Heroes: Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate Starts Today!

Get ready for a busy couple of weeks in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: Moments of Fate starts today. Join Ike and the Greil Mercenaries from Path of Radiance in their attempt to stave off the deadly tempest.

The story begins with a horrible disaster striking a nearby town. The Greil Mercenaries are investigating when a masked stranger shows up to lend a hand.

You can access the Tempest Trials within the Battle page. As usual, the front page shows you the available Bonus Allies as well as links to view your rewards and more. When you’re ready, Select Stage and fight your way to battle a deadly, mysterious foe…

The reward structure for Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate is similar to past events. Earn yourself lots of points to win Orbs, Crystals, Feathers, and also unique rewards! You can earn two copies of the Black Knight, 4★ at 6,000 points and 5★ at 30,000. You can also grab two new Sacred Seals: Fortify Def 1 at 20,000 and Panic Ploy 1 at 40,000.

In celebration of the event, Heroes has started a new Log-In Bonus. Log in every day during the Trials to get even more Orbs! As usual, there are also daily quests to encourage you to participate every day. Halfway through the Trials, these quest rewards will be doubled! Check out the details below.

Tempest Trials: Moments of Fate, and also its associated banner, quests, and log-in bonuses, will be available until 7 October at 6:59am UTC.

Daily Tempest Trials Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 1 Stamina Potion
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials twice. 1,500 Universal Crystals
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials thrice. 150 Hero Feathers
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