TGS Fire Emblem Warriors: Caeda and Tiki reveals

Caeda was revealed today along with Young Tiki

In gameplay shown Tiki is seen to be fighting in a goofy and childish fighting style from waving her arms around, and tripping onto opponents, however when she powers up, she gets her dragonic form to destroy her foes. Kind of like how Young Link in Hyrule Warriors fought. The transformation that is.

Caeda fights like our other two revealed Pegasus Knights Hinoka and Cordelia, except her specials involve javelins and clones of herself rushing a massive group of opponents.

The game comes out in 6 days in Japan, TGS has one more day left and there is going to be one more touch on the roster, stay tuned for more news and updates.

Marth’s VA: Hikaru Midorikawa was present and also played the game to show off both Caeda and Tiki. Which can be seen here

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