Heroes: Artwork and Sketches of Book II Characters

Last night’s Feh Channel brought us a lot of sensational Fire Emblem Heroes news, not least being the start of a brand new story, dubbed Book II, featuring the clash between kingdoms of fire and ice.

Not long after the broadcast, some Japanese gaming websites (including 4Gamer) were given a bunch of artwork of the new original characters introduced in Book II, including Fjorm and Sutr, but also the two other villains in the Book II trailer.

While we wait for Book II to come out, let’s take a look at these new characters shall we? For reference, the artwork for these characters was drawn by Maeshima Shigeki, a manga illustrator who also provided artwork for normal Xander and both variants of Camilla.

Official Artwork

By the way, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The lady with the, ahem, rather noticeable assets is named “Loki”, as in the Loki that started to appear towards the later half of Book I. Presumably Sutr is the king she’s trying to bring back?


According to the design notes, each of the new characters was created around a specific design idea:

  • Fjorm: A swan on a frozen lake.
  • Laevateinn: A raven that brings death.
  • Loki: A bewitching, captivating flower.
  • Sutr: A demon that wears flames.

What’s rather suspicious is Laevateinn and Sutr sharing a face design sheet. Considering their similar skin and eye colour, could the two possibly be related? What if Laevateinn is Sutr’s daughter or niece and a princess of the fire kingdom?

Not to mention the two share the same emblem on their chest. Wait… could that be the game’s Fire Emblem? Likewise, Fjorm wears her emblem on her belt, which could be a symbol of her royalty.

Meanwhile Loki does not seem to have an emblem anywhere noticeable. Possibly indicating she’s a mere lackey and not part of a royal family. In any case, hopefully we’ll find out more once Book II is available!

About the Author: VincentASM
Author Website: http://serenesforest.net
  • Kujja

    Loki-san itadakimasu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • O.H. X-1990

    I never thought that Loki is actually a girl, I was like “What?! Loki is a GIRL?! Holy crap!”.

    • James Richardson III

      I thought the same thing when I found out.

  • O.H. X-1990

    “The lady with the, ahem, rather noticeable assets” No, I know you’re talking about her boobs!

  • Diovani Estivalet

    From the cutscene, I was thinking Loki was a spear user… but from the artwork she looks to be a staff user. But if Loki is a staff user, she will probably be very strong, with her exclusive staff having Wrathful Staff or something else.
    I want to know what side Bruno will be in this war…

  • MetalGear Lamia

    I’m calling it now Laevateinn and Sutr are daughter and father which I hope wouldn’t surprise me if Loki is his daughter as well!

  • Reuska

    Where is the fullart poster :____:

  • mrkisukes

    If we’re going off of strictly design, Laevateinn is top tier waifu material. I’m a huge sucker for characters with dark skin and light hair, probably why I was so drawn to Rinkah in Fates.

    Also it seems Loki is most likely a lance unit, she is fighting against Sherena while Laevateinn, a sword user, fought against Alphonse. Also, Sutr looks to be an axe user which would round out the 3 main weapon types for the fire kingdom.

  • I really, really hope that these baddies become playable soon.

  • Nick

    Wow Loki looks so awful, Im so fucking tired of female characters being given perverted designs and art. I guess she is a trickster or something like that so hey being almost naked is distracting to the enemy but good lord I think she’s the worst case of pervert pandering in this game series and thats saying A LOT. At least the other two girls look good, even if missing pants -_-

    • Sisyphe

      You know, I completely agree with you. Even Fjorm has that ridiculous short skirt. At least Laevateinn has shorts, or some kind of one piece thing. I can actually buy, relatively speaking, that she could fight in that. That’s the thing for me, I don’t need the women to be in full armor like the men, though frankly I prefer it, but there should at least be the pretense that they are actually fighting in their outfits.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        So what? don’t judge how people dress likely jelly cry me a river…..

        • …You do realize you’re not actually making yourself look any more mature than them, right?
          Just agree to disagree, there’s no need to go getting after them for having a different opinion, even if they may have worded it poorly. Nick does actually have a point, there is quite an awful lot of pandering for a strategy game, and while it doesn’t bother everyone it does bother some people for various reasons – how am I supposed to recommend this to people I know who are younger players, for example? They don’t need to see someone with less of a top than Camilla(good heavens, I never thought I’d see such a character in Fire Emblem) and please don’t just say ‘well don’t play the game then’ because that’s missing the point.

