Cipher Series 11 Introduction & Pre-Orders + Autumn Livestream Details

As autumn approaches, so does the next series of Fire Emblem Cipher! For fans of the card game, it’s time to turn our attention to Series 11, which releases on 7 December.

Titled Glorious Twinstrike, this set finally introduces the last missing Fire Emblem world to Cipher: Magvel from The Sacred Stones. We also get some cards featuring characters from the recently-released Fire Emblem Warriors, as well as a return to Valentia with cards from Fire Emblem Echoes.

S11 was first announced a few months ago, and since then, we’ve gotten a fair amount of news and artwork for the set. Read on below for a look at everything we know so far, including some links to pre-order cards and sleeves for the set, and also information about the upcoming Autumn Livestream and when we can expect to see our first card reveals.

The Sacred Stones

Being the only game world not yet represented in Cipher, Magvel takes center stage in S11. Most of the artwork we’ve seen for the set so far comes from this game, including the Ephraim and Eirika art shared above. The twin lords were also both preview promo cards from S10 booster boxes, and will likely share a starring role in their section of the set.

Since TSS contains such a small number of characters compared to other entries, it does not get a colour of its own. Instead, Magvelian characters fall under the same Purple faction as character from Elibe. However, they do get a unique pattern, which you can see under the Attack and Support values in the cards above.

One upside to TSS having a small cast is that almost all playable characters will likely be represented. An earlier Cipher Frontier Column gave us some nice, digital images of a few more characters that we can expect to see: Innes, Garcia, Joshua, and Myrrh.

We’ve gotten glimpses of some additional artwork during various livestreams. Other confirmed characters with revealed art include Seth, Ross, Neimi, Colm, and Amelia.

In additional to playable characters, at least some of Magvel’s monsters will also be included in the set. So far, we’ve gotten an image of a Bael terrorizing some villagers, echoing the events of Chapter 6 from the game.

Fire Emblem Warriors

One other new game will also be included in S11: Fire Emblem Warriors, the latest spin-off featuring Warriors-style gameplay with Fire Emblem characters. Rowan and Lianna, two original characters in the game, were revealed fairly early on. These twin lords together with Ephraim and Eirika were likely the inspiration for the series’ title.

During the most recent livestream, it was revealed that this portion of the set will not only contain Warriors OCs. We also got our first look at art for both Marth and Lissa, the latter wielding an axe much like she does in Warriors.

Unlike Magvel, we’ve yet to see any actual cards from this portion of the set, so we don’t know what colour they’ll have. It’s possible that they may be colourless, such as the cards for Fire Emblem Heroes. Alternatively, they may take after the cards for the characters and mirages from TMS#FE and use the colours of their home factions.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

The final section of S11 sees a return to the world of Valentia. Characters from Echoes were featured recently in S9 this summer, but there are still many more characters from the game who have yet to receive cards. Forsyth and Python are two such characters, and both were also given digital artwork in the recent Frontier Column.

Another new character, Leon, was revealed live at the autumn Cipher tournament in Nagoya.

In addition to showcasing new characters, S11 will also include the special Overclasses that were introduced to Echoes via DLC. During the most recent livestream, we got to see art for Delthea and Faye in the Enchantress and Harrier overclasses respectively.

Pre-Orders and Sleeves

Pre-orders for S11 booster boxes can already be made on AmiAmi and other sites. Although not officially announced, it is almost certain that there will be no associated structured deck releasing alongside.

Matching sleeves for the set have also been revealed. The four different sleeve designs feature set artwork of Ephraim, Eirika, Lissa, and Delthea. You can also pre-order packs of these sleeves now on AmiAmi.

Autumn Livestream & Daily Reveals

Recently, @fecipher also announced the next livestream event! The Cipher Autumn Livestream for 2017 will be held on Saturday, 3 November at the usual time of 8pm JST.

In addition to Ryota Kawade and Young as our usual hosts, we’ll also be joined once again by Juri Kimura, voice actress for Yuzu and Nyx. Further guests may still be announced as we get closer to the date.

Like other seasonal livestreams, this event will likely be our first look at many S11 cards to give us an idea of what to expect from the set. We will also likely get additional art for upcoming sets, and perhaps news about S13 next year. With Comiket 93 on the horizon, we may also get some information about the merchandise that will be available.

Twitter reveals generally also start around the time of the first livestream. We’ll probably see our first daily reveals either the week before the 3rd or the week after. Regardless of whenever new cards are revealed, we’ll be here to post about it!

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