Warriors: Additional Fates DLC Details from Famitsu

Following from yesterday’s Famitsu preview, we have a few more details about the Fire Emblem Fates DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors that releases on 21st December 2017.

(A big thanks to Nintendo Everything for the pictures)

Firstly, Azura’s mysterious songstress costume is unlocked when you get her. In addition to wielding lances, she can use Sing to restore the Warrior and Awakening gauge of allies. The other four costumes are unlocked by playing the new history maps.

Speaking of, the three history maps are loosely based off the Hoshidan capital, the Ice Village and Izumo. One of the new rewards is the “Bond Talisman”, which can be equipped in place of a healing item and increases the rate of gaining support points.

In terms of the new characters, Oboro has the Counter skill, which opens up a stun gauge when guarding an enemy attack. Meanwhile Niles has the Lethality skill, which increases the power of critical hits proportional to the user’s Luck.

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  • Jose Antonio Escamilla Ramirez

    If you look well you can see Broken Armour Ryouma in the Camilla Image

  • mrkisukes

    It’s kinda funny that Camilla’s broken armor just looks like her normal armor, minus the actual armor. Then Elise and Sakura’s look kinda like pajamas, makes sense that they wouldn’t get too sexual with theirs due to their age. I wonder if they’ll turn these broken armor looks into costume alts, I really like the idea of having Ryoma wreck shop in a loincloth. The timing to the DLC is perfect with my last final being on the 22nd, I’ll have lots of time to enjoy it.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      In my opinion, the broken armor will be a alt. outfit, but also the outfit will be activated when the broken armor skill trigger. It will be like the promoted outfit. Your unit is a promoted class, but you do not need to use his/her promoted outfit.

      • mrkisukes

        I’d like it to be like that, but at the moment, the banana twins don’t have there broken armor looks at alt. outfits, so I just hope the devs decide to make that change.

  • Fastesthe1

    Wait wait, Azura’s “Sing” ability got included in the game after all?! Did NOT expect that! I wonder how one would activate it, though; I’m guessing the same way as the healers would use a staff. And if rumors are true, I guess we would expect Olivia to have a “Dance” ability as well.

    Regardless, I’m so happy my beloved songstress is finally in the game! YAHOO, just in time for Christmas!

    • dmurr

      I’m almost thinking that’s what got Olivia into the game. I’m stoked about it, as I’ve always really liked the character, but there’s plenty of other Awakening characters that I probably would’ve expected first. They probably didn’t want the mechanic for just one character and Shadow Dragon doesn’t have a dancer.

  • dmurr

    I hope Azura’s promotion is based on Arete’s design and called Vallite Noble or something of that nature.

  • So all three are going to be somewhat unique…
    Alright, IS, I’ll trust you on this with that Season Pass, but you better not let me down – the rage of a RoyBoy is not something one wishes to have to deal with.