Heroes: Trick or Defeat Summoning Focus Now Available!

I hope you’re ready for Halloween, because the next special Fire Emblem Heroes banner starts today! The Trick or Defeat Summoning Focus contains special 5★ versions of Sakura, Henry, Jakob, and Nowi.

All of these new heroes will be Bonus Heroes in the next arena season, too! Check out the full line-up below. The new season starts tomorrow.

If you’re running low on Orbs to summon these new characters, don’t worry, Heroes has your back. You can play the new “Trick or Defeat” paralogue for up to 12 more Orbs! Earn 9 Orbs just for playing the maps. You can also get 3 more if you complete all Lunatic maps under certain conditions.

There’s also a new Log-In Bonus, so you can get an additional 13 Orbs over the next 10 days just for logging in!

Like other special hero banners, the Trick or Defeat summoning focus will be available for about a month, ending on 28 November. Good luck adding a new costumed hero to your team!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor