Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 93

As is now tradition, Fire Emblem Cipher will be heading to Comiket 93, which is perhaps the largest fan event in Japan, bringing along its usual array of exclusive (and mouthwatering) merchandise.

Like previous years, Comiket 93 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight, between 29th and 31st December 2017. The Fire Emblem Cipher area will be located in booth 3181, 4th floor, west corporate area.

The official Cipher website has all the details, which we’ll relay below!

Of course, for most fans, the biggest highlight is the merchandise–and there’s certainly a solid selection this year.

Love and Bonds Special Talk CD + Illustration Book Set – 4,000 Yen

Teased in the recent Series 11 livestream, this set contains a drama CD featuring the Cipher mascots and a book containing novelty artwork drawn by Cipher artists (presumably the ones they drew for certain milestones, like the yearly anniversaries).

Fire Emblem Cipher Artworks – 2,000 Yen each

These are thin, but very collectable booklets with artwork from series 9 and 10.

Players Box (Red) – 4,000 Yen

Note: The outer box can be used as a large card storage case.

Contains: Storage box, 2 deck cases, 2 deck separators, a set of sleeves, 4 special marker cards and exclusive Sharena promotional card.

This is one of two brand new players boxes, which are extremely sought after and make great gifts for any Cipher player or fan. This time around, there isn’t much of a theme, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Players Box (Black) – 4,000 Yen

Note: The outer box can be used as a large card storage case.

Contains: Storage box, 2 deck cases, 2 deck separators, a set of sleeves, 4 special marker cards and exclusive female Corrin promotional card.

The second players box, which has the exact same contents, but different characters/styles. If I had to guess, this one will probably sell out first because of the amazing female Corrin artwork.

Domiterior (includes key chain) – 500 Yen each

Apparently these “domiterior” style keychains are very popular among Japanese fans. They can be hung as keychains or stood up as a mini display piece. Anyway, there are 15 types and they are obtained randomly.

Play Mats — 3,500 Yen each

These luxurious play mats can be used for playing Cipher or other card games. Or used as a display. This year, the designs are based on the Renais twins and female Corrin (in her Cipher Halloween costume).

Desktop Calendar – 2,500 Yen each

Liven up your office or room with a Fire Emblem Cipher themed calendar! It’s not very clear, but there may be multiple styles, given how the word “each” is used to denote the price (like for the keychains, play mats, etc.).

As a bonus, all purchases at the Cipher booth are eligible for a lovely Delthea promotional card.

For those intending to shop around, please note the following restrictions per purchase:

  • Love and Bonds Special Talk CD and Illustration Book Set: 3 max
  • Fire Emblem 0 Artworks: 3 max each
  • Players Box: 3 max each
  • Play mat: 2 max each
  • Desktop calendar: 2 max each
  • Domiterior: 15 max

However these are only preliminary restrictions and the actual restrictions may change on the day!

That’s not all! All purchases that total 10,000 Yen or more are eligible for a daily raffle, where one winner a day can bag some truly sensational prizes!

29th December 2017

The day 1 prize is a sheet signed by eight voice actors who contributed to the Special Talk CD, plus three gigantic Cipher cards.

30th December 2017

The day 2 prize is a replica of Chrom’s Falchion from Awakening. Presumably it’s the same kind used as a prop for taking photos at previous Cipher events.

31st December 2017

The day 3 and final prize is a replica of Roy’s Binding Blade from, well, Binding Blade. No, I do not need this. I do not need this.

That’s all of the important details. Good luck if you’re planning to acquire any of these!

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