Vestaria Saga I Official English Translation in the Works

In an unexpected development, S_Kaga revealed on his blog that his first title in the Vestaria Saga series will be officially translated into English.

Released during September of 2016, Vestaria Saga I received a lot of praise from Japanese and overseas fans for its intense strategical gameplay and well-developed story.

At the time, many fans were clamouring for an English translation. According to S_Kaga, an overseas publisher who’s been involved with localisation has since stepped in to translate the game.

The key things to know are that a release is not yet guaranteed, but provided everything goes to plan, a formal announcement will be made during 2018. Additionally, the English version will be a paid release, despite the original being free.

Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

Recently there have been many questions from fans overseas, so I wish to inform you to the extent that I can.

Currently, an English translation of Vestaria Saga I is in progress.

Whether or not it can be completed is still in the air, but I have entrusted [the translation] to an overseas publisher that is familiar with localisation. Hopefully it can be revealed next year.

Because there are labour costs involved, [the translated game] will cost money, but if you don’t mind this, you’re welcome to play it.


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  • Damn, that’s a happy surprise. I’ll gladly pay for something like this.

  • Kazuya

    I’ll take 30 copies.

  • Familyplayer

    I’ll gladly pay for the experience.

  • Paul David Doebler
  • Kikirini

    To echo what everyone else said… yep, I’ll happily pay for this.

  • Theroonco

    What a wonderful surprise! The cost makes sense for working with an external company but (especially after the runaway success of Sonic Mania – no pun intended) I can’t help wonder if the west could have gotten it for free too if they chose to work with a fan group. Kaga HAS to know how large a following he has, but oh well. I wonder if Nintendo is the standard we should judge all Eastern developers’ fan interaction by?

    Ignoring all that: all of my yes!! It would be nice if the extra income also let them make a console port (at least the Switch), but I won’t get too ahead of myself.

  • Sisyphe

    I seventh the notion: I’m happy to pay for this, based on what I keep hearing

  • Noktis Zariah


  • Morgan Rodgers

    Awww yeah. Is this Windows only, or Mac as well? Looking forward to it either way.

    • Lightgazer

      Windows only, even wine cant run it.

  • Mattey

    I can’t wait to see a LP of this too. There’s one guy on YouTube that tried to do a translation at the same time, but it’ll be nice to read it clearly!

  • An Tran

    I want to say YAY!, but seeing a free game turning into a paid one just for the west because of localization (yes I know it can be hard work) puts me off. I wish he had just let the game be open for fans to (I guess slowly) do translations instead, since that would’ve been free.

    • TheBraveGallade

      you can’t guarentee quality in fan translations.
      that said, getting the FE12 translation team would have worked well…

  • James

    I would happily pay twice over and then some for an official translation. If only I could be a part of the staff I would make adjustments to the game for better presentations and control. As well as artbook and CD edition with design works and interviews. It is truly an honor that he finally opens his doors to other regions.

  • Sentinel

    Pretty cool, though part of me wishes this could become an eShop release on the 3DS. Playing on that feels a lot more natural than trying to play on my computer. Plus I could play it anywhere that way. 🙂

  • Yay!

    (Too bad I’m on Mac.)

    • Yukimura Sanada

      There might be some solutions like dual boot

  • Hezul

    WOOWW i have been waiting for something like this, i think is about time serenes forest have a special place for this game together with TearRing and Berwick, thanks for the info like always, you guys are amazing

  • TBC_Gen0

    I’ll totally pay for this.