FE Compendium Project Complete!

If you have any interest in Fire Emblem Heroes, or even fanart of the just the games, you may have heard of the recently started The Fire Emblem Compendium project, founded by Yayster. The project itself strived to have a dedicated piece created specifically for this project, for over 700 characters in the Fire Emblem franchise. That’s a pretty monumental goal, right?

Well, after months of coordination since August, it’s complete. 699 artists compiled efforts to create art for 730 named major characters in the Fire Emblem franchise, and you can check it all out here. It was a huge feat, but to complete the project in just a few months is nothing short of incredible, and both Yayster and the contributors deserve praise for their efforts!

Now, they’re not done with their projects, so if you want to seek involvement for future endeavors (like their currently running Secret Santa equivalent, Secret Anna), come visit their Discord server.

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