily 2 orbs
    • Aug 7 – Sept 11, in two sets of two week intervals, netting 40 orbs in total
  • Sacred Seal Quests, Turn Limit Maps, new Daily Special Maps and Daily Training Tower, all with quests
  • Hero Fest is back, with a boosted 5% Focus appearance rate
    • Starting August 10
    • No units revealed, so likely different from the Azura/Hector/Ryoma/Takumi line-up of the previous Hero Fest
  • Starter Support Log-In Bonus, contributing 20 orbs to Summoners

Finally, we’ll be getting some benefits for summoning new Heroes, in two forms.

Starting on August 7th, 3* and 4* unit appearance rates will be swapped (4* for 58% and 3* for 36%). Looks like 5* unit rates won’t be modified.

To conclude the summoning bonuses, Summoners also be granted a Free First Summon, lets you summon once for free, in each banner released after August 7, which you can use on the upcoming Hero Fest, among others indefinitely!

Strangely enough, the Choose Your Legends winners have not yet been announced, despite the “End of Summer” bit declared at event completion. That said, There’s still a lot to look forward to, so Summoners, don’t let the end of summer get you down, because Fire Emblem Heroes plans to keep going strong!

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