Warriors: Famitsu Reveals Sakura and Male Corrin While Teasing Class Change

Famitsu just dropped a preview for their next issue, which includes reveals of Male Corrin and Sakura (wielding a bow). Early translations also seem to tease Class Changes, however until we know more, I won’t make any drastic assumptions.

Like in the box art for Fates, Male Corrin is associated with Hoshido and Female Corrin with Nohr. Could your choice between Rowan and Lianna at the start of the game potentially influence this? I’m honestly not sure, but there’s lot of room for speculation.

Stay tuned for updates. The full issue comes out in just a few days on 7 September.

There’s a few more details out now

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Ha called Sakura wielding a yumi and knew obviously Male Corrin would involved in some way via choice fit the actual game which is cool now Azura is left to be shown for the Fates side!

  • Ilaria Wernick

    Eh it’s unlikely, especially since F!Corrin’s already been marketed as the sole representative of the two as far as Story Mode goes. That being said it is very possible that your choice of Rowan or Lianna will determine which side of the conflict you start out on (ex. Rowan was featured without his sister amongst the Hoshidan royal family).

    • MetalGear Lamia

      How about we wait and see with more info

      • Kneekicker

        A favourite past-time of many is to speculate on new information before they’re officially revealed. There’s really no harm in doing so.

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Still assuming F!Corrin as promotion still isn’t confirmed if anything its to make the boxart not be a complete sausage fest with only Lianna.

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    This game will be a success in japan and bomb in the west, the opposite of Hyrule Warriors.

    • Espiritu

      I think your putting too much into the small % of hardcore fans getting salty over Fates. This game will do fine over here, just a small % with lots of time to talk smack haha.

      • William Clark

        I disagree with the idea that the people disappointed are a small percentage. I think that a decent portion of the community are disappointed that such a small fraction of a series with as long and storied a history as fire emblem is is being represented in every crossover game they’ve made.

        I don’t think enough people will be upset enough for it to effect their purchase, but it is a disappointing trend as the results of the heroes poll showed that people really love some of the older titles.

        I know that unless some characters I love get introduced soon that I’m not going to be able to bring myself to buy this. Which is a shame given how much I love both fire emblem and warriors gameplay.

        I’ll likely buy it whenever the inevitable dlc comes out with older characters, in part to show that including them is what is selling the copy, but it makes me sad given what happened in Hyrule Warriors my favorite characters arn’t going to be allowed to touch the story mode at all.

        • Espiritu

          There is a limit in room of how many chars can be in story mode, the fact people want 100+ chars in the story mode, makes me roll my eyes. I get we all want our fav chars in a game. but if people got what they wanted, they would be crying the story makes no sense and it feels weird to have 100 chars all thrown in peoples faces… Game play/Story and what people are are two different things when doing game design.

          • mrkisukes

            I imagine they chose to focus on a small number FE games to draw characters from to make a more cohesive story, which yeah it could be argued that wasn’t an issue with Hyrule Warriors, but that story wasn’t very good in that game since it just boiled down, “let go to this Zelda world for 2 battles and meet this character.” Something else to keep in mind is that there are going to be supports unlike Hyrule Warriors, so they definitely want there to be a higher focus on character/story development as oppose to the bare minimum was got from Hyrule Warriors.

            I imagine/hope that each additional character that we’ll also get an added side story aspects focused on them like with Heroes and that each character get supports of their own. We’ll be able to gauge things out with F Robin who isn’t going to be involved in the main story; if she has supports then it’s reasonable to assume that DLC characters will get supports too and be more than just a gameplay addition.

          • William Clark

            I think you misunderstand the opposition’s argument. People aren’t arguing for some 100+ character roster, they’re asking for some amount of representation from games that aren’t awakening or fates.

            I’m not asking for 15 Elibe characters, but where is Lyn or Hector? I don’t think the entire Griel Mercenaries needs to be playable, but Ike and Sorin would be cool.

            I was excited when Cordelia got announced because it was something I didn’t expect. Everyone knew from pretty much day one that all of the fates siblings would be in it, they aren’t really news. With the game so close to release can you really blame people for being a bit upset at the roster as shown? It feels to people like this is practically the final roster, and in a game like this it’s critically under-representing the series.

            You don’t need to disregard arguments just because you disagree with them.

          • Espiritu

            I’m not disregarding mate, I understand ur pain. I’m just trying to see it from a game dev’s point of view. I think they know people want Ike/Lyn ect, but adding in every char that people love, would be a large under taking. And even if they got 100 chars, some one will get upset there fav was not in.

            They prob had to say, Ok lets pick the 3 3DS games and just work with that “For now” and look at DLC’s after. I know I will spend 95% of my time doing the end game stuff.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Nah I feel it’ll do great here despite the vocal minority that’s complaining.

  • Familyplayer

    I thought they hinted they would reveal SD characters in the Famitsu? Hopefully in the rest of it?

    • Espiritu

      SD are coming soon after these 2, from the hints.

    • Kazuya

      11 never happened, the series started at 13.

  • An Tran

    I’m just waiting for the day that coverage ends for this game and it becomes forever forgotten just like #FE. Then we can start seeing if FE Switch is as good as Echoes and the older games or as bad as Awakening, Fates, and Herpes.

    • Fallen Crow

      What a completely useless comment.

      • He’s right you know.

        • Espiritu

          No ur just been salty kid who wants it all ur way.

          • Salty? Maybe so. My way? That I want a more equal representation of characters rather than a focus of two games and Marth? I don’t know about you but ‘my way’ seems to be the way that would make the most amount of people happy.

          • Kneekicker

            “Your way” also happens to be unrealistic given the sheer scale of the Fire Emblem franchise. Assuming each non-remake received two characters, the roster would be 24-large; which you’ll notice is extremely close to the roster count of the game at present.

            Two characters per game nowhere comes near “equal representation”, and even bumping the limit to three characters per game is unreasonable since the vast majority of first installments in the hack and slash genre contain playable characters in the 20 range. Until FEW becomes its own series with renown on par with Dynasty Warriors or even Samurai Warriors, you have to be content with your two dozen characters.

            The only feasible solution for increasing character count at this point in time would be to create gameplay clones, but people like you will no doubt throw a fit about that as well.

          • Honestly, two characters from each game sounds vastly superior to what we’re currently getting. At least by doing that, no one will have any right to complain. What’s really unrealistic is assuming that everyone’s favorite characters will get in. If I wanted Sain and Kent gets in, then I would’ve just shut up and taken what I’ve gotten. Also, if you count FE1/3, 4/5, 6/7, and 9/10 as four separate games, you can fit in even more characters. And that is also disregarding the potential of dlc.

            There are quite a few routes that could’ve been taken in the creation of this game, but they took one of the shittiest ones. And yet there are apologists that are fine with their decisions. Well, no wonder, they can play with their precious waifus after all.

          • Fallen Crow

            Great. Now that you got that out of your system, you can take the game for what it is and just have fun with it. We are lucky this game is even being made. Just because your “equal representation” didn’t happen, doesn’t mean this game won’t be enjoyable.

          • Eh? Extreme opinion? I don’t remember even mentioning gameplay.

            Actually, fyi, I have the switch limited + the 3ds version preorderered. I’m looking forward to playing it for what is, for the same reason I’ve played FE13/14 for 90 and 180 hours respectively. I can’t go around claiming the game is shit without giving it a proper chance first. However, that doesn’t mean the game is free from criticism, and character selection is a big part of what makes the game for me, whether or not the gameplay is stellar.

          • Fallen Crow

            Sorry, but you didn’t have to mention gameplay to take an extreme standpoint. An Tran stated, “I’m just waiting for the day that coverage ends for this game and it becomes forever forgotten just like #FE.” That sounds like an extremely negative point of view and you said, “He’s right you know.” So I assume you agree this game should be forgotten, meaning it has nothing of noteworthiness despite you having not even played it.

          • Oh, that. I figured he was making a joke (as he usually posts semi-ironically while still making a point) and I responded with the Freeman meme in mind. I’m confident he was exaggerating. ‘Forgotten’ is a bit harsh, but it hasn’t left a good first impression on me, that’s for sure.

    • chris123sm

      lol Echoes isn’t some golden standard for FE like you people think it is, it had it’s plethora of problems just like every other game in the series. To put all the older games and Echoes on this pedestal as an ideal FE game, and Awakening/Fates as the worst in the series just makes you look retarded. Take off the nostalgia glasses.

      • RyKo

        I mean when it comes to presentation (voice acting, art, etc) it should be the golden standard, it is the best of the series in that aspect. I agree though, the game has its many negative aspects which are somewhat because of the game being too faithful the original, which is considered the worst of the series by many.

    • Kneekicker

      Omega Force is pretty great at what they do, so I suspect people will be discussing FEW for a long while given that it already presents itself as more complex than HW.

      Being one of the few original RPGs of the Wii U, I also suspect #TMS will be vindicated in later years. It may not have been what everyone wanted and expected, but it still turned out pretty fun in the end with the DDS-style battles.

    • Noktis Zariah

      While Echoes WAS a step up from Awakening and Fates in terms of storytelling it still had it’s very noticeable flaws and didn’t even bother to improve the map design, I’m just hoping FE Switch doesn’t give us another taste of Mary Sue Emblem and IntSys doesn’t fuck up again.

      What I’m REALLY hoping for most though is that we don’t need to suffer from another painful localization fiasco.

  • Kazuya

    You can get one stalk of corn if you go Rowan, a female stalk of corn if you go Lima Bean, or if you go the third Marth route you can get both stalks for an extra $19.99 (USD)

  • Skorm94

    The wait is killing me. Only 1.5 months away now…

  • Laggalot101

    Oh man, Sakura got revealed. We only had all the other Fates siblings barring Azura, I could’ve never guessed this was coming!…

    I’m sorry, this has just gotten old for me ages ago. I think I’ve stated this before, but I want to see my expectations subverted. I want to see things that I don’t think are horribly predictable. Azura is basically inevitable right now, Tiki was hinted at before through the amiibo, and I’m sure they’re gonna throw in a couple villains. (What are the odds we’ll see Garon and Validar, at least? Maaaybe Gharnef and/or Medeus…) So how many characters large is the roster at that point? I don’t want this game to disappoint me… but it’s doing absolutely nothing to steer away from that.

    • Folt

      Validar has actually been soft-confirmed (unknown if playable). A screenshot of the new History Mode shows him speaking to Chrom and M!Robin (since the particular map for that mode appears to be the Interlude/Chapter 23 of Awakening).

  • TheBraveGallade

    As much as I love the fates royals (and esp. The imoutos) can we just announce azura and get to SD news?

  • Just Some Guy

    Male Corrin is Hoshidan? What drugs have they been taking?

    • Kneekicker

      The same kind they’ve been taking since Fates itself was released. Male Corrin was depicted as Hoshidan way back in the cover for Birthright, and female Kana was similarly the Hoshidan ally in Heirs of Fate.

      • Just Some Guy

        Ahh so the really strong stuff that messes with their minds and makes them think wrong! Thanks for the info!