Warriors: Hinoka, Camilla, Leo and Takumi confirmed

Coming to you from Gamescom, here are some more character reveals for Fire Emblem Warriors, we have Camilla, Leo, Hinoka and Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates.

Interestingly enough Sakura & Elise are absent, does this mean they won’t be joining the fray? Or perhaps they are being saved for later.

Also according to the UK version of the trailer, the west is getting the game on October 20th.


Nintendo UK has revealed a Limited Edition that includes the game, a 3-disk soundtrack and character art cards. Oddly, it’s missing the artbook from Japan’s equivalent Premium Box.

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  • Traditional Ahri

    Alright, finally; all the super obvious characters are confirmed and we can look forward to some unexpected reveals.

    I am by no means disparaging including these characters, but we all saw it coming as soon as the game was announced, so I am looking forward to some surprises in the roster.

    • Laggalot101

      Not all of them, Elise, Sakura and Azura are still missing and I can’t help but think that it’d be odd for them to omit them at this point, especially if Hinoka and Leo could make it in (easily the least popular of the Fates siblings).

      • Traditional Ahri

        A good point, I had forgotten about the two youngest sisters and Azura…
        So there’s still a little more to get out of the way before we can get to the real surprises!

        • Kimmo Pronger

          It’s one month before it releases in Japan. I don’t think that’s a lot of time for reveals, unless week-by-week, they spill out the whole game’s guts.

          And those three will be in there. They’ll probably be all revealed in like, mid-September or something. And if we don’t see them at all, they’re probably gonna be like a ploy for DLC or something.

          But rest assured, they’ll be in there. No doubt about it.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Hm, I guess you’re right – there’s not much time for anything else to be revealed, but the roster is expected to be ~40 characters. I guess we’ll be finding out most of the cast when the game is released!

          • Kimmo Pronger

            40 characters? Let’s recap. There’s Xander, Leo, Camilla, Corrin, Cordellia, Marth, Xander, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Chrom, Tiki (Presumably since she’s got an amiibo for this game), Robin, Frederick, Lucina, and Lissa. That’s 16 characters revealed. Nearly half. Assuming that Elise, Azura, and Sakura are in there as well, that’s 19.

            Honestly, going back to your original comment, there’s STILL a lot more obvious characters for IS to put in there that it’ll be a shocker if they WEREN’T in there. Examples are Olivia, Tharja, Nowi, Severa/Selena, Charlotte, Peri, Cherche, Caeda, Minerva, Palla, Catria, Est, Sumia. Assuming these are in there, that’s about 32 characters in total leaving only room for 8 for the surprises you’re looking forward to. I’m sure I missed some but the ones I listed are from how much I talk about them with my friends and whatnot.

            We’ll see, though. Though personally with all the news I’ve been reading here about the game, this is all stuff that I’ve expected from the very beginning ever since it was said that only Shadow Dragon, Awakening, Fates, and Mystery of the Emblem characters though we haven’t seen anything from Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem yet.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Perhaps I have been unclear of what I meant by “surprises” – I am simply referring to non-main characters who weren’t guaranteed a slot from the get go (other than obvious super popular picks like Tharja).

            Clearly you and your friends have a very different outlook on the roster than I do. Characters like Olivia, Charlotte, Peri, and heck even the White Wing sisters would all classify as “surprises” in my book given they’re not exactly what I would call obvious picks, so I would be happy to see them all the same.
            I guess what I’m getting at is what sounds obvious to you is at least a slight breath of fresh air to me. I’m not trying to say that I disagree with your assessment, more like I’m just trying to maintain a positive outlook on a game that has received some pretty harsh backlash from fans of the series đŸ™‚

            Personally I would love to see Selkie or Velouria… even though their chances are slim to none…

          • Kimmo Pronger

            Yes, there is a difference in outlooks between us when it comes to the roster. If you disagree, you’re free to do so. I was merely counseling my thoughts to you that I thought would be helpful for you to know, especially with the time between now and the release of the game in Japan.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Yeah, I didn’t know the release date was getting so close – that being said, the chance for these “surprise” reveals that so many of us hoped for is dwindling quite quickly.

