Heroes: New Heroes Revealed in Sacred Memories Preview Trailer + Manga Update!

Five new units from The Sacred Stones will soon be making their way to Fire Emblem Heroes! The first three of these units were revealed today in the Sacred Memories Preview Trailer. Check it out here:

These three units include Myrrh, a flying Green Breath user who also introduces the Hone Dragons skill; L’Arachel, wielding the sacred tome Ivaldi; and Eirika, mounted and wielding the dark tome Gleipnir. You can take a look at all of their skills and abilities below.

These three units will be arriving with a new story chapter as well, “Fiery Resolve“, wherein the Order of Heroes is making its way closer to Nifl through the desert. Between these chapters and another Log-In Bonus, Heroes players should be getting a fair amount of additional Orbs to try and summon these new units!

Two more TSS characters will also be coming to the game soon. Lyon: Shadow Prince will be arriving in a Grand Hero Battle starting on Friday. Marisa: Crimson Flash will be the hero reward for the next Tempest Trials, which starts next Wednesday.

The Sacred Memories banner will officially go live tomorrow, 25 January, at 7:00am UTC.

Additionally, the next update to the Heroes manga came out today! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

Myrrh: Great Dragon:
  • Great Flame (Green Breath, Mt 16): Grants Atk+3. If unit’s Def – foe’s Def ≥ 5, foe can’t make a follow-up attack. If foe’s Range = 2, damage calculated using the lower of the foe’s Def or Res.
  • Bonfire (Special): Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit’s Def.
  • Fury 3 (A slot): Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3. Unit takes 6 damage after combat.
  • Hone Dragons (C slot): Grants adjacent dragon allies Atk/Spd+6 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
L’Arachel: Princess of Light:
  • Ivaldi (Blue Tome, Mt 14): Grants Def+3. If foe’s HP = 100% at start of combat, grants Atk/Spd+3 during combat.
  • Growing Light (Special): Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area near target take damage equal to (unit’s Atk minus foe’s Def or Res).
  • Renewal 3 (B slot): At the start of every second turn, restores 10 HP.
  • Res Tactic 3 (C slot): At start of turn, grants Res+6 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that ally’s movement type on current team ≤ 2.
Eirika: Anamnesis Lady:
  • Gleipnir (Red Tome, Mt 14): Grants Res+3. If foe’s HP = 100% at start of combat, grants Atk/Spd+3 during combat.
  • Rally Atk/Spd (Assist): Grants Atk/Spd+3 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn.
  • Swift Sparrow 2 (A slot): If unit initiates combat, unit granted Atk/Spd+4 during battle.
  • Desperation 3 (B slot): If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit’s attack.
  • R Tome Exp. 3 (C slot): If unit survives combat, all red magic users on team get 2x EXP. (If similar skill effects also used, only highest multiplier applied.)
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