Heroes: Early Anniversary Celebration, February Calendar, & Arena Quests!

Can you believe it’s almost been a year since Fire Emblem Heroes was released? Heroes will be celebrating its first anniversary next week on 2 February! In honour of this occasion, the game is already starting a special Early Anniversary Celebration!

The Early Anniversary Celebration begins today and contains four special events for players to take part in. The first should be obvious to anyone the next time you log-in: a new Log-In Bonus! Earn two Orbs every day for the next ten days just by logging in.

Additionally, Heroes has added a new Starter Support Pack to the shop. It contains 12 Orbs, 12 Stamina Potions, 12 Lights Blessings, and a 5★ Black Knight! All players can buy the pack whenever they wish, but only once. It costs €4.49/US$4.00/¥480/AU$5.99.

The third event is a special Welcome-Back Gift. Any players who haven’t logged into the game for 30 days or more can receive a one-time gift of 20 Orbs. If you know anyone who hasn’t played in a while, let them know about this offer.

Finally, the last anniversary event is Choose Your Legends: Round 2! The second Choose Your Legends event will start on 22 January at 3:00am UTC and run for one week. Just like the original, the top CYL characters will appear as Special Heroes sometime in the future. make sure to vote for your favourite units!

If this isn’t enough to get you excited, Heroes has also released a new Event Calendar! The calendar starts today and runs through the end of February. Keep in mind that all dates shown on the English calendar image are based on Pacific Time where the Heroes reset happens at 11pm. For players not in Pacific Time, all events start the following day.

Here’s a text breakdown of what the next month has in store for us. I’ve updated the dates for UTC reset to match the rest of our reporting.

  • New Heroes: Two new banners revealed: New Heroes from 25 Jan – 9 Feb and Special Heroes from 9 Feb – 9 Mar. Both come with a new Log-In Bonus.
  • Legendary Heroes: 31 Jan – 5 Feb, though no word on who the new Legendary Hero will be.
  • Planned Version Update: 7 Feb
  • Skill Banner: Movement Skills from 7 Feb – 20 Feb
  • First Anniversary Celebration: Starts 2 Feb with no ending date. This is different from the Early Anniversary Celebration which starts today.
  • Grand Hero Battles: New GHB for Lyon from 26 Jan – 3 Feb and a GHB Revival for Valter from 3 Feb – 9 Feb. Perhaps the new characters coming next week will be from The Sacred Stones?
  • Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm: 31 Jan – 7 Feb
  • Refined Weapons Special Maps: 21 Jan – 4 Feb
  • Four Log-In Bonuses: Early Anniversary bonus starting today, 1st Anniversary bonus starting on 2 Feb, and two bonuses for the New Heroes and Special Heroes banner releases.
  • Five New Quests: Arena and Arena Assault quests from 19 Jan – 2 Feb, Chain Challenge and Squad Assault quests from 23 Jan – 6 Feb, Three Heroes quests from 29 Jan – 12 Feb, Defeat Foes quests from 6 Feb – 20 Feb, and Weapon Refinery quests from 9 Feb – 29 Mar.

You may have noticed that, in addition to the Early Anniversary Celebration events mentioned above, the Arena and Arena Assault Quests also begin today!

Like previous Arena and Arena Assaults quests, you can earn prizes, including Orbs, by regularly participating in both gameplay modes. The quests progress to harder versions when you complete the currently listed set of quests. Check out a full breakdown of all of them below. These quests will be available through 2 February.

Arena Quests (Normal)

Quest Description Reward
Win Arena Duels Win 1 Arena Duel at any difficulty 2 Dueling Crests
Win Arena Duels Win 2 Arena Duels at any difficulty 1 Stamina Potion
Win Arena Duels Win 4 Arena Duels at any difficulty 1 Orb
Arena Assault: 3 in a Row Win three consecutive battles in Arena Assault. 10 Sacred Coins

Arena Quests (Hard)

Quest Description Reward
Win Arena Duels Win 2 Arena Duels at any difficulty 4 Dueling Crests
Win Arena Duels Win 4 Arena Duels at any difficulty 2 Stamina Potions
Win Arena Duels Win 8 Arena Duels at any difficulty 1 Orb
Arena Assault: 5 in a Row Win five consecutive battles in Arena Assault. 10 Sacred Coins

Arena Quests (Lunatic)

Quest Description Reward
Win Arena Duels Win 4 Arena Duels at any difficulty 8 Dueling Crests
Win Arena Duels Win 6 Arena Duels at any difficulty 4 Stamina Potions
Win Arena Duels Win 8 Arena Duels at any difficulty 2 Orbs
Arena Assault: 3 in a Row Win seven consecutive battles in Arena Assault. 10 Sacred Coins
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • mrkisukes

    This is hype, Lyon GHB, new banners, free stuff, another tempest trial mini and a new CYL? I’m assuming that, while they won’t discourage people from choosing the characters they want, they’ll probably refrain from making more versions of past winners so as to not get repetitive. Already know which characters I’m focusing on for my vote: Ranulf, Tibarn, Shinnon, Benny (all hale the one true god), Camilla, Nino, Jaffar, Tethys, Gerick.

    • Sisyphe

      I think I’m missing the point of a new CYL. Wouldn’t the characters who scored just below the winners be overwhelmingly likely to win this time around? I mean, I’ll vote for my laguz favorites (Naesala, Ranulf, Skrimir, Reyson, etc.), but it’s hard to see them overcoming Tharja, Camilla, Chrom, etc.

      • Shenai

        I think the people who vote will be different this time. Previously it was the old FE fanbase, this time it’ll also include all those players who’ve only heard of it since Fire Emblem Heroes was released. Who knows, maybe they’ll even exclude certain characters.

        Maybe they’ll also include the FEH original characters.

        • Sisyphe

          That’s a good point. I was reading elsewhere that people planned to vote based on who wasn’t already in the game. That would make me feel better. Brave Tharja just doesn’t have the same ring to it

          • Shenai

            What would imo be really interesting is if they’d exclude all characters who have already been released, but that might get some bad reactions XD

          • MetalGear Lamia

            I wouldn’t mind but Camilla, Tharja, Hector and Chrom will skyrocket not that I’m complaining I love these characters! 🙂

          • Sisyphe

            I think I would prefer that too, if the CYL event was actually to determine who should be added to the game

          • mrkisukes

            On the subject of FE characters not from the main FE games, why not the Banana Twins from Warriors? Just to troll the entire fanbase.

          • Sisyphe

            Oh dear, please don’t say that!

        • MetalGear Lamia

          If any are excluded it’ll just be Lyn, Ike, Roy and Lucina but that might not be fair to fans even if it might result the same besides placements. I do wonder if the heroes characters will be added if so I’m going Fjorm she seems very popular since her debut.

          • BladeLord Lyn

            Very true

        • Suicunesol

          NEW Vote for your favorite Fates character! Top 4 will be turned into Legendary Heroes.

        • Sentinel

          As it turns out, they are indeed including Heroes’ original characters.

          Granted, I’d say they have very little chance of getting to the top, but it’ll be curious all the same.

  • Shenai

    Looks like it’s going to be busy playing FEH the next few weeks. Also, Lyon!

  • King Baka

    So many summoning events not so many orbs~~ ;O;)/

  • Diovani Estivalet

    This is great! Let’s see…
    Lyon is the next GHB, and he will probably have the Naglfar Tome. I think he will be a red tome user, because dark magic is represented in Heroes as a red tome.
    I searched about “Shrouded by the Storm” thinking it could be the name of a chapter in some game, but nothing. The near thing I got is Chapter 3-2 of Radiant Dawn, “Stormclouds”.
    I recommend the players do what I will do: wait until Jan 30th to spend orbs. I will see what units will appear on the Legendary Banner to decide on each banner spend my orbs.
    About the “Movement Skills”, I will probably have units with some “Warp” skill, like Flier Formation, Guidance, Wings of Mercy, Escape Route or even Warp Powder. (My hopes are for Elincia in this banner).
    The “Three Heroes” quest will be the traditional three 3-stars free heroes.
    And about the CYL 2… I hope they will do something like the CYL 1 winner could not be able to win again. I do noy want another version of Ike or Lyn. I would like to see a Robin / Celica with a Levin Sword / Beloved Zofia, or a Tome user Lissa / Sakura, with visual like Emmeryn / Mikoto.

    • Shenai

      For some reason I think Lyon will be a blue tome, but I base that on nothing but a gut feeling 😀

      • Sisyphe

        I hope so. Blue tomes are obviously more valuable right now. We did just have Oliver though

        • Shenai

          Yes, that also gave me pause, but somehow Lyon just “feels” like he should be a blue tome. We’ll find out for sure soon enough.

          • mrkisukes

            I think Lyon will be a Red tome, every dark mage/shaman so far has been red while the light mages have been mainly blue with the Naga girls being green.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        I do not know. We had Oliver as a blue tome user this month.

  • Sisyphe

    Wow they’re giving us Lyon, basically my favorite character in Fire Emblem. I really wasn’t expecting that. Definitely means the new heroes will be from Sacred Stones. That said, the rest of it isn’t really too exciting for me, because it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of opportunities to earn orbs here, certainly not to the degree to participate in the coming banners (four of them!). So, seeing as I currently have no orbs, I’ll probably be watching from the sidelines for just about all of this.

  • Here goes nothing for spamming Marisa votes. Might put some for Lakche, Ethlin and Azel as well.

    • Same here, though I’ll be aiming for Idunn, Limstella, or Nagi instead. Best of luck!

      • Idoun is someone I’d consider backing as well. Good call. Think I’m gonna do that.

        Not like it’ll matter though. We all know what kind of characters will pull through in the end. At least I hope our obscure characters will find solace in that some people like them, lol.

        • Yeah, you’re probably right, but I’ll hope anyways.

  • Alexander Bodine

    Honestly thought it’s been around longer 😛

  • Daniel Smith

    It would be cool if we could have divine dragons in the CYL

    • 100%B-Type

      Well, on the first CYL you could vote for Ashera, Yune, and Ashunera in the Radiant Dawn section~
      I only voted for Micaiah and Mia, so I dont now about others.

      • 100%B-Type

        After some research I found Naga on place 213.
        Maybe I vote for Mist from Radiant Dawn this time, just in case we don´t get Xander reruns again.