Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Valter Now Available!

The latest Grand Hero Battle has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Grand Hero Battle: Valter puts you head-to-head against Valter, the sadistic Wyvern Knight from The Sacred Stones.

Valter is a dangerous unit with some impressive skills. At 5★ he wields the exclusive Cursed Lance, which boosts his stats and quickens his cooldown timer at the cost of 4 HP after each combat. He also comes armed with Luna, Darting Blow, and Panic Ploy.

Like most recent GHBs, you can fight Valter on Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal difficulty. His map is based on Scorched Sand, Chapter 15 from TSS.

Valter’s Grand Hero Battle will be available until 29 August at 6:59am UTC.


About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Sisyphe

    Infernal is pretty hard. Two lines of Panic Ploy and reinforcements from everywhere…not enjoying it so far

  • Diovani Estivalet

    The only problem with this GHB is the reinforcements. Even after you defeat Valter, they continue to appear! I do not know if I will defeat the Lunatic difficult, and I will not try the Infernal.

  • Managed Infernal, but it was bullshit throughout. There is difficult, and there is throwing countless of units at you in an attempt at simulating difficulty à la FE13. This was the latter.

    • Sisyphe

      I honestly can’t imagine beating this right now. I was killing off at least a unit per turn, but when I got to the turn where four new units show up, I almost threw my phone. There were seven units on the map at that point

      • Yeah, I had to resort to some awful tactics myself, consisting of brave bow + dancing roguery. These maps seem to wring out the worst in people.

        • Laggalot101

          Why is that so bad?

          • You don’t think so? It’s pretty damn cheap, is all. Like this game. If you disregard the orbs that is.

          • Laggalot101

            I’m just asking why you think those tactics are so bad, because I don’t think I don’t see the problem you see. You’re saying now that it’s “cheap”, but why?

          • It can’t be helped if you can’t see how someone else might find strategies like that to be questionable, especially on a map with a ton of fliers. BB ORKO’s, then the dancing allows the unit to move out of the way or go for another enemy, at the cost of… Nothing. But I guess you still don’t see the problem even though I’ve spelled it out for you.

          • Sisyphe

            To be honest, I don’t really see it as more cheap than any other strategy either. In fact, I feel like that’s probably the strategy IS wanted you to employ. It’s a little frustrating for me, for instance, because I have no archers (I think I could train a Gordin, if that would work, but I’m not going to 5* him and I’m not really sure I need three Valters). If you’re implying that dancers are kind of unbalanced, then I’d probably agree with that, or that the most difficult maps don’t really allow creative team building, then I guess I would say that’s mostly true as well

          • I think I’m overthinking the strategical depth of this game. The arena assault for example can be beaten by toddler if he has every unit as 5*40. It all boils down to what units you have or don’t have when it comes to the harder maps, and I feel that is detrimental to the gameplay as a whole.

          • Sisyphe

            Yes I do agree entirely with that, but I guess that’s part of the model. I’ve joked regarding arena assault that it goes well until I run out of units that can survive Reinhardt (I’ve seen five Reinhardts in a row before)

          • I always make sure to have my 39 res Julia ready for whenever one shows up, unfortunately she’s my only green mage and I have a grand total of 3 axe units, so I can relate to the Reinhardt horror show. Even worse when the moonbow pulse comes into play.. Thankfully you can retry infinitely and items help sometimes, but it’s not really the best of experiences.

            Actually, last time around I got through with no casualties and ended up with 4750 points I think, yet other people got even higher scores than that. Do you have any idea what influences the score total?

          • Sisyphe

            I’m under the impression it’s the same as the arena, so BST. I’m guessing we’re being beaten (since I also score around that on a perfect run) by teams with a lot of merged, +10 5*, which I at least definitely don’t have. I have not found items to be particularly useful (at least I keep forgetting about them), but it is nice that I can keep trying until I maximize my score. I don’t know what the coins will do, but it will probably be something I’ll want…

          • No, I don’t have many of those either. I have one +3 5*, two +2 5* and a couple of +1’s, but that’s it. If your theory is correct however it would imply that the mode is completely pay to win, which, to be fair, seems to be the case for the game as a whole. If anything, it would be nice if we who are able to complete the maps with ‘weaker’ units should be compensated justly for it, if not only to reward skill somewhat.

            I’ve mostly made use of the elixir so far, particularly when the opponent is down to one Hector with bonfire while I still have all four of mine *cough*. The coins are interesting however. Something I would like would be a hero shop of sorts, where you can buy non-event heroes of different rarities for different amounts of coins. This way you could get your favorite heroes and upgrade them with feathers, even if you only can afford a 2* or 3* version for example.

