Heroes: Ursula GHB is Back & Halloween Banner Teaser

FE_Heroes_JP has the Heroes community in a frenzy once again, as they just recently posted a teaser image for their incoming Halloween Banner. The tweet promises a Login bonus, as well as the banner itself, to hit the tables on Monday, October 30.

Additionally, Ursula: Blue Crow has returned, bringing with her an Infernal map, and some new quests have come with her.

Watch our for Infernal Ursula’s boosted stats and Guard 3

In particular, conquering Infernal Lv. 40+ Ursula: Blue Crow nets you 2,000 feathers and a 4 ★ Ursula. Beating the Hard or Lunatic maps grant you a 3 ★ or 4 ★ Ursula, respectively. If you prefer just to give the quests a go, you can:

  • Defeat Grand Hero Battle’s Ursula: Blue Crow with Sharena on your team [1 Orb]
  • Defeat Grand Hero Battle’s Ursula: Blue Crow on Lunatic or Infernal difficulties with Ursula on your team [1 Orb]
  • Use Sharena to defeat any Lv. 40+ Ursula [1 Orb]
  • Use Ursula to defeat any Lv. 40+ Ursula [3 ★ Ursula]

If you’re in a bind, you can always turn to Chapter 9-3’s Lunatic map, which contains a Lv. 40 Ursula for 20 stamina, or hataP – Static Is Scary‘s Normal map for 5 stamina, to complete the latter two quests.

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  • O.H. X-1990

    F*** it, I can’t beat this GHB on Infernal mode! It’s bad enough I’ll have to deal with her thieves with Poison Dagger+, now there’s a powerful Green Cavalier?! Unless there’s a way to beat this Goddamn Infernal mode WITHOUT the “Inheritance Skills” bullcrap, COUNT ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS!

    • speedster

      inheritance skill is actually quite interesting when you try to sort out skills and whatnot. all the “trash” units that you pull can actually be used as fodder to make your main units stronger. most heroes have an empty slot that isn’t covered in their base kit somewhere that you can fill with just the right skill. i recommend gamepress for builds and skill searching. there are units that have a particular skill maxed out or available at 5 stars, but there are others who have these particular skills already at 4 stars (ex. Hinata having fury3). all the free daily units have a particular skill that is useful for other certain units. heck, IS even gives you a free dancer

      • O.H. X-1990

        Not anymore it doesn’t! Even Olivia wouldn’t help that much, and the Performing Arts Banner never gave me a single Dancer or Singer, and they’ll be gone forever in a few days, that’s one of the reasons why IS keeps trolling me with the weak 3-Star Heroes! Other than that, it’s not fair that none of my powerful units have dagger breaker skills to fight back against the Poison Dagger+ Thieves, but the weaker units do, which is not enough!

        • speedster

          no fairness involved. it’s a gatcha game (meaning that it encourages spending) that has gambling as it’s main feature. it’s pure chance on what you draw. it’s up to you on what you wanna spend your orbs and money on. if you wasted your free orbs then you can only resort to cash (check gamepress’s orb pricing guide to see which option gives the most orbs in accordance to the amount that you can spend). try not to get all of a banner’s units. focus on those that you lack or need. i skipped sigurd because i already have brave roy and xander is coming up soon. i skipped performance olivia (tho i did try a bit) and inigo.
          i doubt that they’ll be gone forever. they’ll just repost the special banners when their initial release date comes up. main banner heroes will be added to a voting gauntlet banner or a skill specific one

          • Sisyphe

            I don’t know why you folks even bother. Just ignore these comments. They don’t contribute anything and I don’t know what you’re expecting to accomplish by engaging

          • Because there’s a chance he might listen this time is my guess.

    • Laggalot101

      At some point, you’re gonna have to work with the tools you’re given. Skill Inheritance is a game mechanic that everyone can use, and the game’s challenges nowadays are built with that level of power in mind. It’s gonna make your life in this game much easier if you take advantage of it. You don’t even necessarily need really rare skills to get good results. For instance, if you have a 5-star Black Knight or Xander (both of which were available for free at some point), slap Quick Riposte or Daggerbreaker on them (any tier of the skill will do, and I recommend Quick Riposte) and they’ll be able to take out the dagger wielder at the bottom on turn 1 on the counter, no problem.

      • O.H. X-1990

        Well, guess what? A Youtuber named Ventus made his No Skill Inheritance Guidance Video on how to beat Ursula GHB Infernal mode, and his video helped me succeed.

  • Good good, really enjoying these event banners. I never want any of the characters in them so it’s perfect for saving up more orbs.

