Heroes: New Summoning Focus: Weapons to Refine!

The next skill-based banner has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes, and this time it focuses on weapons! Summoning Focus Weapons to Refine contains 5★ units for Lyn, Ephraim, and Takumi.

Each of these units wield a unique weapon that you can upgrade in the new Weapon Refinery! Earn up some Arena Metals and Divine Dew to to see their new and improved abilities. Additionally, Heroes has updated some of the descriptions for newly-forged versions of Sol Katti and Siegmund. You can read more in the Notifications Screen.

The Weapons to Refine banner will be around for about two weeks, ending on 21 December at 6:59am UTC. Good luck adding some new units to your teams!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor