Heroes: Version 1.7 Update, CYL Gauntlet Results, QHB Rewards, & Dev Interview Info!

Once again, it’s another big day for Fire Emblem Heroes! The Version 1.7 Update is now available for download. If the game does not prompt you to download the update immediately, you can download it manually from your device’s app program.

Version 1.7 brings some fun updates to the game, including a new feature called Ally Support! Inspired by the support feature within many Fire Emblem games, Ally Support allows two units to gain stat boosts by being near each other in battle. There is also a Summoner Support option for your favourite heroes.

You can read further details within the Notification Screen. Alternatively, jump right in and start giving your heroes supports within the Advanced Growth section of the Allies menu.

Other features of the new update include a search function for Inherit Skill and defensive wins granted for Arena Assault matches. In celebration of the new update, Heroes has begun a new Log-In Bonus! Players can earn an additional 2 Orbs a day for up to 10 days starting tomorrow, 7 September.

The Choose Your Legends Voting Gauntlet has also just finished! Although Camilla managed a surprise upset in her match against Lyn, Ike managed to pull through and secure victory in the final round. Congratulations to all Ike supporters!

The Quick Hero Battle event is still going on for another day. However, players may be interested in hearing that we’ve already met the final point goal. As of the time of this post, we’ve reached an astounding 1,598,304,400 Points! Thank you to everyone for diligently playing the game. We should receive the 10 Orbs and 5,000 Feathers sometime soon.

Finally, some editors with Polygon recently held an interview with two of the Fire Emblem heroes game developers, Kouhei Maeda and Shingo Matsushita. Although the interview contained nothing particularly earth shattering, there are a few interesting tidbits of information. Check them out below! You can also read the full interview here.

Character art, including swimsuits:

Maeda says that illustrator choices for characters are made by both IS and Nintendo. Regarding swimsuits, Matsushita points out that FE fans are generally an older audience, and they tend to respond positively towards fanservice. The Heroes team strives to “maintain the dignity” of the various characters, but also likes to see them relax more.

Cavalry teams and power creep:

Both Maeda and Matsushita confirm that they are watching player data and feedback to keep an eye on power creep. Apparently, only 20% of players run an all-cavalry team, so they don’t consider it a big issue at this point in the game. Matsushita stresses that they want people to continue being able to use the characters that they love in game.

Sacred Coins:

The purpose of the coins will be revealed sometime in October. In the meantime, Matsushita encourages people to keep collecting them.

Xander and Camus Great Hero Battle Revivals:

Maeda confirms that both of these GHBs will be returning at some point, though he couldn’t give a firm date.

Map Sizes:

Maeda says that the team has no desire or plans to ever increase map sizes in Heroes, but they will continue working within the small map size to create variations on gameplay.

Other topics discussed but with no real conclusion:

Maeda and Matsushita acknowledge that Colorless units are generally seen as sub par for summoning and that many players are annoyed with some of the Banes and Boons with units. Both of these issues are being looked into, but no real resolution was discussed or hinted at.

Similarly, Maeda acknowledged that players have a very large amount of Badges and Great Badges. He says that they’re looking into ways for people to use these items in the future and to hold onto them for now.

The devs were also asked about Fire Emblem Switch, but as expected, they couldn’t say anything about the project.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor