Warriors: DLC Sneak Peek Reveals Azura, Minerva, Olivia and More

We’ve been well aware that DLC packs were coming out for Fire Emblem Warriors. One things we weren’t entirely sure of though, was what would be included with the Season Pass.

Twitter users AzurePhoenix and AAAGamer have been healthily feeding information to the world regarding incoming DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors, and GameXplain put together a nice video highlighting the details. Some surprising tidbits for what’s to come were found in the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC page via their access to the Nintendo’s Australian eShop.


Data will come in packs, one for Fire Emblem Fates, one for Awakening and one for Shadow Dragon. Most notable, are the cast joining via DLC. I’m not talking about the ones we’ve known about for some time, via either documentation or gameplay footage of NPCs (Navarre, Niles, Oboro and Owain), but of the new faces, Azura, Minerva, Linde, Olivia and Tharja. Here’s the total of who’s coming in, for each DLC pack.

New Playable Characters

  • Fates: Azura, Niles, Oboro
  • Shadow Dragon: Minerva, Navarre, Linde
  • Awakening: Olivia, Owain, Tharja

There’s plenty of other new data available for DLC as well. Full details on each pack are detailed below:


  • New playables: Azura, Niles, Oboro
  • Five new Costumes
  • 13 new Broken-Armor Models
  • New History Maps

Shadow Dragon 

  • New playables: Minerva, Navarre, Linde
  • Four new Costumes
  • Six new Weapons
  • Nine new Broken-Armor Models


  • New playables: Olivia, Owain, Tharja
  • Three new Costumes
  • Seven new Weapons
  • Ten new Broken-Armor Models




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  • Familyplayer

    May the salt flow through you like a river.

  • GeminiJ

    A bit disappointed that the characters alreafy in the game are counted as DLC characters, but it’s not unsurprising. The Fates DLC cannot come soon enough, though.

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    That’s it, i hope this game crash and burns and with Odyssey one week later is pretty sure it will bomb.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Stay salty h8ter….the fact you want a game to fail over a character is pathetic….

      • Buitronthecrazy .

        Of course is pathetic, but this is the internet, where my actions can’t affect me in real life, so why holding back?

  • Alexander Bodine

    Happy for Owain, but RIP Ike, Sigurd, Lilina, Roy, and the rest of the characters that would’ve truly made this an all-star game. I feel like Celica and Lyn were tagged in just to prevent fans from saying “It’s all Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon”, but that’s obviously all it is anyway.

    Also…”Broken-Armor Models”? …Seriously?

    • Anne O’Namus

      They’e already stated the first 3 DLC packs would be based on Fates, Shadow Dragon and Awakening and that future DLC would be based on fan demand

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Knowing that ain’t happening….

        • Joseph Allen

          Agreed, considering that they said “No Ike and Roy until FE Warriors 2”.

  • FElord

    Hopes for dlc pack 2. Besides that, slightly dissappointed about the base characters being dlc. Olivia is an oddball though, Azura was basically guaranteed, Minerva and Linde were great choices in my eyes.

    • dmurr

      Heroes likely had an influence on that. Dancers are some of the best units in the game, and Olivia is the most easily accessible of those. She likely has a very high usage rate in that game so they see her as more popular.

      That said, she’s one of my favorite characters I never thought we’d get, so I’m stoked. Kinda shocked not to see adult Tiki or Nowi.. or any other stone user.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        She’s popular as well

        • dmurr

          Well yes. That too!

      • Andres Marquez

        I hear you, what a letdown!

  • Laggalot101

    But Niles, Oboro, Navarre and Owain are all technically in the game already, just not playable. So is this really paid on-disk DLC? Because if so, then that’s yet more trouble on a day that already began with trouble for IS.

    • CombatMagi

      That’s a question I’ve had for a bit was this IS choice or KT’s? Because Nintendo in general has been really good about not having “day one” DLC like this in the past

      • Laggalot101

        That’s a good question, but regardless of the answer, this game is heavily associated with IS, and there’s no way they would not have known what’s going on here. Generally speaking, if it’s in the game, IS must have approved of it. Which again, gives IS yet more receptional trouble.

        • Rei Zero

          Having a character model in game as an NPC does not equate into being in game as a playable character. Oboro, Owain and Navarre only have simple NPC attack (literally 3-4 moves they do, in fact, Oboro uses the sandard attacks that other Generic Lance Footsoldiers use, nothing special other than her model) and only a small handfull of lines. A playable character however requires a complete moveset (7 basics with 6 strong, added crit, musou and awakening animations). A whole slew of lines need to be added as most characters have over 30 I believe, from grunts to couple sentence long lines.

          To note (a very different style of game, but let’s use it as an example), lets use Kingdom Hearts. Riku has been a playable character in one of the games. Riku shows up in all of the Kingdom Hearts games, yet he is not a playable character in the game, just an NPC. If they added him in as a playable character in DLC, would you then complain that he was already in the game? He had a model, attacks and voice work, would not also make it then on disk DLC? No, it would not. Again, that example was a large stretch, but it is among the same lines.

          Just because you see a character in game, does not automatically make it on disk DLC. For you to claim such things, you would need to crack into the game code and see if all the aforementioned data needed to make a character playable by the player is on the disk for it to be on disk DLC.

          • Laggalot101

            I am fully aware that having a model and some attacks on these characters doesn’t mean they exist on-disc in a fully playable form. I wasn’t claiming anything of the sort, hence why I was posing it as a question.

            Having said that, there are some things I’m wondering about. We have little reference for Oboro (due to there being no playable infantry lances in the base game…) but for Owain, Navarre and Niles, most of their moveset already exists. Even if the AI versions only use a small number of attacks, those attacks are cleary one that already-playable characters use as part of their moveset. Owain uses Ryoma’s moveset as a base, Navarre uses Lyn’s and Niles uses that of Takumi and Sakura. As far as their moveset goes, all that needs to be added are like 3 special attacks, and then an ‘Awakening activation’ animation and a dash animation, and I think and that’s more or less it. of course, that isn’t nothing, but I can’t help but feel this is treading the line a bit.

            I’ve also heard that Prf weapons for all currently existing characters were found in the data, including for characters that don’t yet have one, such as the Wing Spear for Caeda. Now, I of course don’t know this for sure yet, but what if these are part of the paid DLC? Can I speak of on-disc DLC at that point?

  • dmurr

    Wait seriously, the NPCs are going to be paid DLC? Didn’t see that one coming. That mostly sucks for the Fates pack since it means only one new character.

    Also so much for listening to the fan response, lol. Of course it’s all already decided.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Glad my waifu Azura and Olivia is in the game! Linde I wanted too and she in!

  • Cute-Chao

    So many girls added to the game, they pretty much forgot male characters exist. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point. I probably won’t bother going for the DLC, tempted as I am for Navarre. If you could purchase just the male characters on their own, I would do, but I really am not bothered about the rest any more.

    Maybe if I get bored, I’ll go for the SD banner, since I do like the characters. I just would’ve liked to see some others, personally. Cain and Abel were my top hopes, even though I didn’t really expect to see them in. And there’s no way I’m paying to get Tharja, so Owain is out. Niles isn’t my favourite Fates character by a long shot, so SD is really the only one I might go for.

    • Mattey

      Well, I mean, IIRC they let the fans vote who they wanted in, and these are the characters that made it in if I’m not mistaken.

      • Rei Zero

        For reference:

        Before DLC: 9+1 males / 14+1 females (the +1 is the costume change for Robin and Corrin if you want to count them).

        After DLC: 12+1 males / 20+1 females.

        Either way, I’m good with this as I tend to prefer playing as the female characters in any game. But that’s just personal opinion.

  • Joey Stordeur

    so far only the Fates pack looks worth buying, as much as id Love to get Minerva & Olivia.. tharja & Nirave i couldn’t care less for. if the extra weapons are good enough i might consider the other 2 packs.
    i got to say these first 3 packs feel like cheap milking… in a future update Ike, Roy, & Alm should be added to the roster for free. (also this game seriously needs more axes)

    • Joey Stordeur

      if each pack had 5 instead of 3… id add Merric & Maria to ShadowDragon, Kaze & Jacob to Fates, and then Vaike & Kellam to Awakening. i know its just wishful thinking but id love it if those characters were part of it as well~

      (i hope the non-playable villains are added free in a future update, Hyrule Warriors did that so i have my fingers crossed)

    • Joey Stordeur

      after i heard about promotion classes i quickly got another idea i hope to see in the game. id love to see more than one equip-moveset to switch between, also non-lord characters have branching promotions 🙂 that would be awesome to implement
      (Shiida would be interesting because she could choose between a Lance/sword-Falconknight or a wyvernlord)

    • The problem with that is that they’ve actually already come out and confirmed that we will not be getting Roy or Ike in any way until a Fire Emblem Warriors 2, should they decide to make that. I’d like Alm, though.

    • Joey Stordeur

      ive been thinking of the personal skill each DLC character might have, im predicting..
      F: Azura: probably a defense or support skill, Niles: hmm Movement+? that would be fun, Oboro: kinda stumped.. defence seal or rage related?
      SD: Minerva: OH! isoltes shield!?, Navarre: death blow (improved crits), Linde: resist rally?
      A: Olivia: Luck+10, Owain: no clue lol, Tharja: vengeance no doubt
      (i picture the Rally & Seal skills will buff/weaken ally/enemies in a certain proximity, also only Strength,Magic,Defence,&Resistance stats would make sense)

  • FudanshiKnight

    I won’t deny that the character choices are good, they really are, but this is really coming off as “waifu emblem” big time and the main game was already kind of doing that. Fire Emblem typically does an equal number of both. I am aware of how Koei Tecmo operates, but this is just silly.

    Also, seriously have to question the fact that NPCs are DLC. They could have made them part of a free update and then made upgrades for them DLC. And still no knights in a game meant to celebrate the franchise as a whole? I get that they are slow, but they can be made into tanks to compensate.

    • Just Some Guy

      Owain as a character choice is not good.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      And that’s a problem? This isn’t new

      • FudanshiKnight

        I am just not thrilled that it’s more of the same rather than fixing the obvious problems.

  • Andres Marquez

    No adult tiki? that’s bad

  • Sentinel

    I’m okay with most of the characters. Don’t like Tharja but pretty much expected her.

    But Olivia? I feel like that’s probably the most out of left field choice of them all.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      No she’s not….

  • Just Some Guy

    Owain? The worst character? Really? And no Severa? This is an outrage, dunno if i should get the DLC now.

    • Azurai

      You mean the best character?

      • Just Some Guy

        Nope. Worst. Every time he opens his mouth I get the urge to mute, my eyes roll because everything he says is painful to hear.