Warriors: Upcoming Free DLC/Update for Japan

Update: The free DLC is coming to Europe, North America, etc. on the same day.

The Japanese Fire Emblem Warriors website has updated with news about a version 1.2.0 update arriving on 16th November 2017, as well as a free English voice pack (just like we got a free Japanese voice pack).

Whereas 1.1.0 merely added the ability to buy DLC and a few quality of life improvements, the new update will include new battles, costumes and gameplay features.

To begin with, there will be new costumes for Rowan and Lianna, pictured above, dubbed “Gold Prince” and “Gold Princess” respectively.

Next, a new and rather intriguing weapon attribute has been introduced, which we’ll tentatively call “Crushing Blow”. If equipped, attacks will trigger “Armour Break”, which removes the foe’s armour, revealing their… well, underwear.

So just like Sophie’s skill or the Raider weapons in Fates. Except Armour Break lowers the Defence and Resistance stat, so it actually has gameplay merit. The catch is that if you’re hit by a foe’s Strong attack, your character will get inflicted by Armour Break.

If that’s not enough, a new History Map “Heroic Arena” will be available to play. According to the description, it will focus on Rowan and Lianna as they battle against other heroes in the arena. Perhaps you’ll get their new costumes by completing it?

Finally, there will be some extra gameplay enhancements including the ability to sell multiple weapons at once(!), new blessings in the Temple and various bug fixes, etc.

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  • dmurr

    I thought the new characters were super lame before, but they’ve really grown on me after playing, Lianna especially. These new outfits actually look pretty cool honestly.

  • Joey Stordeur

    im really hoping Promoted units can gain the ability to have 2nd equips up to silver-grade (also hold up to 4 item slots, perhaps switching weapons & staff/items in the map menu)

    • Joey Stordeur

      one thing the roster needs more of is variety, not just weapon users but classes too. armor units may be sluggish on map but they’d be fun to tank everything with brute force~

  • Laggalot101

    These costumes for the lemon twins look better than the originals, if you ask me.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Now we know what are the Broken-Armor Models in the DLC. 13 Broken-Armor Models in the Fates DLC Pack, 9 in the Shadow Dragon Pack, and 9 in the Awakening Pack, for a total of 32 Broken-Armor Models. And if you consider M!Robin and F!Robin as one character, and same for Corrin, each character will have one Broken-Armor Models.

    • Aveyn Knight

      I think that might be different actually. I’m just guessing though. The broken-armour models might literally be characters with their armour, but broken in parts. Whereas Armour Break causes all of the armour to disappear. In other words, the broken-armour models could be halfway between.

      Since the broken-armour costumes are paid DLC, while Armour Break looks to be a part of the free DLC.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        But the Armour Break can be only activate after the character get attacked by a enemy, right? Maybe with the DLC Broken-Armor Models you can use the Armour Break costume full time but without the penalities (until get attacked by a armour break weapon).

        • Or it’s like Fusion Suit Mode in Metroid – you’re just perpetually at risk?

      • Kyaustin

        Its clear after this update, that the Broken Armor Models are for this feature. You will have to unlock them to use them through the new DLC History Mode maps for each character. Just like Hyrule Warriors.

  • Alfred Kamon

    Oh, the game is getting even better.
    16th November in Japan… I wonder if we’ll get v.1.2 in December then.

  • mrkisukes

    Red and gold are much more striking visually than blue and gold, I like these new costumes.

    • Joey Stordeur

      we need more husbandos, especially more bara (my excuse to ask for ike, Hector, ect)
      also i seriously want a GBA pack adding bunch of characters & stuff from those 3 games, also i want a variety of different monster enemies + we need more giant bosses than just the chaos dragon :/ (demon king, reborn Medeus, doma, & arkanos would be good choices)

      • mrkisukes

        More giant baddies would be dope. Also, seeing that each game in this first wave of DLC is coming with 3 characters a piece, what are the 3 characters you’d want to see from each FEGBA game (excluding playable villains, since that’s not a thing yet, but it needs to be)? For me it would be: Sue, Lilina, and Fa for FE6; Jaffar, Nino, and Hector for FE7; Tethys, Ephraim, and Cormag for FE8.

        • Joey Stordeur

          actually the 2nd wave of DLC should honestly should have more content (simply because the 1st wave was extending sagas already ingame) it would NEED to be more characters than just 3.. (hell i even want a new stage each pack but that could too much on data storage)
          packs im hopping for would at least be Blazing/binding, Gidan, Sacred Stones, & Radiant.

  • DivineLion

    damn i like the red in the outfits