Vestaria Saga I Official English Translation in the Works

In an unexpected development, S_Kaga revealed on his blog that his first title in the Vestaria Saga series will be officially translated into English.

Released during September of 2016, Vestaria Saga I received a lot of praise from Japanese and overseas fans for its intense strategical gameplay and well-developed story.

At the time, many fans were clamouring for an English translation. According to S_Kaga, an overseas publisher who’s been involved with localisation has since stepped in to translate the game.

The key things to know are that a release is not yet guaranteed, but provided everything goes to plan, a formal announcement will be made during 2018. Additionally, the English version will be a paid release, despite the original being free.

Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

Recently there have been many questions from fans overseas, so I wish to inform you to the extent that I can.

Currently, an English translation of Vestaria Saga I is in progress.

Whether or not it can be completed is still in the air, but I have entrusted [the translation] to an overseas publisher that is familiar with localisation. Hopefully it can be revealed next year.

Because there are labour costs involved, [the translated game] will cost money, but if you don’t mind this, you’re welcome to play it.


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