Heroes Opinion: Ayra Sets a Dangerous Precedent

This week in Fire Emblem Heroes was like any other. A new summoning event started, this time introducing heroes from the fan-favourite Genealogy of the Holy War–and fans were generally excited to see what was coming next.

Ayra from the story mode.

Today this excitement was mercilessly dashed for many, ironically by a very surprising and unprecedented move. A new Tempest Trials based on Holy War was teased, which was expected. The kicker: the summoning event released alongside it included a brand new and sought-after hero, Ayra: Astra’s Wielder.

Almost immediately, the Heroes community was flooded with disappointed and angry players. Previously, many of these same players openly praised the developers for making Heroes an enjoyable experience that’s friendly to non-spenders, a sentiment I share as well. So how did things end up this way and why the extreme reactions?

First of all, Ayra is a hugely popular character in some circles, being a strong and likable character from a well-liked game. She is essentially the progenitor of the badass and powerful swordswoman character found in later games. That said, although her popularity undeniably had an influence, worryingly, it is the least of the concerns.

Characters featured on banners have higher chances of being summoned.

For the benefit of those who don’t play, in Heroes, you obtain characters (heroes) by summoning them from summoning events (also called “banners”) using currency (Orbs) earned in-game or bought using real money.

Every two weeks or so, the game releases a banner that debuts brand new heroes and provides an increased chance to summon them. After this banner ends, the new heroes are added to the permanent pool of heroes (unless they are specified as limited-time heroes).

Sprinkled throughout are various other banners that promote old heroes. The purpose of these banners is to help players summon heroes they failed to get earlier or provide them with an easier way to get additional copies. These are usually thrown out randomly or to coincide with an in-game event, like the Voting Gauntlets and Tempest Trials.

This where the problems begin. Until this point, there has been a clear distinction between banners promoting new heroes only and banners promoting old heroes. This makes it easier for players to choose where to spend their Orbs–most will spend on the new heroes, but others may appreciate another chance to get the older heroes. Either way, the options are clear-cut.

Ayra can be summoned alongside existing heroes, Eldigan and Lachesis.

The latest Tempest Trials banner subverts this concept by including a brand new character–Ayra–among two older heroes. This is incredibly frustrating. Perhaps not the best example, but imagine this was a trading card game. You could buy the latest booster packs or the older ones; that’s your choice. But here it’s like buying a re-released booster pack with only a handful of new cards.

Edit: The summoning rates I previously provided were incorrect due to a misunderstanding of how the numbers work. I apologise for that. I will talk about the rates later on, where it’s more relevant.

The top 4 bonus heroes include the 3 new heroes… and Ayra.

Now, in the developers’ defence, it’s understandable why they did this when looking at the Tempest Trial bonus units. Clearly they wanted to focus on the Generation 1 characters. There are exactly 8 of these characters in the game, which also happens to match the number of available bonus units. 3 of them are from the new banner, 1 from a Grand Hero Battle, 1 as a Tempest Trial Reward and 2 from an earlier banner.

So to make a relevant Tempest Trial banner, at least 3 heroes are needed, but only 2 are applicable (from the earlier banner). Therefore, they needed one more hero to fill in the slot. This is probably where they made a huge gamble. By adding a new “secret” hero into this banner, they could simultaneously generate a lot of buzz. Which they ended up acheiving, but maybe not the kind they wanted…

Alternatively, they could have added Seliph and Julia (the other Holy War characters) as bonus units and make them available from the aforementioned Tempest Trials banner. Yet, chances are, they are probably preparing a 2nd Holy War banner and Tempest Trials focusing on the 2nd generation (which Seliph and Julia are exclusively part of right now). So that option was likely thrown out of the window at an early stage, for better or worse.

Ayra would not have been out of place as a 4th hero in the Holy War banner.

The other problem is that, quite honestly, there was little need to put Ayra in a separate banner. Historically, most banners with new heroes featured exactly 4 heroes, although it has gone as high as 6 and has recently dropped to 3 starting with the previous non-limited banner, “World of Radiance”. The latest banner, “World of Holy War”, has 3 new heroes, so they could’ve easily fitted in Ayra as a 4th if they chose to.

In fact, doing so would have killed two birds in one stone, allowing “World of Holy War” to double as the Tempest Trials banner, seeing as how all 4 featured heroes are the highest tier bonus heroes. Sadly, the developers probably realised doing so was against their best interests, as there has always been a Tempest Trials banner. Plus they already backed themselves into a corner by excluding the 2nd generation units.

