Heroes: Choose Your Legends: Round 2 is Now Available!

The Choose Your Legends: Round 2 poll for Fire Emblem Heroes is now available! Click here to check out the site and cast your votes. The two top-voted male and female characters will appear as Special Heroes later in the game.

The polls have been updated with a few more additions introduced since the original CYL. They now include the new art and characters for Fire Emblem Echoes as well as original characters from Heroes itself. The winners of the original CYL poll have been removed, including both versions of Ike. Masked Marth is also no longer a voting option.

The voting period is shorter this time around, so you can only vote for a total of seven characters. Vote regularly to unlock special wallpapers and add 100 Platinum Coins to your My Nintendo Account!

Each player can vote for one character per day, with the final day of voting closing at 2:59am UTC on 29 January. May the best heroes win!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor