Fire Emblem Heroes is Google Play’s Best Game of 2017

During Google’s “Play Time 2017” event, which celebrated popular games and apps on the Google Play Store, Fire Emblem Heroes scooped the “Best Game of 2017” award. This information comes from Famitsu App.

From what we understand, only games released before late 2016 are eligible for this award. In addition, this award only applies to the Japanese region. Still, it’s a huge achievement nonetheless and the developers seem very proud.

Speaking of which, Famitsu App managed to briefly interview the developers after receiving the award. Below you can find a translation of the interview, which Reddit user drnged quickly and very kindly translated for us.

Q: What issues did you encounter when creating a mobile game?

Maeda: It has to be how the game is never-ending, unlike a typical consumer game. We had to come up with new content constantly, and none of us were used to such a process, so it ended up being quite a big problem.

Q: What do you think were the main factors in Fire Emblem Heroes winning this award?

Matsushita: I’m still in a state of shock, so my honest answer would be “I don’t know.” But I do believe one of the key factors was our receptiveness to playerbase, and incorporating their views by making appropriate changes to the game. We want to keep answering the expectations of our fans, so we’ll continue to make sure we keep a finger on the community’s pulse. Even if that’s the only thing we get credit for, that’d be good enough for me.

Q: Would receiving this award give you more confidence to develop more mobile games?

Matsushita: We’re at least more confident now than we were before, but we’re still taking baby steps. There’s still a lot to learn about developing phone games, so I can’t say we’re fully confident in ourselves yet. (wry smile)

Q: Nintendo have been developing and releasing several phone games recently. What do you think are the biggest differences between developing for a phone game, and developing for a consumer game?

Maeda: For consumer games, once it’s released, there’s usually a period of calm. Even the general reception to the game usually takes some time to eventually form. For phone games, any new content you release usually gets feedback within the same day. I believe this to be the biggest difference between the two types of games.

Q: Do you have any aspirations for 2018?

Matsushita: I hope to do my best to keep our playerbase supporting us!

Maeda: Phone games have the advantage of being accessible to people all over the world. I hope we will be doing our best to keep our fans worldwide in love with our game.

Q: Receiving this award may well encourage more people to start playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Would you like to leave a message for them?

Matsushita: Start playing from the second arc, please! (laughs) You’ll get a really strong character after finishing it, which I believe would help you enjoy the game even more. We’ll be making more adjustments to help new players enjoy the game, so please look forward to it.

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  • speedster

    Wow! Even the developers think that the game sucked in terms of story. At least they’re aiming to improve it.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      That’s good at least they acknowledge it

      • Zog58

        They acknowledged that Awakening had plot holes too, though. They even said it was rather unsatisfying for them, and wanted to do better. And yet the next story was Fates lol.

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Not really it was fine that’s them No one complain that much Fates was the only real problem

          • Zog58

            This is true, just found it ironic that we have heard this same thing from them before.

          • Sisyphe

            That’s not really true at all. Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, and Tellius (Path of Radiance until Part 4 of Radiant Dawn) all had at least memorable stories, and I understand Geneology and Thracia are well-regarded as well. While it would be hopeless to expect Final Fantasy Tactics from them, I think they ought to be held to a higher standard than Awakening, Fates, Heroes, Warriors (Echoes was fine. Not brilliant, but not bad by any stretch). To be clear, Awakening was, in my opinion, a great game with a lot of merits, but the overall plot was not one of them, and its plot was probably worse than Fates in that it would be much harder to fix.

          • Zog58

            Don’t get me wrong, I love most of FE stories as well! Geneology and Tellius in particular are some favorites of mine. But as you said, they aren’t FF Tactics, that’s for sure.

  • Sisyphe

    They deserve it, really. Games of this type are pretty terrible as a model, and Heroes has its problems, but they’ve done a pretty good job and put a reasonable amount of effort into their product. I do not expect it to last through 2018 however, if it is the case that their success is propelled in significant part by the Fire Emblem fanbase. They’ll run of characters for people to get excited about, and the power creep will ruin the Fire Emblem aspect of it too. After all, I’m a little rubbed the wrong way a little bit by seeing Dorcas keep pace with Hector, Soleil overwhelm Marth and Roy, and Mia render Ike mostly unnecessary. Knowing that the next random character they add will be infinitely better than the one I just worked really hard to get has lessened my enthusiasm, and it’s still a little boring that there’s so many different resources and we have to rely on the developers to give them to us. I think they should be pleased though. They made a lot of money and entertained a lot of people for about a year

    • Jedi

      Ike is still a big contender, his weapon and skillset are much better even if Mia is given Distant Counter she has to waste a slot where its just natural to Ike among other things.

    • . (Omega)

      So long as there are characters to be used, reused, and so on, they can keep the app running for a long time. This app has been a goldmine for them after all. And with the FE Switch coming out next year, we’ll get those characters soon as well.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Or they make a sequel and can transfer past heroes when servers go down but that’s eventually in the future.

    • Broba Fett

      You dont expect it to last through 2018? Lol youre joking right? Theres random gacha games that have been going for 5+ years that are infinitely less popular than this one. FEH is positioned to last well into 2020 if not longer.

    • Jesus Ojeda

      Mia and Ike play different roles: Ike works better as a defensive, enemy phase character (you can even consider a -spd bane as good for him, since quick riposte is almost a must) while Mia and Ayra are all-out player phase offensive characters. They depend a lot on their team composition to stay alive and get out of punishment range, while Ike can act as a wall or go nuts and attack from time to time. I think a lot of the player base doesn’t care too much about the power creep problem (at least for now) since they gave us a Lyn uh… brave hero for free and more important, lots of fans just enjoy playing the characters they like. The game is relatively easy anyway- I don’t have a Reinhardt or Mia or Ayra or Dorcas or any of the “hot” new characters, and still I’m rank 20 as a F2P