When people talk about DLC being part of the original game, but cut out to be resold to consumers for additional money, I have never felt that to be true with Fire Emblem. (Even if some of the DLC has been hit-and-miss and/or overpriced.) Here, though, it’s very hard to see how this is not comparable. If this was many months ago, there would’ve been no excuse for Ayra not to be with the other 3 heroes in the new banner.

Edit: The one saving grace of having Ayra in a 3-person banner rather than a 4-person banner is that the chances of summoning her are slightly better. In her current banner, there’s a 1% chance to summon her, whereas it would be 0.75% if she was an addition to the Holy War banner (3% divided by the number of heroes). That said, having her split like this still means having to divert your resources, so things would probably balance out.

Ayra appears in two new Paralogue maps.

The last and possibly biggest problem is one of expectations. Nevermind data-mining for a moment, once “World of Holy War” and its accompanying story missions rolled out, all players should have noticed Arden and Ayra as heroes in the story, but not available to summon. This kind of teasing has happened before with the likes of Legion, Clarisse, Tobin and Clive.

These heroes were excluded from the then-released banner and eventually made their way into the player’s barracks via Grand Hero Battles, Tempest Trials and whatnot. Therefore, it wouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination to believe Arden and Ayra would both follow suit. Of course, Arden has been confirmed to be a Tempest Trial reward, but they weren’t as kind with Ayra.

Those are the main facts and arguments, and I haven’t even touched on Ayra’s obscene stats and exclusive skills, which are a problem for another day–in this scenario, it’s merely more salt rubbed in the wounds.

At this point, even if you’re indifferent to the whole affair, that’s totally OK. We are talking about a free game that mostly centres around collecting 2D waifus and husbandos. However, if you are a player who feels negatively affected by this turn of events, I urge you to voice your concerns to the developers.

Intelligent Systems in the past has been incredibly receptive to fan feedback–after all, we are the ones literally putting money in their pockets. They have made so many quality of life improvements over the 8 or so months of the game’s life, many of which have been widely suggested by fans. Therefore, hopeless as it may seem, letting them know isn’t actually so.

Don’t be afraid to leave feedback; you have every right to do so.

There are two main ways to contact the developers.

1. Via the game: Go to “Misc.”, “FAQ/Etc.”, “Customer Support” and finally “Feedback”. You can write up to 1000 words. For “Topic”, “Summoning” or “Characters” would be the best choices.

2. Via e-mail: Write an e-mail to fire-emblem-heroes-support[AT]nintendo[DOT]co[DOT]jp

Just bear in mind that you may not get a response (unless via e-mail). However, it’s very likely that the developers will read your feedback and, at the very least, they should notice the increased amount of feedback during this period, most of which is about Ayra’s inclusion.

The worst-case scenario that we should all try to avoid is Intelligent Systems not getting the message and continuing to potentially alienate players. Even if you don’t care about Ayra, who’s to say the same thing won’t happen with other games like Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn? What if the character you’ve been waiting ages for is unceremoniously lumped in with others?

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading this–and hopefully we can get our voices heard so you don’t need to see me talk about this again!

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  • Sisyphe

    I agree that, for Ayra fans, this is a major bummer. But so are limited heroes. So are heroes who rarely ever have a featured focus (oh Hinoka, where are you?) So is the color imbalance that allows everyone to get wrecked by Reinhardt. There are some strange rarity decisions as well (why is Luke a 5*) and they never lower the rarity of heroes so the 5* pool is a bloated mess. IS probably won’t attend to all these issues (and I could go on), which seem comparable to the one people are currently riled about, and given that games like this are only required to display a passing tolerance of F2P players, I’m just not convinced this is the hill I want to die on.

    It seems like people are mad mostly because it happened to Ayra, but what will determine if they do this again will not be the number of complaints, but how much people shell out for her. If people abstain and they don’t make their projections from this banner, they won’t do it again.

    Not trying to start a fight, just not feeling the outrage as much as some others

    • Aveyn Knight

      That’s all totally fair; the game is far from perfect. When leaving feedback, I actually talked about the bloated pool of heroes.

      As for Ayra’s situation, personally, I am somewhere between indifference and mildly annoyed. At least with limited heroes, you’re given plenty of warning. But Ayra was dropped with such little notice and with almost no rhyme or reason. So I can understand how others are angry. Moreover, I am concerned that the developers will make this a trend.

      • Sisyphe

        If it becomes a trend, then I absolutely think we should revolt (as a F2P player, I’d want to protect myself add much as I could), and I understand why this bothers people and acknowledge this is a bad thing. I would just prefer they fix some of the things I mentioned.

        I also think a lot of the harm was the lack of certainty. It was wrong of us to assume with certainty that the past would indicate the future, but it’s not unreasonable that we did so. However, I think if we begin to expect this, it won’t be as bad. Another issue specific to this case is that Eldigan is also in the focus, but they’ve done that before (I screamed with joy pulling Katarina. It would have sucked if I pulled Luke instead). Now they’re definitely doing that on purpose here too, to drive spending, but if they refrain from that in the future, even if the overall practice continues, I think it would be more manageable

        • Suicunesol

          The problem with revolting as a F2P player is that you’re not really a customer, so they don’t really value feedback from you. So it’s like… if you revolted by deciding not to buy any orbs anymore… well, it’d make no difference for someone who didn’t buy orbs in the first place.

          • Fallen Crow

            As a paying “customer,” I feel that her stats kind of negate other sword units from even being useful. Navarre, for instance, was already struggling (as many other sword units). This just seals his fate 🙁 I hope they can raise past characters stats… or something?

    • Familyplayer

      I think it’s because they know Ayra is pretty OP on the powercreep and her being a TT or GHB unit would lower that slightly as whales can’t merge her. Though waifusim may do with it for all I know.

      • Sisyphe

        I think you’re right to point that out. For me, I’m pretty sure Reinhardt still blows her up and that she’s still one of many viable targets for the one sword/red slot, so I’m not too concerned about her in the meta. Unless we’re all concerned about Arena Assault now, which we could be. I don’t know exactly what the meta looks like, but since Reinhardt/Horse is part of so many offensive and defensive teams, I’m not going to expect to see too much of her

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Wow….not good….this is bad if it goes on like this I love Ayra but this is depressing….

  • chris123sm

    If they just made Ayra a GHB or put her on Sigurd’s banner, it would have been fine and this outrage would not be happening.

  • CombatMagi

    I understand the outrage, when Arden was found to be the TT reward I was on the board of that she was the next GHB. I was mystified to see her on a banner with older people and while I went for her and got her with quite literally the last summon I could do I was fearing pulling Eldigan the entire time. As the article said if they did this with say…..Kieran from PoR and RD and paired him with Oscar and maybe Titania it probably wouldn’t be as bad because as funny and mildy awesome as Kieran is hes not a main player and insanely popular. I would argue Ayra is one of the few characters that many Western Fire Emblem fans know of even if they never played GotHW. I know I’m one her popularity just precedes her.

  • I’m not too bothered by this. What I’m bothered by is that it happened without any forewarning. If I had known that she would be in this banner, I’d not waste all my orbs on the other FE4 characters, and the problem would’ve been completely circumvented.

  • SethofRenais

    While I haven’t played FE 4 I think this was a very bad move and I don’t want it to ever happen again. I have sent a complaint in because I don’t want my favorites to end up on banners like this. The only good thing I see is that Japanese fans are just as mad as the rest of the world and the twitter page for this banner has nothing but angry posts. I hope IS will learn that they can’t do this and have happy players.

  • Jyosua

    This is completely typical mobile-game-with-gacha-mechanic practice, unfortunately. You can complain, if you’d like, and I definitely understand the sentiment, but I doubt they’ll do anything about it.

    • Laggalot101

      Thing is, up to this point, FEH has been very reasonable and player-friendly about these sorts of things relative to other gachas. It may be typical in the genre, but it’s not exactly typical fare for this game in particular. It has been running for 8 months with relatively little issue, so apparently something changed. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the devs to listen and try to react reasonably to people voicing their opinions on these developments, especially given their track record. Nothing’s gonna change if you don’t try, that’s for certain.

      • Jyosua

        A lot of mobage starts out like that, though. Typically, they do not do this right off the bat, because their playerbase wouldn’t be very large if they did. They need to establish a playerbase and then, if they need greater profit, they turn to tactics such as this to increase revenue.

    • Brian Stevenson

      The other point is that a lot of players, myself included, aren’t mobile gamers. This is my first and only mobile game; I’d never heard of a “gatcha game” before this. Frankly, it’s a pretty terrible business model for a company like Nintendo to follow, and there’s been no sign of things getting more consumer-friendly, despite them having made tens of millions in sales already.

      The real problem with this whole situation is what’s mentioned at the end; FE Heroes has been VERY predictable in term of when and HOW they release new characters. This move completely broke carefully constructed precedent WITHOUT THEM TELLING US THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT. The last few months, they’ve released videos previewing all the content for the month to come, along with a visual calendar/schedule thing. Then suddenly, prior to October, nothing. No news, announcements, schedule, nothing at all. Then they tease her release the same way, as mentioned, that they teased FOUR OTHER previous units that were made freely available. Then, after everyone has spent their money/orbs on the two new banners (again, only two new-character banners per month is their previously-established precedent), they suddenly stick her in her own banner, completely without warning, and even partially block her with another old red summon (Eldigan) who isn’t even a very useful character in the game.

      It was definitely, absolutely planned to screw players over and make them chose between spending a bunch of money to TRY to get her, or going without. And if you miss her, you can almost certainly kiss her goodbye forever; the pool of characters is so huge now and there are so many 5* units that they refuse to drop to more common rarities that you’re chances of pulling an individual one off-banner are almost zero. I’ve been playing since release day and have pulled thousands of characters and STILL cannot get Hinoka, for example. And now, hey, ad Ayra to that list I guess, because I’m not rich and I can’t drop any more money on this game this month. Thanks, I.S. Thanks a bunch.

      • Suicunesol

        They can’t reduce the rarities of paid units. That is just as bad and extremely frowned upon in most gacha games because it reduces the value of units that some players may have paid hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for. Imagine spending a lot of money to roll a unit who, 5 months later, falls to 4 stars. It also creates a precedence that they will do it again, encouraging the player base to wait for better rates instead of rolling immediately.

        Gacha games in general end up with an enormous number of special and/or high rank units as a result. I don’t like it either, but… that’s the business model. The only reason so many people can play for free is because of the few high-rollers who pay enough money to make up for them.

        • Jyosua

          This. 100% this. It’s similar to the business model and eventual power creep in collectible card games, too.

        • Brian Stevenson

          They already do it, though; each banner, at least one, and sometimes more than one, unit is reduced to 4* immediately following the banner.

          • Suicunesol

            That’s true. Somehow, though, I don’t think it’s quite the same. As you know, FEH is unique in that you can rank-up your units. As a result, any unit can be upgraded to 5 stars. But that also means rarity is no longer tied to the star rating. Your 5 Star Gaius is still… just Gaius.

            I think among rare units there are some that will remain 5 stars no matter what either because of their popularity or their unique skill set. Takumi, for example, remains a rare pull because of his Close Combat skill.

            As for 5 star units being downgraded to 4 stars, I prefer to think of it as 4 star units temporarily having a 5 star version. Especially if they’re downgraded immediately after the banner.

      • Suicunesol

        You finally got your Hinoka banner!

        • Brian Stevenson

          It’s almost comical. Just after the Ayra debacle. Now I still have no orbs and have to choose between TRYING for Ayra and Hinoka.

    • Aveyn Knight

      Normally, I’d agree. But this is still a Nintendo funded and developed title, so I imagine they would take the feedback a lot, lot more seriously. Also, while making profits is still very desirable, I am sure they also value their other objective, which is to create buzz and good will for the mainline Fire Emblem entries. If Heroes got enough flack, they absolutely wouldn’t want that to transfer to the main games. Then again, who knows what they’re really thinking…

      • Jyosua

        Personally, having seen what Square Enix does with their own IPs, I don’t agree. I wholeheartedly want to agree, but the number of similar games with similar game-changing precedents with gacha mechanics once the game is more established is just too high to discredit. Nintendo completely knew what they were doing from the very start. That’s the only reason it’s been so friendly thus far.

  • mrkisukes

    The dirty tactics is what concerns me They took a new character who had no setup what-so-ever, and could’ve been with the other 3 new characters, and stuck her in a banner with 2 old ones. I don’t like FE4 that much (probably in the minority on that opinion), but I still would’ve liked to have had a fair shot at getting Arya from either a F2P method or a banner with other new characters, not this nonsense. Even if nothing is done about this specific fuck up, I hope IS realizes that they did indeed…fuck up, and never do it again.

  • Mangovict

    “To further add insult to injury, the two other heroes are fairly lacklustre in comparison and one of them–Eldigan–shares a colour with Ayra, further reducing the chance to summon her (1.5% instead of 3% if you select a Red stone). This means even for those who choose to summon/spend, the rates aren’t as good as they could be.”

    This isn’t how summoning works, the rates barely change at all


    • Laggalot101

      But doesn’t it also increase the chance of getting your pity rate broken by the undesired character?

      • Mangovict

        Yes but very slightly and definitely doesn’t half the rates. The link explains it in detail

    • Aveyn Knight

      I see. I didn’t actually know that. I think I vaguely read about it very early on, but there was a lot going on at the time. Anyway, thanks for that.

  • Suicunesol

    It’s frustrating, absolutely. Throwing in a highly-sought after unit like Ayra in a separate banner with older units, making her super powerful, reducing her pull rate by mixing her with another red unit is basic gacha strategy.

    But hey, that she is highly-sought after is the exact reason they did this. She’s an SSS-tier waifu. $$$$$$$$$$

    So I’m going to roll for her with my free orbs. But I don’t want to enforce this practice so… as someone who can and does pay orbs for units I really want… I’m not going to buy this time.

  • Akai Kiri

    Let me explain how summoning works because they way you explained it is actually wrong.

    The game rolls 5 times with a 3% chance to hit a focus character. if this roll hits it rolls randomly between the focus characters. in this case if you hit you have a 1 in 3 to get ayra. (+.25% on focus and 5 star for every 5 draws thats not a 5 star)

    any rolls that fail will roll again on the 5 star list, if any hit the game rolls randomly to see what character you get. every character has an even chance (or as even as possible) to be drawn.

    this happens again for the 4 star then the 3 star rolls.

    When this is done the colour of the hero is shown. it does not mean you have less chance to draw ayra because there are 2 reds. they both have an even chance to be drawn as the focus. Some focus characters are also on the 5 star list so they are more likely to be drawn because you have 2 chances to get them.

    in other words, its actually a lot better for you to draw her because she’s 1 in 3 on that banner not 1 in 4 if you hit a focus

    THIS BEING SAID : they really should have placed her on the other banner or at least split it up 2 and 2 if possible (maybe with overlap)

    • Jyosua

      @aveynknight:disqus might want to edit the post regarding the rate.

    • Aveyn Knight

      Thanks, I never actually knew that. I have fixed it now.

      • Akai Kiri

        to be fair, its almost impossible to test with individual rolls but we do know that the listed rates are accurate. and in order for them to match those rates the came could not just pick 5 random stones as that would not allow focus characters to be drawn at the listed rate. it might just roll 1 time at whatever the rates are but that would have no priority leading to inaccurate rates.

        Otherwise, to the best of my knowledge and those that helped test that the only way to match those rates would be to setup some priority rolls and drop tables. So take that with a grain of salt. but the rates for ayra should still be better.

        (sorry didnt have my coffee yet should, have been more clear)

    • Luigi301

      While this is true. I think it’s important to note that summoning Sigurd when going for Ayra would be more desirable than getting Eldigan while going for her

    • Langley

      But you have to consider the fact that you have more chances to reset your % the more of the same color there are, if you are rolling for that specific unit, so it does affect.

  • Dylan Chesworth

    I don’t mind the banner shenanigans, that’s to be expected in gacha games. People created hype on speculation and were disappointed, sucks but that’s what it is. The real issue which is being pushed off to the side is not the banner but the clear power creep of her increased stats. If her stats become the new norm all the old swords will largely be useless. Her statline should be nerfed into line with other swords and let her sword and unique special set her apart.

    • Luigi301

      I completely disagree. Power creep should not be the bigger concern. She should’ve been in the first banner not thrown into a separate one

      • Dylan Chesworth

        I don’t really disagree, but I don’t really see why that’s the more pressing issue. One character out of a banner compared to invalidating existing infantry swords. That said I’m biased, I hate horse emblem and refuse to dirty my hands by running them, so Sigurd and Edigan are equally wothless to me.