          • Noktis Zariah

            “Agree to Disagree” doesn’t exist in toxic fandoms. It’s always “I’m right and they’re wrong.”

            That mentality’s why comments like MetalGear Lamia’s exist. Some people just feel threatened when something they like get’s bashed by someone else, and feel like they need to aggressively defend it. Poorly in this case.

          • Erik Valiente

            Wrong Loki look sexy it not harm and one something

          • Noktis Zariah

            >Person gets criticized for being immature while defending something
            >New account comes out of nowhere to defend thing being criticized
            >Newly created Disqus account
            >”Joined November 16 2017″
            >Only activity is a single comment
            >That comment is the one just created

            Oh wow you totally aren’t a sock-puppet account at all. This is usual levels of pathetic but I’m still shocked.

          • …I’m not sure I understand your statement. Saying a ‘sexy’ character does not harm anyone is almost pure speculation. It harms my reputation to recommend a game with a character like Loki to anyone under the age of at least 16, I’d say under 18 to be safe because people then think I think that it’s ok for game devs to throw characters like that around. There’s a reason I don’t loudly proclaim my appreciation of games like GoddessKiss or Conception 2, and that’s because the image of myself that people see when I say I enjoy those games is often that I am someone who plays games for ‘plot’ not actual plot or gameplay value.

        • Noktis Zariah

          Good Lord. Using the dreaded “Elitist” buzzword in your other response was already bad enough but if you’re reaction to other people’s opinions is to go “oh boo hoo other people like it stop complaining” then you probably don’t know how to handle other people’s opinions yourself.

          Look I get it, the booby lady makes you feel all weird down there, it’s part of growing up. The thing is though not everyone is going to be on board with this, whether it be because the sultry “fanservice” archetype bugs them or because character designs with lots of sex appeal don’t do anything form them or feels forced to them.

          Either way reacting to an opposing opinion with “ur just a crybaby who can’t handle what other people like” is childish and hypocritical, behavior like that is why the FE community is so toxic.

          But sure, just be an asshole I guess. That works too.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Oh boohoo bet you are some elitist that can’t take that many and I mean MANY like this might as well find something else to like….

      • Laggalot101

        Nice unprovoked personal attack you’ve got there. Ironic that you should accuse someone of elitism while at the same time scoffing at them for having an opinion on something.

        To the point, though, I do echo Nick’s sentiment. I’ve enjoyed Fire Emblem and RPG’s in general for long enough to be largely familiar with and used to these kinds of designs, where these are quite common. At the same time, I think, in terms of sexualization, that Loki’s design goes farther than it needed and should have gone. It’s so in-your-face that it’s just more bothersome to me than anything. Now, granted, SOMETIMES a character’s personality or backstory can justify such a design (i.e. Charlotte in Fates is a pretty good example of this, because the way she dresses is literally a means to an end), and perhaps we’ll see that kind of justification somewhere down the line, but as it stands right now, Loki’s design seems just unnecessary, and to me, that’s a bother.

    • Suicunesol

      This type of character archetype is extremely common in Fire Emblem as well as media in general, and I’ve no issue with it. *shrug* A sultry, female villain with revealing clothing who utilizes her appeal to obtain her goals–it’s an archetype as old as human civilization. It didn’t even begin with Camilla either, contrary to popular belief. I’d say Sonia from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword is the earliest that this archetype was used, but I don’t remember anyone complaining about her. 😐

      I think you’re being unfair, to be honest. One design, one case of pandering, and you’re up in arms.

      Personally, I’m more unhappy about Surtr. He looks generic as all hell, with no depth in sight.

      But hey, it’s a fantasy. We got teenage girls in skirts firing ice beams into fireballs. Enjoy.

      • Sisyphe

        That the archetype exists, in Fire Emblem or otherwise, is not really a defense of its merits. Furthermore, the difference between a character like Camilla and a character like Sonia (or consider Nuibaba vs. Sonya in Echoes) should be apparent. There is clearly more depth in the latter foils than the former. Sonia is actually a more clever subversion of the archetype because she’s not human. I feel it’s also disingenuous to say that he’s complaining about “one case” especially when you suggest that it’s a commonly used trope within the series.

        But that aside, I share your concerns about Surtr and think they are just another side of the same coin. Generic evil big bad is yet another lazy archetype, and one that I think Fire Emblem has deftly avoided at times, and succumbed to at times.

        Fire Emblem has traditionally not been the kind of game with girls in short skirts firing ice beams, and I think that will put off a number of fans who enjoy the series for different reasons. There is a large degree to which these preferences can coexist, but it’s true that there will always be tension between them. I get that people didn’t appreciate Nick’s word choice and general tone, but let’s not pretend that his position isn’t valid and reasonable.

        • Noktis Zariah

          Wait, Sonya wasn’t human? When was THAT established? I must have missed something.

          • Laggalot101

            Not Sonya, but Sonia. I know, slightly confusing, but the former is from Shadows of Valentia, and the latter is from Blazing Blade (or FE7, if you will). Sonia is not human, because she’s a morph.

          • Noktis Zariah


      • Eh, it’s not necessarily ‘one case’ for all we know. We don’t know how often he’s had to see this kind of design used, and not necessarily just in Fire Emblem. I’m also a bit tired of seeing this kind of thing.
        I would also like to point out that Sonia at least had a full shirt.

      • BlackOwlDog

        There’s sultry, sexy character art, and then there is grotesquely sexualised design that is physics-defying to the point of being repulsive. I find this simply to be bad design in terrible taste.

    • Noktis Zariah

      It’s a “sexy” archetype that gets attention, I’m no fan of the design either but since IntSys is concerned with raking in money (which is understandable) I see why they went with it.

    • Noktis Zariah

      Not gonna be surprised if her personality mirrors Camilla’s too. I know people like this sort of thing but I think it’s a tad unnecessary and forced too.

      • Espiritu

        A lot of people like her design for many reasons, some been story/deisgn fitting the char design been loki it self (talking about Loki Duh), people are just not going to spam 3+ comments to rage how one char has made there feelings hurt. And looking at ur other comments I feel your only reason to hate this char is using school yard insults. Also funny you get upset over one char with big books, yet the two others look like Loli’s… Irony is strong mate!

        • Sisyphe

          Come now, let’s not be unfair. They have expressed in both their comments why people might not appreciate the archetype (unnecessary, forced, doesn’t resonate, etc.) that aren’t distilled down to “school yard insults”, though admittedly there were a few of those as well. Furthermore, maybe, I’m not understanding the “loli” archetype, but I’m not understanding how Fjorm and Laevateinn would qualify. It’s irrelevant regardless because no one in this thread had expressed any feelings for or against those characters (I don’t mind their design, but they still have to prove they aren’t boring). People are suspicious of Loki’s character design; that’s not cause to get bent out of shape at them

          • Espiritu

            When some one says “Look I get it, the booby lady makes you feel all weird down there” I find that to be school level insults, I can understand people been suspicious of said design but going by the name Loki and remembering Norse lore, Loki is the kind of person to have a body they would be happy to use to gain power or things they want. Fitting the char well, if that’s not the chase here then yes there is room to be upset, but all we have seen is a video for 2 mins.

            Rather then jumping the gun and going all rage on anyone liking it, maybe wait and see what this char has to offer.

          • Sisyphe

            To be clear, I acknowledge in each of my comments the types of inflammatory remarks you mention, and have refrained from making them myself.
            Nevertheless, I still find the “wait and see” claim disingenuous. If that were true, it would prevent anyone from liking or disliking anything immediately, and the appropriate response to the initial comments would have been “I understand how it looks, but let’s wait and see. At least there’s some mythological precedent”. Of course, by and large, these are not the comments we’ve seen. No one has to qualify that their opinion is their opinion at some given moment and that it is subject to change when presented with additional information, or that their opinion is qualified by conditions that seem true but may not be; this is all implied when expressing an opinion. I might use Charlotte as an example: by all appearances, she absolutely fits the archetype in discussion, but initial impressions would not turn out to be accurate in her case, and I see little conflict or misunderstanding regarding interpretations of her character.

          • Noktis Zariah

            Thank you for clearing that up. It’s like people can’t be bothered to read the full comment anymore.

            I went ahead and deleted my responses to Espiritu since they’re unnecessary now, I doubt they need this explained to them THREE times. Two should be plenty.

          • Noktis Zariah

            And just so you know I wasn’t “going all rage on anyone like it”. My response earlier was to a person going rage on people who didn’t like it, and calling them out for it. Poor, childish arguments like that and like THIS are why the community is so damn toxic, and you ignoring half of what I said in an attempt to just call me a rager is just more evidence of it.

            Act your age.

          • Whether or not we wait and see what the character has to offer does not change the fact that it looks like she started getting dressed in the morning, decided screw it halfway through and just walked out the door with her clothes hanging off her – You can literally see at least 75% of her right buttock in her design sketch, and they only sort of covered it up with her little dress thing, and it looks like her top was supposed to have a zipper but she decided that was too much effort. If someone went around like that in everyday life, would we just shrug and say well, let’s wait and see what she has to offer? I don’t know about you guys, but I would be rather uncomfortable seeing that someone in your average grocery store.
            Also, I am someone who commonly plays games with younger cousins around and watching, none of whom are older than 15(some going as young as 7 or 8) and all of whom have mothers and fathers who aren’t interested in their children being exposed to that any more than absolutely necessary. As the 20-year-old older, more mature cousin, I’d like my aunts and uncles to see me as a trustworthy person to watch their children, and if it comes out I recommended a game with such a character as Loki, hopefully you can see the issues my relatives would have with that. I have to look at games and shows through the lens of someone who spends lots of time around children, and consequently need to think of how their parents would react to walking in and finding their son or daughter playing said game or watching said show. Because of that, I can’t always afford to ‘wait and see’ especially with mobile games like Heroes, where I have no control over whether my cousins play and need to let my aunt know that her not-yet-teenage sons will undoubtedly run into Loki within the next month or two.

        • Noktis Zariah

          So me criticizing someone for being immature over people not liking a character with excessive fanservice is apparently me just “getting upset”. Okay.

          Like Sisyphe explained I’ve already stated there are reasons why this kind of design has certain people displeased. Not “upset”, as you put it. Nobody is upset over this. The closest thing we have to an upset remark is the person I just addressed being all “shut up elitist lol” over people who aren’t on board with it, oh but of course we’re not even going to acknowledge that happened right?

          My reason to hate this isn’t “schoolyard insults”, but the fact that it’s excessive and chances are her personality won’t even justify it like Charlotte’s did, I’ll be genuinely surprised if she isn’t a Camilla clone.

          I won’t even question whether or not you actually READ the comment, the fact that people needed to explain this to you should solve that little mystery.

    • Reuska

      As much as I dislike the sexualized fem characters dressed in too revealing clothes and I agree that Loki might’ve got the worst and least logical outfit of them all, somehow she’s the one who captivated me the most of the new cast. Her expression in the cinematics is somehow speaking for her, just by that and her previous appearance in the game I hope she might be a sly, intelligent woman whose encounters will be very interesting. If I’m right, I’ll be able to ignore her terrible outfit. I will never be able to accept Camilla, for example, because her personality (and self expressing) is a disaster as well as her outfit.

      On the Contrary, Fjorn seems incredibly dull, like an empty shell. I mean, empty expressions on a generic pretty face… I find her the most boring of the new cast.

    • Omega

      Its funny but Japan see’s things like this and they don’t even bat an eye. Western audiences see this and all they do is bitch that another female character is showing some cleavage.

      Its funny how backwards the West is. No one gives a crap when video games/movies/anime show some gruesome violent scenes but when a sexy woman shows a bit too much skin then thats a big NO!

      • Noktis Zariah

        Cultural differences. Certain games in Japan get their violence censored even if they’re rated M.

        SMT4 Apoc is a good example.

      • Sisyphe

        There’s a whole lot of nuance in this thread that it seems like you chose not to engage with. We discussed the difference between characters like Loki and characters like Charlotte/Sonia/Sonya, we talked about design impressions and stereotypes for Sutr and Fjorm, one person made a point about how these games make people look and how they affect children (which we might charitable assume applies to gratuitous violence as well), there were comments on realism and the suspension of disbelief, and so on.

