Community Spotlight: Artists of Askr and Anna’s Secret Stash

If you’re familiar with the Fire Emblem art community, then you may have crossed paths with some of the talent represented in the Artists of Askr, a group created this summer by Reddit user /u/Traveler-san. The Artists of Askr run frequent events, such as their recent Inktober endeavor, (collecting hundreds of pieces of fanart themed by the day), their production of their 170 page The World of Heroes publication, and their great involvement with the FE: Compendium project (piecing together hundreds of artists to collectively draw fanart for nearly every named character in the franchise).

This year, they’ve released their Anna’s Secret Stash issue, a collective of 29 separate artists dressed up (or down?) for the summer. Orders are still up, so if you’d like to grab yourself a copy, check out their site and give it a peak. Many of the artists are regulars on Twitter, and also happen to be good friends of mine, so it’s well worth the peek:

Digital edition: .PDF ($10)

Physical edition: 6×9 paperback ($20) -Available until 12/31/17-

Deluxe Edition: Physical + 10pc Sticker Sheet ($30)

Check out their Twitter, or join their Discord server, to keep up to date on their publications, events and other community driven activities! They’re very open, so if you’re an artist looking for events to participate in and friends to share stories with, or just want a laid back group to socialize with, pay them a visit!

Contributing Artists for Anna’s Secret Stash




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