Fire Emblem Warriors Dual Special Attack Poll

Much like the recent support snippets poll to see some of the characters interacting, the Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter has started a brand new poll.

This time highlighting duos who have dual special attacks.

The poll options are in this order

1. Lucina & Marth

2. Lissa & Frederick

3. Ryoma & Xander

4. Frederick & Robin

As a side note, I’m genuinely surprised Corrin & Robin isn’t a poll option here.

If the tweet is retweeted 2,000 times, we’ll get the second place option in addition to the most popular selection. Additionally, 3,000 retweets will earn us the third place option, too.

The potential to have cool dual attacks is quite nice; dual Musous are not new to the franchise, but them being original and not just two people using a more powerful version of their Musou attacks as a team, is quite appealing.

Special thanks to Torii on our forums for bringing this information to light.

What are you waiting for? Get to re-tweeting, fellow Warriors!

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