TGS Fire Emblem Warriors: DLC Plans Teased

On the final day of the Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo revealed their plans for the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC.

Currently, three DLC packs are scheduled for release between late 2017 and early 2018 (in Japan).

No concrete details were shared, but if the packs are similar to the ones for Hyrule Warriors (and Legends), we can probably expect to see a few new characters, costumes and maps per pack.

To save money, there is a 3,000 Yen season pass for the 3 DLC packs, which is a saving of 1,200 Yen. Those who buy the season pass will also receive a bonus Bride Lucina costume.

(Screencaps were taken by Azz)

Update: The release dates and pricing for the North American and European versions have been revealed. Please check the links for details.

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  • Pretty late this time for Serenes Forest standards. 😛
    Koei Tecmo has uploaded everything TGS related to their Youtube channel.
    There was also a clear hint that Azura will be a part of the first DLC pack.
    Makes me wonder why it isn’t mentioned here. ^^

  • Yish, that’s disappointing.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    My Awakening waifu in the bride class SOLD!!!

    • Semi Colon Parenthesis

      I think it’s just an outfit.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Obviously just stating what it is

  • MetalGear Lamia

    If I had to guess a few possible characters for each pack:
    Fates: Azura (very obvious), no clue on the others
    Awakening: Tharja, Gaius(since Cordelia is in plus need a theif and more magic users) Nowi or Awakening Tiki (since I doubt SD Tiki is gonna be the only dragonstone user) and Cherche (need more wyvern units and she’s more well known)
    Shadow Dragon: Merric or Linde (prefer Linde), Minerva (again well known plus more wyvern units), Camus(iconic and a lance mount we need one) and either Draug or Ogma.

    • Fikko3107

      I might be wrong about this, but I read a leak somewhere, unconfirmed at this point of course, that some of the DLC characters will be Azura, Tharja and Draug for the Fates, Awakening and SD packs, respectively. But assuming that’s true, we are probably getting more than one character per pack.

      I’m thinking Kaze, Silas, Jakob or Felicia is plausible for the Fates pack. The only thing I’m less sure about is that IIRC I read somewhere that they aren’t planning any dagger characters for the game, and if that’s true Kaze, Jakob and Felicia are out.

      For Awakening, I can see Gaius, like you mentioned, but again, the fact that he’s basically a dagger user makes me a bit doubtful. Aside from him, I can also see Nowi, or some combination of the Awakening trio (though if so, definitely not all three.)

      For Shadow Dragon, I’d say Navarre (soft-confirmed by this point?), Merric, Minerva and Camus is most likely. But then again, if one of them is really Draug, I really don’t know. It would really suck if it turned out to be one or all of the Whitewings; nothing against them, it’s just that we already have way too many pegasus lance fliers in this game, IMO.

      • TheBraveGallade

        also owain has been shown apparently

        • Fikko3107

          Oboro and Niles too (and Iago for the villains side). Don’t know if they’re DLC characters or simply hidden unlockable characters; if its the former, they’ll probably be in their respective DLC packs. Regardless, they are in the base game, at the very least as NPC.

  • Spencer

    What…? Making dlc for the games that are already super represented…? No Ike, Alm, or Roy on the horizon? Ugh.

    • dmurr

      What if the Awakening-themed pack came with Roy in his Awakening DLC appearance?

    • Taylor Scott

      Together we Ride… Unless you joined up after the waifu-loving kids took over.

  • mrkisukes

    Bravo Koei Tecmo, a large number of fans were giving you the benefit of the doubt with character rep in the hopes that the other games would get in through DLC…evidently that is not the case for the initial wave…bra-vo…

  • dmurr

    There go my hopes for Hector.

    Of note though is that the official website says “each pack will contain: new playable characters…” which might imply more than one per pack.

    • Skorm94

      Well You can still put your hopes in a possible second wave of dlc (I do at least).

      • dmurr

        Is there any precedent for there to be multiple DLC packs for a Warriors game? Hyrule Warriors did but only because Legends exists.

        • Skorm94

          No idea but If the last one is coming as soon as spring 2018 it doesn’t seem impossible. Also if they add dlc that focusses on the older games later you can bet your butt it would still sell well. It maybe a bit of a stretch but the concept of this game has been something I’ve always wanted so I’m holding on to every bit of hope there is.

  • Laggalot101

    I’ll just repeat what in wrote in a Youtube comment:

    This just seems so redundant. I mean, it’s not entirely true that I don’t get it; given the games these DLC characters are gonna be from, it seems there’d be a good likelyhood that whoever buys the game in the first place would be interested in buying the DLC. But there in also lies the problem. It’s not gonna sell a lot additional copies, relative to the potential I imagine it had to. Whoever wasn’t into this game for the character selection in the first place probably won’t care any more now than they did before, yet it could have drawn in potential buyers who are into the games that are not or barely represented in Warriors right now. After all, if you’re not into the cast, why not just play Hyrule Warriors some more, if you got that before this…?

    Oh, and of course this also presents the classic ‘announce DLC before the game is even released’ problem. I mean, I get that DLC for a Warriors game is kind of the status-quo at this point, and I’m sure most people did expect it in the first place, but at least for me, it still always leaves me a bit skeptical.

    I think the word that would best describe how I feel about the way this game is being handled in terms of its roster and everything surrounding it is… perplexing.

    • MelloMori

      I’ve scene your comment on Youtube and meant to respond to it, but I feel like your making a bit of a logical fallacy with your thoughts here.

      First addressing the easier of the two is announcing DLC before the games released. This isn’t really an issue for most people since it kinda makes sense. Once a game goes gold(the period when the game can’t be worked on any more due to physical copies needing to be made) the dev team largely is life twitting their thumbs until their assigned a new project, which in most cases is DLC. Its considered good practice to get them working on the dlc as soon as the game goes gold since it gives them work and it means that dlc can usually come out much faster then if you waited until after release. And even with that in mind, remember we do know that the release dates of the dlc are sill months after the release of the game, the first pack being brought out in December. Very little, if anything, is being cut for something coming out that late after the games release, so I don’t see why that would be an issue.

      As for the issue of the dlc focusing on the three games they wanted to focus on and not others; I have to say this does make more sense whether people like it or not. The simple truth is that assuming people would go and buy a full priced game(around 60 USD) followed by a buying a dlc pack, or the season pass(confirmed to be around 20 USD) just to play a character they like, which they’ll only be able to play in free mode and not in the story, and still have to play the story with characters they didn’t care about or want to play to unlock levels to play as the character they wanted to, and assume that those people aren’t going to turn around and complain that their favorite characters are being held hostage behind a paywall and that this has all been a massive money-grab is kinda absurd to me. Frankly, as rude as this might sound, I do think this is for the better. The people who either don’t care about the roster or are only buying the game since it has the characters that they want in it are going to be satisfied enough, and those who feel that the roster of the represented games still doesn’t fully represent them have DLC to help reach that point of satisfaction. Those who feel that their only enjoyment from this game would come from having at least one certain character that isn’t in the game can be happy not wasting their money on a game that they simply won’t enjoy. And by focusing on the biggest portion of the market for the best chance of success, the chances of a second game in the series is much higher which could continue to use the games final roster+dlc as a base selling point while focusing on 3 other games for the story and using dlc to help flesh out those game(though that would likely be coming around 2019-20 at soonest). Too me at least this just seems like a solid win win for everyone. That really people would rather have everything or nothing, then given a little bit of what they wanted, but not enough to completely satisfy them.

      • Laggalot101

        I’ll be honest, I have never heard the term ‘going gold’ before, but what you’re saying on that end does make sense. A game isn’t released immediately as the base product’s development has concluded, and I can understand that the less time the devs are just sitting on their laurels doing nothing, the better. I honestly don’t know how much time there is between the end of development and a game’s actual release, but I suppose it would be a fair bit. And on that note, I suppose I had forgotten that announcing DLC before a game’s release isn’t the shady business I had in mind, that was a bit of an unfair assessment. It would’ve been more of an issue had it actually released on or very close to release, and I guess that somehow just kinda blurred together in my head – or maybe I have actually developed a bias against this game that I don’t like to admit, but as you say, that’s not what’s happening here, so any such reasons for skepticism are actually rather baseless…

        On the note of the DLC possibly pushing the base products sales… actually, I really want to agree with that. This thought you’re presenting here hasn’t gone by me entirely. And yet, I have seen people, on multiple occasions, claim that inclusion of one or more certain characters would actually push them to purchase the base game, so while I share your sentiment on it seeming absurd, I just don’t feel like I can dismiss it as such. Of course, it could be coincidence, but for all I know, just going off of things I’ve read, there’s a lot more people who are really passionate to have a specific character in FE Warriors than I originally thought.

        For the rest, I do largely agree with your reasoning, and I think I have heard that they would be open to a sequel (can’t help but feel it’s a little early to be talking openly sequel-potential, though) and yes, that could open up the option for representation for other games. That would be nice, of course. Still, I can’t help but find that such a massive tease, and it still is a bit disappointing that I can’t have this satisfaction *now* instead of so much later. But yeah, I do get it, despite my personal frustrations.

        • Sisyphe

          I think it makes sense as well if we consider the size of the roster, DLC included. Since they can’t choose to represent everyone, it makes sense that they would pick from what seems to be their most popular group of characters: the Awakening/Fates cast.

          To your point about DLC selling the base product, I can see a fan of these two games moving to purchase the base game knowing that an even larger group of characters they want will eventually be represented. That is, I expect the targeted audience for this game would be more enthused by seeing Tharja than Hector, or Azura over Alm. I think Azura’s exclusion from the base game is powerful evidence that the developers feel the same. Reading comments here, it seems to be that there are a lot of characters we all want, but also that our preferences aren’t as consistent as the bloc that continually seems to prefer any and all Awakening/Fates characters. The DLC strategy allows the developer to increase their revenue by dividing the base of preferred characters for that bloc into two payments.

          It’s not what I wanted, and I’m very on the fence about this game in general, but I can see it. Put another way, the top 10 Awakening characters are more popular than the top 10s of any other game, and probably even some combinations of games, which are usually known for their lords.

        • MelloMori

          Just to add, “Going gold” is just an industry short hand for when the game reaches its completion and its sent out to have copies physically made and the such. It simply means that once it reaches that period, no more work can be done on the game. Its considered finished and the best they can do is release something like a day 1 patch to fix any bugs that they couldn’t fix in time before reaching that period. This period varies from game to game, but on average a game usually goes gold 1-2 months before its release. So pretty much you often have this odd little window of time where dev’s can’t do anything for like two months except sit around and wait to see how the game does. With DLC though they can at least work on something to be added in the game after release, and since its not part of the base game, dev’s can basically get a second paycheck for their work, which its actually pretty common for a lot of devs to work more as freelancers of sorts and simply move from company to company then being locked into one job.

          • Laggalot101

            Ah, I see! Helps put things into context, and I appreciate that, thank you!