Cipher Series 11 Pre-Release Livestream + Set List!

This past Sunday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held the Series 11 Pre-Release Livestream for the upcoming S11! As usual, Ryota Kawade and Young led the show, this time with a rather festive air. Minami Takahashi, the voice actress for Peri from Fates, was also present as a guest host throughout the show.

The main focus of the livestream was to show off cards for S11 which releases tomorrow, 7 December! The set focuses on characters from The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem Echoes, and Fire Emblem Warriors.

In addition to showing off cards, we also got a sneak peak at some of the merchandise that will be available at Comiket 93 this year, along with some more art for the next set, S12, which will release in March. We were also joined by a number of guests throughout the show, including both new and familiar faces.

Read on below for a full look at everything the livestream had in store!

The Sacred Stones Card Reveals

Half of S11 is dedicated to The Sacred Stones, and so most of the cards shown off come from this game. A number of new N and HN cards were revealed for many characters including Forde, Kyle, Neimi, Saleh, and Syrene.

We also got two new foil cards revealed, an R card for Gerik and an SR card for Lute! Both are shown here along with their unpromoted versions.

On Monday, @fecipher revealed the full digital version of Lute, including her alternate art SR+ card!

Although Lute’s SR+ card was not pulled during the stream itself, many plus cards were including both signed cards for Ephraim and Eirika’s SR cards and the alternate art R+ for Myrrh.

Ephraim R was also revealed to get a plus version! This R+ card has neither alternate art nor a signature, but the foil pattern of the card highlights the flame aspect of his legendary lance Siegmund.

The purple cards of this set also get a card each for the two newest Cipher mascots: Alice and Valjean. Both are promoted, and while the text and symbols on the cards are difficult to make out, it looks like Alice may be a Bishop and Valjean a Great Knight.

Echoes & Warriors Card Reveals

The second half of the set is evenly split between characters from Echoes and characters from Warriors. Most of the cards from these sections have already been revealed, but the livestream still included a few surprises. For Echoes, we got to see a new card for Boey, and also two mid-promotion cards for Lianna and Rowan from Warriors.

A couple new cards were hidden in the pre-stream introduction. To the right of Alm’s head in the image below you can see previously-unrevealed cards for Ryoma and Xander.

Some signed Warriors cards were also shown off during the stream, including signed SR+ cards for Rowan and Lianna (shown with Eirika) both, and also the signed R+ cards for Faye, Clive and Anna.

Two cards for Warriors OC Darios were also revealed from the Cipher twitter today.

Booster Box & Other Promotional Goods

As usual, Cipher S11 booster boxes will contain a few small goodies. However, the preview promo and anniversary promo cards have been removed. Instead, we get two unique promo cards for Ephraim and Eirika. Each box comes with both promos, one holo and one non-holo. Which card comes as a holo is random. This image shows holo Eirika and non-holo Ephraim.

Booster boxes do still come with a small pack of promotional sleeves. The two options for sleeves are based on the box art for either TSS or Warriors. The images below show both sleeve options as well as the holo version of the Ephraim promo.

S11 also has a new release promo in the form of small notepads. The notepads feature Cipher art from all three sections of the set: Ephraim and Eirika, Delthea and Faye, and Lissa and Caeda. One art is used for the front cover, and the other the back.

The inside pages also feature faded, monochromatic versions of the cover art. Stickers are also included with each notepads. Buyers get one notepad for every 16 Cipher packs they purchase, which is the same amount as a booster box. AmiAmi is listed as one of the participating retailers for this promotion, good news for international Cipher players or collectors.

Additionally, S11 tournament promos were also revealed during the stream! The two unique promos are for Marisa from TSS and Mycen from Echoes. The remaining four tournament cards are reprints of cards of Ephraim, Lianna, Female Robin, and Takumi.

Mycen’s art is somewhat special in that it is based off of his Gaiden design instead of his Echoes redesign. Cipher was able to get the Nintendo artist who drew the original Gaiden art to make some new artwork for Mycen in this card.

Livestream Guests

Quite a large number of guests joined in for this particular livestream. In addition to Minami Takahashi as mentioned above, two more voice actors also attended: Hagi Michihiko (VA for Ike) and Taku Yashiro (Heroes VA for Ephraim and Rody). Both had fun chatting and opening up packs to show off cards.

Yashiro also had fun reprising his role for Ephraim as he read off all of the various quotes on the Ephraim cards that were shown off during the stream!

Two other guests also joined in: Yusuke Kozaki and Tsutomu Kitanishi! Kozaki is, of course, most known for his character design and illustration work for Awakening, Fates, and Heroes. He brought a number of Hero Feathers for everyone to enjoy. Minami looks like she really got into it!

If you’ve been following Cipher livestreams for a while, you may remember Kitanshi from earlier streams. This “Outrealms Salesman” used to be a frequest host for the Cipher livestreams along with Kawade. Today, he mostly came to show off some of the new merchandise that will soon be available at this year’s winter Comiket.

Comiket 93 Merchandise

Once again, Cipher will have a merchandise booth at Comiket 93, which will be held in Tokyo from 29-31 December. Although the merchandise sold at the booth primarily caters to Cipher fans, there’s also goods that all Fire Emblem fans can enjoy.

Some of the most popular pieces of Comiket merchandise are the Players Boxes. Each Comiket comes with two different styles of Players Boxes that contain deck boxes, storage boxes, promo cards, and other goodies.

The red box features art of various Fire Emblem lords and comes with two deckboxes, a Tiki storage box, and a surfing Sharena promo card.

Similarly, the black version of the box has art of different lords, two other deckboxes, a storage box with art of Tana, and a Summer Female Corrin promo.

In the past, Players Boxes have also included sleeve packs and marker cards. This year’s boxes may also contain those items, but if so, they were not available for viewing during the livestream.

Two new Cipher playmats were also available, one featuring Ephraim and Eirika, the other using artwork of Witch Corrin from the S9 tournament promos.

The final recurring merchandise are new Cipher artbooks for S9 and S10.

The rest of the merchandise shown off for Comiket is new. First up is a CD and Artbook combo. The CD is a drama featuring the Cipher mascots and the artbook contains various promotional images drawn by Cipher artists, such as this piece of TSS artwork.

Additionally, new keychains featuring Cipher art will also be for sale. There are 15 total designs and they are sold blind, so you don’t know which one you’ll get. Kitanshi showed off samples for Alfonse, Ephraim, and Ike.

Anyone who purchases anything from the booth will also receive a free promo of Delthea, shown here enlarged.

Series 12 Artwork Reveals

Towards the end of the stream, Kawade began showing off some new artwork for the next set, S12, which will be releasing in March of 2018. S12 will feature Awakening, Genealogy of the Holy War, and Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn.

From Jugdral, we got four new pieces of artwork, a young version of Oifey and the three mage sisters from the second generation: Vama, Fetra, and Eliu.

For Awakening, we get new pieces of art for Chrom and Excellus, the latter making his Cipher debut. We also get a more complete version of a Nowi piece that was shared as an unfinished sketch during an earlier stream.

Finally, we get three new pieces for Tellius as well, some cute art for Micaiah and some relaxed art for Volke. We also get art for a possessed/berserked Ike who seems to have fallen under the sway of Lehran’s Medallion. In theme, it’s very reminiscent of the Risen King Chrom card of S8.

Completed artwork was also revealed for the Tiki and Nowi promos that will be given out at Cipher Sai next year.

Closing & S11 Set List

It wasn’t long after these final reveals that the pre-release livestream came to a close. The whole audience joined in with a resounding “Ichi, Ni, Cipher!” as our hosts and guests signed off for the night.

Now that Series 11 is even closer to release, the official website has released the full set list! It reveals some of the final remaining cards, including alternate art R+ cards for L’Arachel and Innes, as well as a few other surprises. Check it out for yourself if you’d like to see everything that S11 has in store.

After the set has released, we’ll publish another article breaking the full set down. In the meantime, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • MetalGear Lamia

    That gorgeous Micaiah art is awesome I hope we’ll soon get cipher art for the new Heroes characters I want them so bad!

  • Kirie, I don’t wanna sound like I just read your stuff to nitpick, but Volke actually already has a Cost 2 from Set 3, meaning this isn’t his debut.

    • Kirie

      Man, how did I forget about that?! Thanks! I’ll update it now.

      • You’re good, it’s a somewhat obscure card.
        Also, you wouldn’t happen to recognize the dragons in the background of the Tiki/Nowi art, would you? I see what looks like both Kanas, Fae, possibly a second Tiki, Ena, Ninian, and Nah, but I don’t recognize the two in the back. The one in Nowi’s half looks like either Mila or Nagi, I’m calling it as Nagi, and unless Duma wears a red cloak I have no idea who the guy on Tiki’s half is. Thoughts?

        • Kirie

          Red cloak’s gotta be Bantu, and I agree that the one in Nowi’s is probably Mila or Nagi, and I’d guess Nagi of the two based on the purple outfit if nothing else.