    • Sisyphe

      I think they miss a great opportunity to get more people invested in the older characters through these banner. In any case, I hope it’s not another banner full of Awakening/Fates characters

      • speedster

        there’s henry on the right. and on the right either nah or morgan. maybe sakura

      • That’s probably the case. I couldn’t really care less about them though, since I’d much rather have the actual characters instead of what’s essentially fan service costumes with stat variations.

        Although, maybe they realise that the ones that are more prone to spend money on event banners are fans of the 3DS games, and therefore focus on them.

        • Sisyphe

          I mean, I think it’s a poorly kept secret that the 3DS assets sell better, it just seems they’re going to die on that hill rather than attempt to diversify. As for me, I’ll take any alternate character if I prefer the art to the original, but I’m mostly interested because they tend to introduce new mechanics in these banners. For example, I pulled a ton for Summer Corrin and it was NOT because I have any love for the character

          • Yeah, if there’s good skills you could inherit then it might be worth it in the end. I was considering going for close def Tiki when that was new, but seeing Sigurd having it now as well (a character I actually wanted), it’s just not worth going for it imo. Rather just wait and try for the banners I like and then maybe sacrifice bad IV ones.

            But why’d you go for her though lol. The only reason I can think of is that she’s the only blue mage flier. Her skills are not too amazing to warrant spending a ton of orbs on, at least not for me.

            (on a side note, since I’m used to referring to most characters by their original names, having two Kamui’s is kinda annoying)

          • Sisyphe

            Yeah, you got it: I wanted to be able to throw Blarblade on her, and because I happened to randomly pull Spring Camilla before, I figured I could have a fun flier team if they ever make Hone Fliers more accessible. I tend to prefer pulling for bodies more than just skills, at least until I know I have enough units to get through Arena Assault unscathed consistently. Like, I would’ve been fine with Summer Elise just to have another green mage. Even for characters I really like, I’m hard-pressed to pull for them if they aren’t that good/ are redundant (probably won’t need a red ever again)

          • Maybe you can go for Hinoka now if you still want to build that team, but yeah I’d rather save my orbs for the characters I’d like, ie pretty much everything that’s not Awakening/Fates. Regarding Arena Assault I consistently placed near the top in the beginning, but the rewards doesn’t really match the efforts. From beating one level you gain about 11 coins, and you gain 22 if you have a few merged units. So I just stopped caring about it since you get them from other sources now as well.

            I also got two Eldigan when going for Aira. A joke really.

          • Sisyphe

            I was considering Hinoka, but really I might as well go for Nowi, since she has more utility and Hone Fliers anyway. Don’t really like her though, or her art. Flier Emblem was a lot more appealing before Brave Lyn was everywhere, but I’ve already invested a little in it, so I don’t know.

            I usually hit 17 coins for a perfect run with no merges, and I’m fine with that. It usually take me a few days, since I restart the streak if I lose a character no matter what, but honestly, I kind of think some maps are just impossible if there’s a dancer or a horse team, so I’m not sure any new units will help with that. If that’s true, then I might just save for Micaiah or something, however long that takes.

            So no Ayra at all then? Brutal.

          • Yeah, it really does feel as if they just keep introducing stronger stuff without much regard to what’s already strong. It also makes me being somewhat restricted and uncreative when I build teams for arena (+assault). The only team I ever field nowadays is summoner support counter Sheema (to deal with Reins and also draw in Lyns), ally support Tana (with Sheema, guidance to pivot everyone in, and to deal with strong sword units), Kleine to debuff and chip damage with savage blow to make Sheema capable of doubling most things, and finally the bonus ally (in this case Arvis). That’s it, and it really sucks because I’d like to build new teams, but there’s no point since this one does everything so well (4900+ points rank 20).

            I’d like Micaiah as well, or Selena as a new blue mage rider. The only one I have is a Linde that I use as a cleric. I still have my Tiltyu though, but I’m gonna save her for merging for the day I get a better IV one.

            Yep, didn’t get her. But it’s like you said before, I also have a ton of reds so having her is a bit redundant, so I was mostly going for her because of bias. That said, I won’t be able to contain myself once Marisa is released. She’s probably my favorite character since like ten years back, so in that case I’d make an exception to spend a lot of money to get her and a few merges.

          • Sisyphe

            Well at least you’re using one creative team; I usually just use horse to solve my problems. Though, to that point, nothing against Selena, but I’d prefer a moratorium on new horses, especially mage horses, though I suppose there’s no chance people will use her over Reinhardt but for preference. Micaiah could be blue, I guess.

