Heroes: Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last

The next installment of the Tempest Trials begins today in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last picks up where the last Trials left off. After facing hoards of enemies, Celica and her allies finally reunite with Alm.

The Bonus Allies have been updated for the new storyline. You can use Celica, Delthea, Gray, or Sonya for a 40% bonus, or Berkut, Clive, Alm, or Genny for a 20% bonus. All of the 40% allies can be currently summoned at 5★ from the Tempest Trials banner. You can also summon Genny from the new Hero Fest banner.

Clive is the next hero reward from within the Trials themselves. You can earn a 4★ version for scoring 6,000 points and a 5★ version for 30,000. Other rewards include new Sacred Seals for Atk Ploy 1 and Hardy Bearing 1. Of course, there are lots of Orbs to win as well. Don’t forget that you can also complete daily quests for additional rewards!

As shared in the Feh Channel Livestream, this Tempest Trials also features new quality-of-life updates. You will earn triple points for your first two battles each day and any Bonus Allies that you use in battle will receive a passive stat boost and EXP/SP boosts. There are also new normal level battles for low-level players, and a team management system.

Full details for these updates can be read in our Livestream article or can be referenced in-game via the Notifications screen.

Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last will end at 6:59am UTC on Friday, 25 August. This gives you about two weeks to build up your score to earn those rewards!

Daily Tempest Trials Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 1 Stamina Potion
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials twice. 1,500 Universal Crystals
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials thrice. 150 Hero Feathers
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Sisyphe

    So my first run found it to be much easier than the previous trials, which I think just means it was easier to reposition my units out of danger. However, that final map could be brutal. The boss, Sonya, has vantage, which could really ruin someone’s day depending on what team they’re running. Also, they play Twilight of the Gods on that map, which is awesome and encourages me to just sit there and listen rather than play (I still don’t understand why they still use that awful music on every map’s enemy phase).

  • Diovani Estivalet

    My team is Hector, Lucina, Delthea and Genny. Having 2 Mages helped me a lot. Honestly, having the +10hp and +3 stats make it not that hard, and the 3x bonus is very useful.

    • Laggalot101

      +4 stats, not just +3.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        Oh yes, that’s right. It is +4, not +3. Well… even better!

  • O.H. X-1990

    The final boss of this Tempest Trial is Sonya, not Veronica again? That’s lame. Why is it that a character with 40% bonus ends up as the final boss?

  • O.H. X-1990

    Okay, THIS is just adding insult to injury, not only do I only have Genny and Berkut as bonuses, but that Sonya as the final map boss is overpowered AF, even with her Vantage skill! Remind me again, why is Sonya of all characters the final map boss of this Tempest Trial?! Anyone?!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Maybe Sonya is the boss because she is a enemy in Echoes, but later she can enter in Celica’s army, and she is the Jedah’s daughter, so maybe Jedah can be controling her. In my opinion, Jedah should be the boss of this trial and later he be a Grand Hero Battle.

      • O.H. X-1990

        Yeah, but in Fire Emblem Heroes, Jedah isn’t controlling Sonya, Veronica is.