Heroes: Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace Summoning Focus & Details!

A new Tempest Trials is arriving soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! As a preparation for the upcoming event, you can summon from the new Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace Summoning Focus to try and earn 5★ versions of Lucina, Nowi, and Frederick.

Heroes has also shared some details for the event within the Notification Screen. The above three units will all be 20% Bonus Allies during the Trials, along with Masked Marth. The 40% Bonus Allies are the four special heroes currently available in the Winter’s Envoy banner.

The notifications also give us a sneak peak at the rewards as usual. Masked Marth will be the hero prize once again. Additionally, you can earn a Water Blessing at 25,000 points. Any other new rewards are currently unknown.

Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace will start on 26 December and run for about two weeks, ending on 9 January.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • mrkisukes

    I know a lot of people are complaining about the repeat of Masked Marth as a reward, but I’m fine with it. There’s a lot of newer players that miss opportunities to get these free units and so making them reappear occasionally while dispersed between new content is okay with me…the only thing I’d then say is that why not some other free unit? Maybe they just decided that Masked Marth will be the only reoccurring Tempest Reward? Kind of a let down, but the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the other rewards like the orbs and blessing(s).
    Also, Christmas is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year…yet my rng is crap. My free pull for the last 2 banners have been 3*s and I’m currently at 4.75% on the Winter Banner and still no W! Tharja…sadness.

    • Morgan Rodgers

      Ugh I’ve been pulling tons of 3*s lately, my rng has been terrible too.

    • I’m cool with more Masked Marth too, seeing as how the Unit is a blank slate you can do literally anything you want with so long as you stick to basic Red requirements(no Lancebreaker etc), plus this also means merges for those who already tricked one out.
      Sad to hear my crossed fingers hasn’t resulted in much for you, man. I’ll keep my hopes up for ya, but maybe we should both stay quiet if that other Legendary Heroes Event Feh hinted at drops, just in case.

      • TheBraveGallade

        I still wish mashed marth had skills, especially something like aether, cause making her full SI makes her REALLY expensive to build, sp wise.
        also my luck is crap becuse my previous 5 summons had no green when I’m pulling for lissa.
        I did get a decent minerva in my second summon on this banner though

  • Kneekicker

    Damn, I knew the previous banner was bait and yet I still fell for it. Gonna have to scrounge up some Orbs somehow, especially since I don’t even have any of the Christmas units yet.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Wow! I am really surprised. I already knew a Tempest Trial was coming, but I was thinking about a mini tempest trial.

    • Jesus Ojeda

      A mini would be easier for orb farming. This way its way more painful for F2P players to get some orbs for the winter banner…

  • Shenai

    So all the 40% bonus units are armors? That’s going to really screw with my usual TT team setup XD oh well. At least I already pulled a WE!Robin.

    • TheBraveGallade

      you COULD just use nowi…

  • Kemo Allen

    Masked Marth as a repeat is a little disappointing, maybe they could have done some sort of Morgan, but with how powerful dragons have gotten due to weapon refinery IS might be planing to give the Falchion refinery options like the ignore buffs upgrade. I might try to build a cancel affinity Masked Marth for all of those Triangle Adept Nowi and M!Robins you see in voting gauntlet ;_;

  • Sisyphe

    I’m fine with them repeating Masked Marth (helps newer players and gives me another merge), but I think a mini would’ve sufficed. The other rewards will have to be pretty special to make me appreciate spending my holiday grinding. But at least there should be some orbs to get for whatever the New Years event is

  • Bongo Beans

    I’m fine with MM as at least I have one unit I can start merging at 5*. I just wish I’d persevered with the first TT so I could have her at +5.