          • Sisyphe

            It is definitely a pay to win game. Otherwise it wouldn’t be free with in-app purchases and have all the randomness (focuses, colors, rarities, boons and banes, etc.). But as much as that gets on my nerves sometimes, I think the game has been pretty generous (or I’ve been really lucky) to free-to-play players. Plus, I kind of like thinking about how some of mechanics would translate to an actual Fire Emblem game (special skills and an integrated melee/magic weapon triangle). It’s probably more fair without the percentage based stuff, yet it seems wrong somehow.

            I wholeheartedly agree with a hero shop. Even if I was stuck getting a 1* version of a character, I’d still get to have them, even if it cost me a ton (of coins or feathers or something). Of course, it’s probably fair to say that hurts their model, and it’d probably be preferable to get a 5* only unit as a 1* for SP grinding. Alternatively, people who spend money would probably benefit the most from a shop, since they’d have the currency to +10 all the meta units, and they could still make boon and bane random for each unit you buy if they really wanted to. Regardless, I think that’s something any fan of the series wants, because we probably all have a favorite we still haven’t pulled yet (or will at some point)

          • Laggalot101

            Spelled it out? You haven’t spelled out anything. You just keep restating your opinion with slightly different wording, but consistently omit any sort of elaboration. You’ve called the employed strategy awful, cheap, questionable… that all comes down to the same thing. I get it, you don’t like the Brave Bow + Dancer combination, and apparently particularly on a map with so many fliers, but that still doesn’t explain *why* you feel that way.

          • There is no why. It just is. If you fail to see that then that’s on you. Sisyphe kind of hit the nail on the head when he mentioned dancers being imba and that the Infernal maps really forces you into a certain pattern. That’s everything a FE game shouldn’t be. I seriously have no idea what else you want me to explain. To be honest I feel as if you’re hit by my initial comment simply because you apparently made use of a similar strategy. Just with two dancers instead of one lol.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Enemy reinforcements AGAIN?! First Legion, now Valter?! Now I’m hating this, especially when playing on Infernal mode!

  • Laggalot101

    Was banging my head on Infernal a bit here, but after enough trial and error and making some small loadout adjustments, I managed to pull through it. Now, of course there’s many roads to victory in any given battle, but I highly, highly recommend a powerful archer. Combined with one or even two dancers (with Wings of Mercy), you can get very far. The team I ended up doing things with was Klein, Olivia, Ninian and Delthea. Everyone was key, but Klein was truly the MVP. Ultimately, I ended up inheriting Threaten Defense 1 on Klein, Threaten Res 2 on Delthea and giving Ninian the Quickened Pulse seal, all being necessary to achieve certain KO’s. Bottom line, this battle was a doozy.

    But it’s worth it, I already promoted Valter. He’s one of those wonderful characters that I just love to hate.

  • esco Tanner

    I only completed it on Normal. These GHB are tough.

    • O.H. X-1990

      There is no Normal in this Grand Hero Battle, kid. There’s only Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal.

      • esco Tanner

        I meant hard. Sorry.

  • The most common method I’ve been seeing (and myself have used) would be to have: a BraveBow + unit, 2 Dancers (at least one that can teleport), and a blue unit that can make ranged attacks (so either a blue mage or Camus). I would have to say this would literally be the hardest GHB to date because infernal basically requires you to have a Dancer(s); they both need to be trained up too with good skills because they have to soak up some hits as well (essentially you can’t just bring LV1 dancers and expect them to not ever be in range of attacks).

  • O.H. X-1990

    Is the enemy reinforcements really necessary?! I can’t even beat Infernal mode, these videos from YouTube aren’t helping at all! As for the other videos made by the cheaters who inherited Reposition and crap?! SCREW THAT!!

  • スヴアレックス

    I beat it with Klein, Brave axe Cherche, TA Henry and Olivia: https://youtu.be/SQ64QQooPE0
    Giving Wing of Mercy to Klein was crucial to succeed, the additional red knight was a pain in the ass to kill.

    Very challenging GHB as I liked 🙂

  • O.H. X-1990


    • Laggalot101

      If there are, nobody seems to have figured it out yet. But there are some real madmen out there, so perhaps you’ll eventually find a video uploaded, or some strategy submitted on Reddit or whatever. People have found SI-less solutions to battles I’d have never expected.

      • O.H. X-1990

        It didn’t helped me at all. My 4-Star Gordin is weak.

        But, I took a deep breath and did a similar strategy to that, and while I did use my 4-Star Olivia and my 4-Star Donnel, unlike that person in the video, I used my 5-Star Klein and my 5-Star Reindhart. Turns out Klein is more powerful than Gordin, and I had to spend the crystals to level Klein up.

        • Laggalot101

          But then it did help you, because even if it didn’t provide your literal solution, you still got to take inspiration from it.