Serenes Forest Streams: Fire Emblem Warriors, 10/20 at 5p PST

As you may have already heard, Fire Emblem Warriors was released today to regions outside of Japan.

Our very own Jedi will be streaming the English version of Warriors on Nintendo Switch, as he has done with the Japanese one, later on today (October 20), at 5 pm PST. As his run of the Japanese version featured focus on Lianna, this time, he’ll focus on showcasing Rowan. It’ll be run a 60fps with 720p enabled, so prepare for a beautiful watch!


He’ll be doing a run with a couple of other Serenes Forest users, Lord Raven and MrStardustRicon. We recommend watching them all, as they’ll be playing in a shared communications channel, and if you’d like to do it all at once, use Twitch Multiwatch (I’ve already set up the link to feature all three when clicked).

If you want to give any pre-game comments or requests, give him a post on his thread. Otherwise, just hop on over to his individual channel or the MultiWatch posted above.

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