Heroes: Anniversary Daily Special Maps!

The final event for the Fire Emblem Heroes 6 month anniversary celebration has arrived! New Daily Special Maps are now available in the Special Maps section. You can play each map on both Normal and Hard difficulty and earn one Orb on completion for each.

New maps will continue to be added every day from now through 16 September. Clear each map every day for some nice Orb rewards! You can challenge each map for up to a week after its release date. Do your best to earn lots of Orbs!

As a reminder, the Feh Channel: Choose Your Legends stream is in less than 24 hours! Tune in at 11:30pm Eastern / 8:30pm Pacific Sunday night (3:30am Monday morning in UTC). For those who can’t watch the stream live, we’ll post up a recap after it’s over.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor