Heroes: Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year is Now Available!

It’s time for another short Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year begins today and will last for the next week.

Masked Marth seems to keep interrupting various festivals. Concerned, she reaches out to her newest heroes, hoping they’ll be ready for battle…

When you’re ready to dive in, head to the Tempest Trials button in the upper left of the Battle screen. The opening page contains all pertinent info, including links to start a stage or view your rewards. The final map this time around is based on the Endgame map of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, and Takumi is the final boss.

As this is a “Mini” Tempest Trials, the rewards structure is slightly different from usual. You can still earn the same amount of rewards as before, but with fewer total points needed; the max reward is reached at only 50,000 points. Here are some of the reward highlights:

  • Units: 4★ New Years Corrin at 1,000 and 5★ New Years Corrin at 15,000.
  • Sacred Seals: Seal Attack 1 at 6,000, Def Ploy 1 at 10,000, Quick Riposte 1 at 20,000.
  • Wind Blessing at 12,500.

As usual, you can also earn a large amount of Orbs, and also some smaller prizes such as Shards, Crystals, Hero Feathers, and Sacred Coins. Daily Quests are also back for Refining Stones and Stamina Potions, as well as more Crystals and Hero Feathers.

Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year will end on 23 January at 6:59am UTC.

Daily Tempest Trials Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 2 Refining Stones
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 1 Stamina Potion
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials twice. 1,500 Universal Crystals
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials thrice. 150 Hero Feathers
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Diovani Estivalet

    I really liked this TT. The maps are fun, which is not something I could say from the last one.
    I am not sure about Seal Atk, but Def Ploy is a great seal, and QUICK RIPOSTE?! Amazing!
    Also, this is the first time a seasonal unit is a free unit and this is the first time we see a 4-stars seasonal unit too.

    • Not to mention this is the first time the free Unit ISN’T Red.

      • Sisyphe

        Well, Clive actually, whom I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of, surprisingly

        • Oh, yeah, forgot about him. I wondered where I managed to get mine from when I sent him home. My bad!

          • Sisyphe

            No worries, I understand he’s not a particularly memorable unit. I tried to get the most out of him and found with 40 defense and Swordbreaker, he can be called in to check Ayra and such during Arena Assault. Although, the trenches look like they will change that

      • O.H. X-1990

        Uh, no, Clive is the real first unit who isn’t red. Get it straight.

        • …You do realize someone else addressed this like 12 hours before you, right?

          • O.H. X-1990

            You do realize you never noticed the obvious before, right?

          • I’m just trying to figure out why you replied to my comment in the first place when someone else already corrected me, and was checking to see if you had missed seeing the comment. There’s no call to try and bite my head off for that, though I will admit I should have worded it in a nicer fashion and apologize for that.

  • Laggalot101

    – Def Ploy and QR seals

    I think I just heard something collapse in the distance… Sounds like… the meta…

    • mrkisukes

      My thoughts exactly…though it’s been collapsing for a while with Heavy Blade becoming a SS and Quicken Pulse way back allowing for Reinhardt Moonbow shenanigans…the meta will perpetually be breaking.

  • dmurr

    Legit that you get Corrin pretty much on your first completion if you do the highest difficult.

  • speedster

    Was pretty sure Flashing Blade would get released next, but oh well.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Finally, I can get a free New Year’s Corrin, and I can get a Quick Riposte Sacred Seal?! Oh hell yeah!

  • Shenai

    Quick Riposte *O*

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I am gonna keep all the orbs for the next banner. Sorry Micaiah, next time I will try to summon you… but for now, I prefer not.
    Also, I want to know what type of Legendary Hero we will have next. Gunnthrá is a great unit. My duo Gunnthrá and NY!Takumi with Smoke Dagger are doing a amazing job in Arena.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      From January 30 to March 13, we will have the EARTH season for blessings. When Fjorm was released, we had 5 weeks with Wind Season, and when Gunnthrá was released we had 5 weeks Water Season. Having 5 weeks of Earth Season probably means the next Legendary Hero will be a Earth Hero. And he/she is coming probably in the last week of January.

    • Shenai

      What is your build for Gunnthra and how are you employing her? I got one from my free summon on her banner (first time I got lucky with a free summon) but I haven’t really found a good use for her yet, still using my 4*+8 Cecilia, at least on horsie emblem.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        I use Gunnthrá in 2 different teams: a horse emblem team and a varied team.
        Her best use is in the varied team, because I also use my New Year Takumi, with Refined Smoke Dagger+ and Windsweep. After attack, Takumi will inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-6 on the target and foes within 2 spaces of target. Because he has Windsweep, most of the enemies will not counterattack him (espectially the unit who received the Spd-6 from Gunnthrá’s Chilling Seal). Now, Gunnthrá will do more damage on enemies, thanks to her Blizzard Tome. With a Dancer, she can kill 2 units in the same turn. I can easily kill units like Black Knight, Hector and Brave Lyn with this.

        • Shenai

          Thanks for the information, I’ll give it a try if I ever have a proper debuffer.

          As for easily taking care of Hector and Brave Lyn, my Cecilia can usually do that too 🙂 at least on a horsie team.
          Outside of that Nino is still my go to green tome user. Kills basically anything.