Heroes: Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic Summoning Focus & Details!

The next Tempest Trials is almost ready to begin in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic Summoning Focus starts today, and the banner looks a bit familiar…

Sure enough, the new banner is basically a rerun of the Brave Heroes banner from September. You can spend your orbs to get 5★ copies of the Brave versions of Roy, Lucina, Ike, and Lyn!

All four of these heroes will be bonus allies in the upcoming Tempest Trials. Titled “Less Than Heroic“, the event features the Brave units and also the three newest characters from the Farfetched Heroes banner: Mia, Lute, and Dorcas. Those three and Brave!Ike will all be 40% bonus allies, while the remaining Brave units and Joshua offer a 20% bonus.

Joshua is this Tempest Trial’s reward character, as revealed in the recent Feh Channel livestream. Sure enough, he also appears in the rewards image in the Trial’s announcement in the Notification Screen. No other changes to Tempest Trials are apparent at this time.

Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic starts this Tuesday, 21 November, at 7:00am UTC. Like other full Tempest Trials, it will last around two weeks, ending on 5 December. Summon some new heroes if you need to, and prepare for another lengthy battle event. Orbs, Hero Feathers, Sacred Coins, and other rewards await you!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor