Heroes: Double Retweet for Orbs

We have some more Twitter shenanigans, this time for Fire Emblem Heroes. Similar to previous occasions, users are encouraged to retweet for a chance to earn Orbs.

As the event’s name suggests, there are two tweets to retweet. If the combined amount of retweets (shared among all territories) is over 10,000 all users will receive 5 Orbs in the near future.

At the time of writing, this amount has already been achieved multiple times over (with American users putting in most of the hard work), so you can look forward to seeing an extra 5 Orbs in-game very soon.

However, if you haven’t done so already, it wouldn’t hurt to retweet anyway to get the word out.

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  • Theroonco

    Sentinel Prime voice: “ONLY 5?!” (I swear we used to get 10 for these…)

    But hey, I’m always up for more Orbs. Thanks, ‘Murrika!

  • TheBraveGallade

    for all those compaining about the amount of free orbs: FE heroes is literally the most generous geicha game out there in terms of both contend, user feedback, and its treatment of F2P players… even F2P players can clear the hardest of maps with enought thought. just stay away from arena rank 20.

    • Laggalot101

      It’s honestly kind of insane how generous this game is, and it’s becoming *increasingly* so… SOMEHOW. I have absolutely no idea how they’re doing it and yet the game is still raking in a ton of money. I’m really impressed by the work the devs have put into this game since it launched. I was super skeptical when it was first revealed, but I’ve made a complete 180 since. I’ve been playing fully F2P since day 1 and it’s never felt unfair. With enough time investment, some good choices and the right tactics, you really can clear anything, regardless of your luck with summons, even without spending any money (I mean, if all the 3/4-star F2P-unit-only videos of the GHB’s are any indication).

      In fact, it’s come to the point where I’m actually seriously considering paying some money for this game just out of respect and support. Just a one-time thing, but it’s something. Something I definitely would never have expected myself to say about a game like this. Ever. But here I am.