Famitsu Details on FE: Warriors Permadeath, Weapons and Mechanics

This week’s Famitsu is now out and thanks to the wonderful people at RPG Site, we have a detailed translation of all the key information, which you can find here.

As we learned earlier, Cordelia from Awakening is our very first Pegasus Knight and flying unit in general.

Flying units will have paths unique to them–this is not unlike Samurai Warriors where ninja characters had a double jump that could let them access hidden routes and shortcuts for quicker passage across maps.

Female Robin is not going to be present in story mode and has the same weapon as Robin, which makes me think she’s just an alt unusable in story mode or an outright clone who is only allowed in the extra modes.

Permadeath is in the game. If you lose one of the characters in battle, they are unable to fight for the rest of the story mode. They will only take severe injury however, so they don’t actually die, and will participate in story conversations still.

Casual Mode is just like recent Fire Emblem titles starting with New Mystery of the Emblem. It will disregard this and allow fallen warriors to jump back into the fray in the next map.

The existence of effective weaponry was already brought to light during the E3 demonstration. For example bows are good vs pegasi like in typical FE fashion.

But the article goes into detail stating weapons like the Armorslayer will be available to those with swords, and so forth. Bringing the right set of weapons will likely be key for fast clears and multitasking.

Those who are observant may have noticed icons for swords, lances, axes, bows, tomes and (what appears to be) dragonstones in the convoy window. The lack of shurikens/daggers is a bit worrying for potential Ninja characters or the like.

The Weapon Triangle works like the Storm Rush gauge in Dynasty Warriors 8 more than the Enemy Weakness gauge of Hyrule Warriors. When you have a weapon advantage, you can build up a stun gauge. Filling up the gauge will trigger a powerful critical hit.

To help you determine if your warrior has an advantage or not, there will be an “up” or “down” arrow icon above the enemy’s health gauge. The same icons also show up on the map, which should be useful for planning your next move.

Giving Orders has been gone over before, but we do know you can set character tendencies now, from being more aggressive or defensive. You can also set whether the character automatically uses healing (items) or not.

Finally, it has been confirmed that you get a total of up to 4 characters to choose for battles, unless special stipulations are in effect.

As we get even closer to release, we can only hope for even more information. Together we ride to release!

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  • Theroonco

    Awesome news! Permadeath in a musuo game will be interesting; you can’t plan out tactics as far in advance as you can with a strategy title. Interesting! The Pegasus paths are too!

  • Skorm94

    So F Robin is just a costume. Hope they go all-out with the costumes and not just make color variations. Found this to be really lacking in Hyrule warriors.

    • Jonathan Sykes

      well, Hyrule Warriors costumes really weren’t anything special. They were just costumes, so you can’t change much. However, these may be alternate characters, so they are definitely gonna give her a different voice, at least.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Was obvious for me male Corrin is pretty much gonna be the same.

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    Whoa! Look a those interesing mechanics! So full of VARIETY!

  • Phenom1250

    Nice, at least this way it’ll be something original instead of a fan service musou game

  • Jonathan Sykes

    Honestly, while I am still disappointed about the roster a great amount, the permadeath mechanic really intrigues me. I’ll buy it for sure if it has Takumi, literally the only unit in Fates or Awakening that I like.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Cordelia looking gorgeous as usual! Also I’m loving how permadeath is gonna be implemented in a Musou game makes you more wary but I’m obviously gonna soft reset as usual.