Fire Emblem Warriors Teases a Female Rider and Male Archer for this Month

The Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter has provided hints of the next set of character reveals for this month: a female rider and a male archer.

Even among the three main games (Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates), we have a large number of potential choices.

Due to their immense popularity, Takumi and Camilla–both from Fates–seem to be the general consensus on who the two characters will be.

This would also make sense assuming the developers intend to bunch up characters from the same game during reveals, as they did with female Robin and Cordelia recently.

Besides those two obvious choices, our range of possibilities can extend quite far, when considering other notable characters from the three games who fit the description.

Female riders could include the following:

  • Caeda, Minerva, the three Pegasus Sisters from Shadow Dragon
  • Sumia, Cherche, Sully from Awakening
  • Hinoka, Elise, Peri from Fates

Notable male archers are less common and could include:

  • Jeorge, Gordin, Castor from Shadow Dragon
  • Virion from Awakening
  • Niles from Fates

When paired together, we could be looking at the likes of Caeda and Jeroge for Shadow Dragon, Cherche and Virion for Awakening, etc. Or Titania and Shinon from Path of Radiance if they really wanted to surprise us (unlikely).

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