Fire Emblem Warriors: Fates Update Available now

As a reminder, Fire Emblem Warriors update happens today, instead of tomorrow.

Level cap has been increased to 110, Azura, Oboro and Niles are going to be added along with Broken Armor models for the Fates characters, and the addition of a stronger weapon type and an advanced seal to power up Prf weapons even further beyond.

Three new History Mode maps are also going to be added along with a slew of other additional goodies!

Be sure to check it out!

I recorded footage of Oboro and Azura in action

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Oh right I remember playing this months ago it just came and went like SoV at least this is still remembered and marketed better lol.

  • woof

    Anyone know how to unlock the Maid Camilla & Butler Takumi costumes? I heard history mode but anyone know more specifics?

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Well, I can easily see Maid Camilla be the reward in the Cold Reception map, because in Fates you fight Flora in that map and Flora being a maid can her be substituted by Camilla in the Warriors’ version.

  • dmurr

    Yessss, I’ve been so excited for Azura. Can’t wait to check this out.