Cipher: S12 Sleeve Designs & Ad Image + Winter Livestream Info!

We’re still in a slow period for Fire Emblem Cipher, but some tidbits of information have recently come to light. First and foremost is the official unveiling of the Cipher S12 sleeve designs which feature art from the upcoming set.

The four designs are: Micaiah and the Lehran’s Medallion art from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, Nowi from Awakening, and pixel art of various FE Cipher Lords. Sadly for Genealogy fans, Jugdrali art won’t be getting sleeves this time around. You can pre-order all four sleeve packs from AmiAmi or CDJapan.

Additionally, an S12 advertisement released in Japan gives us our first glimpse at S12 card mock ups. We get four green cards for Possessed Ike, Astrid, Fiona, and Stefan; two blue cards for Nowi and Chrom; and two yellow cards for Sigurd and Ares.

All of these cards feature artwork that’s already been revealed, but there is no text yet. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that these mock ups do not necessarily reflect the final cards. For example, even though Ike has a N/HN border in this card, it’s more likely that the final product will be an R or an SR.

Finally, @fecipher has shared some details for the upcoming Winter Livestream! Ryota Kawade and Young will be joined by Yuuki Kuwahara, the voice actress for Effie and Ophelia in Fates. A teaser image released alongside the stream announcement also hints at the appearance of another Cipher original character!

The livestream will take place on 17 February. Based on previous schedules, this means we will likely start getting daily S12 card reveals on Monday the 12th, or perhaps even as soon as the 5th! Regardless, it will be nice to finally start seeing some cards from the set.

For now, that’s all the news we have, but hopefully more will be coming shortly!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor