Incoming Feh Channel | Jan. 30 at 11:30 PT

As if things weren’t exciting enough for Summoners, what with the New Years Banner coming to a close and Lyon setting the stage for the latest Tempest Trials, @NintendoAmerica gave us a sneak peek at an upcoming Feh Channel video, with a mere 24 hour warning!

This is bound to be a doozy of a 15 minute spectacle, as this will mark the quickly approaching one-year anniversary of this now award-winning mobile game. Perhaps the Choose Your Legends 2 results will be posted, or perhaps something special for the Askr siblings and Anna. I would personally enjoy an update to what can be done with friends. What do you think we’ll hear announcements on?

If you want to watch, keep an eye on Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube Channel, or just click here to be brought straight to the livestream. For clarity, it’s due to start at 7:30pm PST (11:30pm EST) on January 30th.

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