Heroes: Death Blow Summoning Focus

Fire Emblem Heroes has unleashed another skill-based Summoning Focus, this time featuring three heroes with the fearsome Death Blow skill: Elincia, Delthea and Klein.

As dedicated players will know, Death Blow grants +6 Attack during the player phase. Elincia and Delthea are both fantastic units to have as well. The Summoning Focus lasts for quite a while, until the daily rollover on 23rd November 2017.

About the Author: VincentASM
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  • speedster

    you guys should definitely go for elincia and delthea if you’ve missed them. pass on klein cause he’s available at 4 stars (he already has deathblow3 at that rarity)

  • James Richardson III

    I got Elincia… from the Short-Haired Ladies Banner. How ironic.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    This is the second Death Blow banner. The first one was in September.

  • Larverto

    Got a four star Mathilda for my free summon, I already had Elincia from her debut banner.

  • JC

    Was hoping to pull for Delthea, whom I don’t have. Was sad to go for my free summon and see zero blue orbs. Pulled colourless and got a Brave Lyn (+HP/-Spd) so I guess I shoudn’t complain! I already have a +Atk one, so I’ll probably merge…unless I can find a good candidate for Swift Sparrow.

  • Laggalot101

    Really, really good banner. Klein is solid in his own right, even if he’s outclassed (and he’s really low-commitment, too), and Elincia and Delthea are both fantastic units. I REALLY want to pull for Elincia again, since I didn’t have any luck on the original banner for her.

    BUT, I must restrain myself, because we’ll have another new-unit banner very soon, and I don’t want to risk regretting having spent my orbs when it hits. Besides, this banner will still go a little while, so I shouldn’t feel rushed to summon from it immediately.