        It is generally considered good faith to take the most charitable interpretation of a position you disagree with when commenting on it, and it does not look like this was done here. Instead, I see baffling claims about the West being backward relative to Japan, a unsubstantiated one about people’s feelings toward violence, and even a couple straw men (the aforementioned violence thing and the claim that it’s just about a character showing skin/cleavage, full stop).

        This isn’t really an argument, rather it’s mostly people commiserating on their preferences, so given that, what did you expect to contribute with your comment?

  • TheSeunger

    For some reason… Sutr just reminds me of Demise from Skyward Sword and has some Ganondorf inspirations, too. That’s kind of how I see this new main antagonist. And I like him already.

  • Ember Hermin

    Loki secretly being a tiddy lady is the greatest plot twist of this game

  • wendayy

    Fjorm has an amazing design, so well drawn too. I kinda wish now that the cutscenes were cinematic, instead of stylized.

  • Dong Quixote

    In Norse mythology, Loki is a shapeshifter who appears as a woman on multiple occasions — notably, Loki is the mother of Sleipnir, Odin’s horse. I’m actually pretty pleased to see FEH’s Loki is presented as a woman since I don’t see a lot of media that touches on this aspect of him.

    • Laggalot101

      On one end, I feel somewhat surprised by this, but on the other hand, since she has so far spent most of her time disguised as Anna, that may have been to be expected, in hindsight.

  • Anton Brodersen

    A story of fire and ice what is this GoT shit xD

    • No, I thought everyone would recognize it – it’s Legends of CHIMA inspiration, clearly they were drawing off of CHIMA’s last season, where the good guys were fire and the bad guys ice, but they swapped them for Heroes to not arouse suspicion… XD

  • Tea Noble

    half naked women, no half naked men 0/10

  • nate

    What has the fe fandom become. (sigh)

    • Out of curiosity, do you mind sharing some clarification for why you say that? Your statement looks a bit like you want someone to pick a fight with you if taken without any context.

      • Sisyphe

        To be honest, I’m not even part of the “fandom” (though I’m a huge fan of the series) and the impression that even I get is that the community was once very toxic, and that there is some lingering resentment.

        My limited understanding is that the relative lack of success of Tellius that led to the pivot to Awakening brought in newer fans who have fought with older fans who don’t like what Awakening (doubled down in Fates) did to the series. Honestly, more than a little of that informs the tension about the art and outfits of the Heroes characters we’re seeing in this comment section. And the tension is fair, to be honest. The traditional players (whose views I largely skew toward) see a fight for the future of the series and each side’s preferences are somewhat mutually exclusive. The traditional fans were kind of mean and led the newer fans to respond with trolling, and here we are.

        • Noktis Zariah

          That’s basically what’s happening. I wouldn’t describe myself as a veteran since I also joined the series with Awakening but I’m well aware of what traditional players are worried about when it comes to the newer titles and I’ve seen the word “elitist” tossed around to deflect criticism far too many times. As if the people lording themselves over other fans for liking better selling games (as if better sales equal the better game) aren’t being the very definition of elitist themselves. The toxicity is still in the air, I’ve heard of people getting doxxed on twitter for just LIKING Camilla because “hurr she’s bad because boobs durr” and I’ve seen people completely dismiss any complaints about excessive fanservice and shit tier story telling with “It’s better because it sold more elitist stop complaining”.

          You don’t see it here often (until MetalGear Lamia showed up) but it’s bad, ESPECIALLY in Youtube comments.

          Though to be fair, that comment section is always a cesspool.

          • nate

            That is not really it hell radiant dawn went over like a bomb more that what was a community of mostly well reasoned SRPG fans got pulled full on into the waifu wars fast and hard and it not all bad but it was fast.

    • Noktis Zariah

      A toxic, disappointing mess. From what I’ve seen anyway.

      The people here on SF seem pleasant though, MOST of the time.

      • nate

        yea we have been here awhile gives perspective

    • DivineLion

      the SMT fandom is now becoming like FE now too with the whole divide thing

    • MetalGear Lamia

      You Salty…

      • nate

        no just sad

  • Noktis Zariah

    I do like Fjorm and Laevateinn’s designs though, but I’m not a fan of Sutr.

  • DivineLion

    Loki Camilla 2.0