          • Kimmo Pronger

            If I could put my hand on you shoulder in sympathy, I would. If you’re sure you’re going to enjoy the game regardless of what characters there are in it, whether it’d be your favorites or not, you go right ahead if it’ll make you happy.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Well, considering I do enjoy Musou style games, and the Switch is rather lacking in that department right now, I imagine that I will pick this up regardless of the choice of cast – especially since it seems to be bringing some… interesting mechanics to the table.
            I certainly sympathize with the FE fans who are being let down by this spin-off, as it does certainly seem to ignore a large portion of the franchise’s history.

          • Kimmo Pronger

            Yeah, a lot of people are feeling alienated by this game. I was told by one of my friends that this game was in development BEFORE Echoes was announced, so it’s likely they made the decision to include Shadow Dragon, Fates, Awakening, and Mystery of the Emblem characters long ago.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Oh is that right? That would actually help to explain some of why this game doesn’t seem to recognize the rather, uh, toxic divide in the community’s perception of the direction the series is headed.

            I’ll maintain hope that this game could actually be fun, even if it isn’t necessarily good hahaha.

          • Kimmo Pronger

            Honestly, the release date of this game should have been pushed back because this game does something very differently than Heroes and Echoes. Echoes actually introduces new players to the past of this franchise and Heroes does the same thing while being inclusive with ALL games of the franchise, getting all the givens out of the way and then later adding new characters from different and older games in.

            See, Warriors doesn’t do any of that. I think that’s one of the reasons why the reception is what it is. Honestly, if Nintendo/Intelligent Systems was paying attention to the divide at all or keeping in touch, they should have pushed the release date back. They would have more time to add in more characters from different franchises to satisfy older and newer fans alike. There was even an interview about Echoes where one of them said (I can’t remember who) that they wanted to make Echoes as a way to educate newcomers that started with Awakening/Fates on games that existed before Awakening/Fates and it seemed like Heroes was doing that, too. But Warriors seems to undermine the efforts that Heroes and Echoes were trying to do to introduce newcomers to characters from earlier titles by deviating from this path and stretching this toxic divide further and further.

          • Traditional Ahri

            I’m in complete agreement with you on that.
            Even if they had just picked one other old school game, say from the Jugdral, Elibe or even Tellius stories, they could have done a much better job of making Warriors a homage to Fire Emblem as a whole and made a game for ALL of the fans.

          • Kimmo Pronger

            I am incredibly happy you see what I was getting at. Like, for example, if they were trying to sell this game based on characters that are popular, Lyn and Ike should have been a shoe-in because they were #1 on the Choose your Legends event in Heroes in their respective genders with Lyn, beating the likes of Lucina, Camilla, and even Tharja!

            It should have been a sign for them to include those two in the game, but I guess they were too far into development to change course or something. My friend also said to me that some people prefer Heroes which is a MOBILE game over Warriors and others have even said that they’d prefer the OCs of Heroes, Alfonse and Sharena over Liana and Rowan, the OCs of Warriors. Very troubling signs, to say the least.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Absolutely – Heroes and Warriors are both at their service games about Fan Service (And I’m not talking about Camilla’s kind). They’re games that draw their crowd based on appealing to the fans of the series, but Warriors is clearly ignoring far too many fans, so its perfectly understandable that people are upset.

            The Chose your Legends poll should have been a wake up call, seeing Ike and Lyn topping the charts – with even Roy netting himself a high rating. None of those are “modern” FE anymore.

            This isn’t the first time Nintendo has signed off on a spin-off game that questionably utilizes only the original and newest installations of a series, either. Pokemon Rumble, way back on Wii, pulled only from the first and 4th (the most recent at the time) generation of Pokemon.
            For some reason it seems like Nintendo’s idea of paying homage to their fans is to simply take the oldest and newest titles and mash them together, rather than actually listening to what the fans are saying about their series.

          • Kimmo Pronger

            One of my other friends told me that a lot of Japanese developers are becoming notorious for being out of touch with their customers these days. I begrudgingly have to say that Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are among those that are leaning in that direction. I have not played Rumble on the Wii so for you to say this to me speaks volumes on what I just recalled my other friend telling me.

          • Traditional Ahri

            Ah, that’s unfortunate, but it certainly wouldn’t be the most surprising thing to hear. I suppose all we can really do is hope and do our best to make sure the voices of the fans are reaching the developers – not a very appealing prospect, admittedly… :

          • Kimmo Pronger

            That’s all we can do, really. Otherwise, the only other way to reach them is to not give them our money.

      • Anne O’Namus

        Actually Leo is among the most popular

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Well he WAS now isn’t to the JP fangirls after knowing his “secret”

          • KingKarp

            What Secret?

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Him “liking” Camilla of course in a subtle way and it turn them off from him funny since his Revelation pair end with F!Corrin implies his reception.

        • Laggalot101

          Really? I was always under the impression he was the least so. But then, I don’t exactly have statistics to back that up, so I could be wrong.

          • Folt

            Leo’s popularity is actually rather comparable to Takumi’s.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Called it!!! and obviously Sakura, Elise and ESPECIALLY Azura are later.

  • woof

    YESSSS! Ahh I’m so happy.. Also I noticed they were pretty lazy on Camilla’s hair animation. I don’t think I’d be surprised if they left Azura out just because of her hair. But if they didn’t, I’d be interested to see how that would look pfft

  • woof

    Do you guys think any of the animal characters have a shot? They were all completely left out from Heroes ..

    • MetalGear Lamia


    • PikaChan

      Of course they have a chance! Tiki brought dragonstone into this. To make a whole category for one character is wasteful. They at least should bring 1-2 other characters that are animals into this so it won’t be empty. My guesses are Nowi (popular Awakening dragon), Keaton and Kaden (completely different beasts that are unique in their own ways).

  • Familyplayer


    • Kimmo Pronger

      They’re not shocking anyone. Certainly not me.

  • Characters look great and—Camilla aside (obviously)—aren’t hyper-sexualized as I expected from Koei Tecmo. Those voices, though…ugh. I hope we get the option to play with Japanese dialogue and subtitles.

    • Skorm94

      Yeah the voice direction is absolutely awfull

    • dmurr

      I’m pretty sure for all the revealed characters, besides Marth and the new characters and maybe Robin/Corrin, they used pre-existing models made by Intelligent Systems for the cutscenes in their respective games. They said they used Chrom’s at least originally when development started.

  • Nick

    …..what happened to Hinoka and Camilla’s voices???

    • Voice actor change dude. Deal with it.

    • Zara

      Right? They completely obliterated Camilla’s voice from semi-seductive to….whatever was in that video. And they made Hinoka, my one and only true love in FE:Fates into….just another fucking girl! I mean I understand the need to change VAs for whatever reason, but there could be at least a little effort to get the voices and tones close >.>

  • Kazuya

    Who is surprised? No one, oh okay. Camus better be in

  • dmurr

    I’d be really surprised if we don’t get Azura. I didn’t expect them to do all of the Fates siblings.. I thought for sure we’d get Camilla and Takumi. Especially after getting Cordelia I didn’t expect Hinoka. Don’t know if I should expect Caeda or not anymore.. thought she’d be a lock.

  • Saint_Stahn

    AUGH OGH AUGH…. The voice acting! What happened?! It’s like no proper direction. Sounds almost like Arc Rise Phantasia levels of nonsense.

    Only Matt and Max seem to be pulling their weight. Everyone sounds… terrible. what

    • Oh God…Arc Rise Phantasia. I’d forgotten.

      • Saint_Stahn

        Never Forget. *flashbacks*

        • Noktis Zariah

          Niko especially, no effort was put into that game’s voice work.

    • Noktis Zariah

      Dear lord THAT game, bad memories man.

  • Called it! Too bad the younger sisters of Hoshido and Nohr are missing the fun.

  • . (Omega)

    Labrys, what are you doing, being Hinoka?

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    There is not hope left for the man…

  • Um…did anyone else notice the little line of text across the top when Hinoka appears?
    “Please note that this game will only be available with English Voiceover.”
    This does NOT look good.