Fire Emblem Warriors Teases a Female Rider and Male Archer for this Month

The Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter has provided hints of the next set of character reveals for this month: a female rider and a male archer.

Even among the three main games (Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates), we have a large number of potential choices.

Due to their immense popularity, Takumi and Camilla–both from Fates–seem to be the general consensus on who the two characters will be.

This would also make sense assuming the developers intend to bunch up characters from the same game during reveals, as they did with female Robin and Cordelia recently.

Besides those two obvious choices, our range of possibilities can extend quite far, when considering other notable characters from the three games who fit the description.

Female riders could include the following:

  • Caeda, Minerva, the three Pegasus Sisters from Shadow Dragon
  • Sumia, Cherche, Sully from Awakening
  • Hinoka, Elise, Peri from Fates

Notable male archers are less common and could include:

  • Jeorge, Gordin, Castor from Shadow Dragon
  • Virion from Awakening
  • Niles from Fates

When paired together, we could be looking at the likes of Caeda and Jeroge for Shadow Dragon, Cherche and Virion for Awakening, etc. Or Titania and Shinon from Path of Radiance if they really wanted to surprise us (unlikely).

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  • Familyplayer

    So. When are we gonna get some FE1/3 characters? Hopefully it’s soon after this.

    • Sisyphe

      I would LOVE to play as Minerva

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Those 2 are literally obvious wouldn’t be surprise when their next reveal! I want my wife Cherche to be added so bad!

  • Volttekka

    I’m gonna make the oddball-est of oddball guesses:

    Innes the Sniper from Sacred Stones

    Selena the Mage Knight from Sacred Stones

    Rolf the Archer from Path of Radiance/ Sniper from Radiant Dawn

    Dreadlord Draco the Sniper from Genealogy/Thracia/Awakening

    Hayden the Ranger from Sacred Stones

    Leon the Archer from Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia

    Astrid the Bow Knight from Path of Radiance/ Bow Paladin from Radiant Dawn

    Reina the Kinshi Knight from Fates

    Farina the Pegasus Knight from Blazing Blade

    Marcia the Pegasus Knight from Path of Radiance/ Falcon Knight from Radiant Dawn (PLEASE GOD LET THIS ONE BE POSSIBLE)

    Emma the Sky Knight from 0 (Cipher) and a bunch of other things

    Aversa the Dark Flier from Awakening

    Peri the Cavalier from Fates

    Jill the Wyvern Rider from Path of Radiance/ Dracoknight from Radiant Dawn

    Vaida the Wyvern Lord from Blazing Blade

    Scarlet the Wyvern Lord from Fates

    Beruka the Wyvern Rider from Fates

    Jake the Ballistican from Shadow Dragon

    Mist the (promoted) Valkyrie from Path of Radiance/ Radiant Dawn

    Ursula the Valkyrie from Blazing Blade

    Arete the Strategist from Fates

    L’Arachel the Troubador from Sacred Stones

    Maribelle the Troubador from Awakening (YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES)

    Elise the Troubador from Fates

    Forrest the Troubador from Fates (SHUT UP HE’S A GIRL)

    Yukimura the Mechanist from Fates

    Mathilda the Paladin from Shadows of Valentia

    Rath the Nomad from Blazing Blade

    Sue the Nomad from Binding Blade

    Uhai the Nomad Trooper from Blazing Blade

    Princess Elincia from Path of Radiance/ Radiant Dawn

    • Laggalot101

      As much as I’d like a lot of these options, the devs have already gone on record saying that their focus is Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates, so I really dont’see anyone happening outside of those games.

      • Volttekka

        God DAMN

        Why is there such an obsession with those three?

        I mean, FFS, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was just Shadow Dragon and Awakening characters.

        • Probably because they’re the most popular/well-known titles in the series

        • If I had to guess, it would be Shadow Dragon because Marth started the whole thing both for Japan and for the rest of us(remember, Melee came out before Blazing Sword), Awakening because the game more or less saved the series for everyone, and Fates…um…I’m sure there was something amazing about Fates besides how rushed it was…give me a minute…
          Anyways, just because that’s their focus doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not getting anyone outside of the games, it just means try not to get too hopeful. I mean, I’d love Emma to be the reveal, but she doesn’t technically count as a Fates character despite originally hailing from Hoshido as she was first revealed worldwide and in the games in Echoes, so I’m keeping my expectations low…except for Roy. If we don’t get Roy I’m going to be PISSED.

          • TheBraveGallade

            Roy has little chance. Besides
            His popularity in the actual FE community is low.
            Btw the reason for SD is twofold. 1. He’s the first for both the west and japan.
            2. FE3 remanes the most sold FE game in japan, rivalling LttP sales. Its insane how well FE3 sold.

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Fates was a massive success

        • Laggalot101

          It’s a situation similar to Hyrule Warriors, where the focus was on Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Three main games, and they’re doing the same thing here. Any sort of representation for other games in the series will probably be DLC.

      • Well, you just turned my expectations from hopeful to making this game a straight-up pass.

  • I’m all in for Camilla and Takumi from Fates!
    Or Sumia from Awakening

  • Mattey

    Itd be such a gag if Jeorge was the archer in question.

  • DVS

    I’ve no doubt it’s going to be Camilla and Takumi, but I’m HOPING it’s Minerva and Jeorge.

  • Just Some Guy

    So they can put F Robin but just skip any news on M Corrin? How rude.

  • Scott Ginther

    I’d laugh if it ends up being Virion and Cherche

  • An Tran

    Sigh, it’s sad how predictable this is going to be.

  • Joseph Allen

    Honestly, I’d like to see an FE 9/10 magic user like Micaiah or Soren make it into this game, or any FE assassin characters like Jaffar and Volke. GODDAMNIT why aren’t there many Tellius fans?? (Also, if Ike doesn’t make it into the game, then there is something wrong with the devs)

  • ChrisOrSomething

    Plot twist: The actual archer is Gordin and Jeorge gets shafted to the corner.

  • Xierra

    I just think Caeda is a very important character, because, you know… her relationship with Marth and all.

    I imagine if Caeda were to be in the game, it would create a big boost of character potential for both Marth and Caeda in the game plot and story wise just because of all the possible interactions they could do with the pair.

    But then, I would want to see the Whitewings + Minerva appearing as well. Hopefully!

  • superdawge

    Camilla and Takumi seem like the obvious choice

  • DaisyLencea

    64% Fates
    36% Awakening
    0% SD
    Because Frey isn’t a female and Norne isn’t a male.

  • Annie Anemo

    It’s Takumi and probably Camilla, the roster seems very predictable, I bet we’ll get Tharja next