        • One problem with that argument is they’ve been busily working on invalidating Infantry Swords for a while now – Ayra is just the latest in line, I could point to things like Sigurd’s Weapon and B Skill, which are centered around being a mage tanker, or Brave Roy’s Weapon, designed to make running Skills with a high charge time more viable while also making running Skills with lower charge times even better, especially if you got lucky, pulled a Brave Ike, and sacked him to give Brave Roy Steady Breath.
          Yeah, those two are cavalry, not infantry, but unless you’re dedicatedly not running any cavalry there’s no real reason to use any current Infantry Sword if you have one of the good cavalry, plus there’s probably several good Infantry Sword Units who invalidated older Infantry Swords when they came out that you could use as well if you pulled them.
          Power Creep is also a rather commonly recognized part of most games that want you to keep playing and paying for an extended period of time, since there’s no reason to try to get new heroes if they don’t have anything over ones you already have – I’d probably have tried to get Sigurd for my Red Unit if I hadn’t already put so much time and effort into my Roy, actually, and I don’t really like cavalry Units either.
          On the other hand, this is the first time this kind of Banner shenanigan has happened in the game, and so at least some people feel they can try and stop this kind of thing before it’s too late, whereas with Power Creep everyone knows there’s literally no way of stopping it once it gets started, you just have to shake your head and either deal with it or stop playing. I hate that that’s how it is, but it’s true.

          This Banner thing really isn’t going to affect me right now as I’m holding on to my Orbs hoping for a Halloween Banner anyways, but I’ll still let them know that I’d prefer this be the only time this happens because there’s a small chance we can actually get them to make that the case.
          (Now if only I could get everyone this riled up over the lack of the Eight Legends in the game…)

  • Kuronix

    I’m wondering what if it’s Arden on Ayra’s place right now…

    • Aveyn Knight

      Honestly, I imagine there would be less anger. But even still, he’s a pretty impressive armour with an exclusive skill. So I think people would be pretty miffed regardless.

    • Luigi301

      I think this is a great point but for me it’s still a bad precendent to set regardless of the character

  • Luigi301

    I think this was a very bad move on IS. It has gotten so much backlash and rightfully so. I don’t think they should’ve separated the banners but when you think about it, then there wouldn’t be a TT banner. Since they made Ayra a 40% unit. The way to solve this was to not make her a 40% unit. They should’ve made Julia the last 40% unit as a lot of people thought. This way they could’ve done Julia with Lachesis and Eldigan. I think this is a very bad precendent because this seems to show that IS wants to move in a bad direction. This is a perfect example of the bad path of Gacha games. You have an event and make the characters look good and desirable while also hinting another separate character being good and desirable so people spend their orbs for the banner not expecting the separate character to be a different summoning. Then they don’t have orbs for the new summoning. This is how they get you to spend money. When you think about it yes if you pay you will have an upper hand but now this is leaning towards a pay to win mechanic which is destructive for a huge section of the players and fan base. Personally I thought she was Tempest Trail reward BUT then they announced Arden. So immediately I thought ok he is certainly the Tempest Trial reward and maybe she will be a similar situation as Navarre. Navarre was an enemy that you recruit which is why he was a grand hero battle. Slight spoiler warning……….. Ayra was an enemy in Genealogy of the Holy War that you recruit so it made sense that she would be a similar case as Navarre

  • Kemo Allen

    What they did with Ayra here is upsetting, but the only real complaint that I see is that they should have advertised her as being a summon character from the beginning. The whole tempest trial is based on first generation units from FE4, so that throws Seliph and Julia out of the equation. And it would have been weird for them to have a summon focus with only two units, since I don’t think they have done that before.

  • Dexterino

    Arden is the Tempest Trial Hero. Arya should have been in Sigurds group. I send feedback so we can get a 4 star neutral Arya for our troubles with 20 orbs.

  • Lloyd Reed

    I don’t understand why people are so cheap. Having Ayra in a second banner would raise chances of getting her rather than slapping her on the Sigurd-Deirdre banner. Remember for each banner you get 1 free summon. Second, that first summon would normally cost 5 orbs but is normally negated from the first time, therefore you would only need to spend 15 orbs instead of 20 if you were trying to get the whole summoning round. And last, if one doesn’t want to summon for the whole round, then only pick out the red ones and reset. It just seems no matter how much times you make something better, you will always make at least one person complain.

  • TheSeunger

    Earlier today, I’ve sent out a near-friendly complaint to the developers of Heroes. I’m honestly upset of the turn of events which was seriously a profound move. I’ve also included pointers where new characters should be: included in the same banner with the new set of heroes, a Grand Battle Hero or Tempest Trials reward in the near future. Ayra definitely does not deserve this sort of treatment and I would be torn if one of my favorite characters I want included would end up like that. It’s definitely worth sending feedback so this would not happen ever again.

  • James Richardson III

    Even though I managed to summon her, it would have been even better if she had her own Grand Hero Battle or Tempest Trial.