            The only good thing about the meta is it made me build a couple TA+Bowbreaker/TA+Raven tome users out of characters I probably wouldn’t have used otherwise (Sophia, Henry, Boey, Fae), just for Assault.

          • I’m so anti meta it’s crazy. Camus/Marx are the only pallys I’ve used at all, and I have the free Lyn but I’ve barely used her. I also don’t have a Rein. I just find it more fun to go with unconventional teams in general. I also have a Reflet (tobin pls don’t dis) that I built to counter Lyn, but I have an agenda against awakening characters so it’s not often I use him at all.

            So that’s the thing, I would definitely use her over Rein. There’s enough tools available now to deal with teams like that and with two rows of panic ploy for my part all the buffs are definitely welcome.

          • Sisyphe

            I’m not really sure what the meta is actually. Like I know the units that are considered top tier, but is arena the meta, is arena assault, etc.? I don’t think I can hit Tier 20 without merges, even if I stopped using the low BST horses, so I just float around 19. For arena, it’s enough for me to just run horses and collect, and it helps for PvE challenges. Assault allows more creativity. I’m building a +ATK/-SPD Tailtiu right now from 4* and she’s exactly the kind of unit that is viable in Assault, with drive speed and rally spd/res for support, and of course blade. It’s also fun to drop Armor on an all-melee team, especially if there are defense tiles involved. So yeah, unconventional is fun, but horses are so easy

          • Oh man, Tiltyu can be obtained as a 4*? I love you for telling me this. Now I don’t have to wait for as long as I thought I would to get a better IV 5* of her. Just sucks that Aira is 5* locked still.

            I’m not completely sure myself, but I think both arena modes go hand in hand as the initial team in assault has to be your strongest team for the maximum amount of points. At least it has to be the most merged. So practically you’d want a team that can deal with pretty much anything for the first battle and I guess that also goes for the normal arena. Especially if you’re like me that goes for the most difficult each time.

            I did get a good Sigurd that I might use. Also the two Eldigan from my Aira questing. And I just got an Olwen, too. It was recently brought to my attention that the merged unit also obtains skills that the other unit inherited previously. This means I can actually put life and death on my not-so-blessed Olwen in preparation for one that is +spd without having to lose it in the process. If only I had known that earlier, lol.

          • Sisyphe

            Yeah, I mean, someone was going to drop in rarity, and it wasn’t going to be Sigurd, Deirdre, or Ayra. So she’s obviously easier to get as 4*, but I don’t know how much. Even by this point, there are still some 4* units I’ve never gotten, including at least one who was in the game from launch).

            I have can probably make one +1 squad (Tharja, Roderick, Linde, some GHB or TT hero), but it probably wouldn’t be too viable for actual arena, and it might not even be enough to make Tier 20. The rewards aren’t too different though, just 1000 feathers or so.

            I find the community is a little too obsessed with min/maxing. You probably don’t NEED a +SPD Olwen to have a viable Olwen. Most units are fine with neutral or non-hindering natures (I have a -SPD Lyn and a -SPD Delthea, though, and they’re screwed). My Reinhardt is actually -ATK/+DEF and I can’t recall being frustrated that he couldn’t kill something (some Sigurds maybe, but whatever). Hence the -SPD Tailtiu. I wanted another blue mage and with 32 base, darting blow, and a speed buff, 36-42 is probably fine for the things she’s fighting. She’s not dueling Nino anyway

  • O.H. X-1990

    Another new Banner?! GODDAMMIT! I don’t care if the first summoning is free, stop making me spend Orbs! And you know what?! I’m not falling for that bullcrap!

  • Alex Nicoll

    Should say “conquering *Infernal* Lv. 40+ Ursula: Blue Crow nets you 2,000 feathers and a 4 ★ Ursula.”

  • FlamingSaber

    Is it just me or is the silhouette on the right have a shield? possibly coffin shield? maybe a armoured unit. Meanwhile the one on the left looks like they have a witches hat, maybe a tome unit. Also unlike the other silhouettes in the past, this one doesn’t have any obvious clues that point to it being a certain character it seems/ However the character on the left appears short. Still no Lucina in a Pikachu costume though. ;-;

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Yes… The left one looks to be a witch, can looks like she is mounted in a broom. Maybe the flying red tome user we need? Or the broom will be a axe type weapon…

      • FlamingSaber

        i think if Broom was a weapon it would be a lance. Also if the weapon the witch is wielding is a broom, i actually doubt she a flier(or at least is flying on a broom). However i can see a witch wielding a tome while riding on a broom.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Well… she is flying on a broom… Flying Tome user confirmed.