Heroes: Artwork and Sketches of Book II Characters

Last night’s Feh Channel brought us a lot of sensational Fire Emblem Heroes news, not least being the start of a brand new story, dubbed Book II, featuring the clash between kingdoms of fire and ice.

Not long after the broadcast, some Japanese gaming websites (including 4Gamer) were given a bunch of artwork of the new original characters introduced in Book II, including Fjorm and Sutr, but also the two other villains in the Book II trailer.

While we wait for Book II to come out, let’s take a look at these new characters shall we? For reference, the artwork for these characters was drawn by Maeshima Shigeki, a manga illustrator who also provided artwork for normal Xander and both variants of Camilla.

Official Artwork

By the way, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The lady with the, ahem, rather noticeable assets is named “Loki”, as in the Loki that started to appear towards the later half of Book I. Presumably Sutr is the king she’s trying to bring back?


According to the design notes, each of the new characters was created around a specific design idea:

  • Fjorm: A swan on a frozen lake.
  • Laevateinn: A raven that brings death.
  • Loki: A bewitching, captivating flower.
  • Sutr: A demon that wears flames.

What’s rather suspicious is Laevateinn and Sutr sharing a face design sheet. Considering their similar skin and eye colour, could the two possibly be related? What if Laevateinn is Sutr’s daughter or niece and a princess of the fire kingdom?

Not to mention the two share the same emblem on their chest. Wait… could that be the game’s Fire Emblem? Likewise, Fjorm wears her emblem on her belt, which could be a symbol of her royalty.

Meanwhile Loki does not seem to have an emblem anywhere noticeable. Possibly indicating she’s a mere lackey and not part of a royal family. In any case, hopefully we’ll find out more once Book II is available!

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