Heroes: Quests with Anna + Tempest Trials & Voting Gauntlet Conclusions

The Tempest Trials and Voting Gauntlet are done for now, but Fire Emblem Heroes is making sure its players stay busy. Quests with Anna are now available!

These quests are very similar in structure to the Alfonse and Sharena quests from the past couple months. Complete a bunch of missions with Anna and win a variety of prizes, including 3 Orbs! Check out the full quest details below.

Additionally, both the Winter Festival vs. New Year’s Voting Gauntlet and Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace have now ended. It was a long battle, but in the end, New Years Azura emerged victoriously at the end of the Gauntlet.

The Tempest Trials also just came to an end at this past reset. Don’t forget to head back in one last time to claim your final rewards! The tempest may have been calmed down for now, but I have a feeling Masked Marth will be back again soon…

Quests with Anna
Quest Description Reward
Tower: 1st Stratum Clear the First Stratum of the Training Tower with Anna on your team. 1,500 Verdant Shards
Tower: 5th Stratum Clear the Fifth Stratum of the Training Tower three times with Anna on your team. 1,500 Verdant Crystals
Tower: 9th Stratum Clear the Ninth Stratum of the Training Tower five  times with Anna on your team. 1 Orb
Tower: 10th Stratum Clear the Tenth Stratum of the Training Tower ten times with Anna and two allies on your team. All three allies must survive. 1 Orb
KO with Anna Use Anna to defeat five enemies. 10 Sacred Coins
KO Level 20+ Foe Defeat 10 enemies that are level 20 or higher with Anna. 300 Hero Feathers
KO Level 40+ Foe Defeat 15 enemies that are level 40 or higher with Anna. 1 Orb
About the Author: Kirie
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