Feh Channel Chills Out: What’s Coming to Heroes?

It’s been a pretty exciting buildup to wait for the first Feh Channel livestream of the year, and if you missed it, you missed a lot!

For starters, we’re greeted by our adorable Feh, as we’re introduced to a cake made especially for Feh’s first birthday (January 18) by the Heroes development team. She’s quite excited. Pay close attention to the macarons on top of the cake, as they’re today’s Orbs for news.

We’re introduced to the super relaxing Feh Channel by giving us a lighthearted pile of artwork supplied by many of the artists for the game. It doesn’t all stay calm though, as we’re given anticipation of three macarons, in the place of orbs, to convey the news to fans. First up, is the yellow macaron.

We’re going to see an Anniversary Celebration, which bestows a slew of goodies to summoners…

We’ll see Daily Maps in the special maps section for 25 straight days, which looks to focus on a Normal and Hard mode challenge, featuring almost every map related to a special Focus banner, netting one orb for each mode.

Our First Anniversary Present of 50 orbs will hit everyone’s mail box on February 1. That makes 100 orbs. We’ll also get Developer maps, which are always a fun challenge.

We’re also getting Daily Grand Hero Battles, which will all include Infernal maps. Yes, this even means Xander: Paragon Knight, is finally making his return!

We’ll also see Daily maps, tailored to help train specific unit types, will be filled with reinforcements, so enjoy the ease in training up new heroes and grinding out that SP/Hero Merit.

Don’t forget about the next Hero Fest, featuring 5% Focus Heroes on the Hero Fest’s lead units, Brave Ike, Brave Lyn, Nephenee and Sigurd. This one starts on February 1 at 11p PT, so in a little over a day, you’ll have some more chances at some big names!

The Green Macaron unleashes news about us getting a new mode! The enemies will march across the screen from the right, as you beat them to the…beat.

Tap units in a timing game, in which you smack away enemy units as they approach, making sure to get the timing just right to knock them away and move to the next round.

Pay note to the…notes as this appears to be a musical game, in which the units bump to the beat as you beat opponents away with just a tap. Listening closely, you can hear a familiar song from Fire Emblem The Binding Blade.

Each stage includes 20 stages with 5 rounds each (100 rounds of mayhem), and we’ll see a mysterious prize if we complete them all, according to our lovely little owl.

This will be open for two weeks, and will net some unique prizes when completed.

The Red macaron lets us into our next Legendary Hero,, the earth elemental Ike: Vanguard Legend.

He’ll not only be available in the newest Legendary Hero Summoning Event, starting in just a few hours, but he’ll also be part of the upcoming Tempest Trials event.

This Legendary Hero banner will include:

Red: Sanaki, Seigbert and Ike (Vanguard Legend)

Blue: Fjorm, Robin (Ylissean Summer) and Lucina (Brave Heroes)

Green: Gunnthra, Azura (Performing Arts) and Xander (Nohrian Summer)

Colorless: Takumi, Faye and Frederick (Ylissean Summer)

As expected, we’re also given a new video previewing the incoming Ike, and his phenomenal skillset, featuring:

  • Ragnell: 16 Mt, 1 Rng
    • Enables counterattack regardless of distance if this unit is attacked
  • Radiant Aether: 4 CD
    • During combat, treats foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 50%. Restores HP = 50% of damage dealt.
  • Warding Breath (A)
    • Grants Res +4 during combat if unit is attacked. Also grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack (Does not stack. Only highest value applied.)
  • Seal Atk/Def 2 (B)
    • After combat, foe suffers Atk/Def-5 through its next action
  • Def Tactic 3 (C)
    • At start of turn, grants Def +6 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that ally’s movement type on current team is less than 3.

As well as a stat line of 41 HP/36 Atk/30 Spd/35 Def/21 Res, assuming that the video gave us an average-stat Ike.

It looks like the latest version of Ike will be an interesting foil the Black Knight, a popular sword user with Steady Breath, the physical version of his skill). It also looks like all of these skills will be inheritable, meaning that you should be able to pass everything, other than Ragnell, to other members of your team. Good luck in summoning some Radiant Aethers for your team!
*Edit: It looks like despite not stating as such in the video, Radiant Aether is not inheritable. 

The Legendary Hero Ike: Vanguard Legend Banner will be available for 5 days, from later today (January 30) until February 5.

Last, we’ll be given the choice to have a free 5* ally, be available for everybody for free, via a voting contest from the A Hero Rises voting contest.

The single most popular hero will be made available as a free gift to every summoner, so put your heads together and figure out who might be the most practical choice! I’d suggest paying a visit to the Serenes Forest forums and discussing it with our various members, or to some of the other Fire Emblem Heroes communities, like /r/FireEmblemHeroes or Fire Emblem Amino.

If you want to catch a recap of 2018’s Feh Channel by your own eyes, give the video in the header a watch, and to keep up with other Fire Emblem Heroes related news, keep an eye on their Twitter, or their web site’s Update Log.

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    The Feh parts were funny, I don’t care for Ike in the slightest so meh…., the new rhythm game looks neat though overall to me 4.5/10 felt expectations were high glad I was in the middleground I felt this could be been some Twitter posts.

  • Sisyphe

    Fortunately nothing I care about too much. I’ll take the free hero, but it’s likely to be someone I already have. I’ll wait to see what the prizes are before I waste my time on that gross tapping game. Also, PSA: even given the Legendary Banner but if you don’t have Performing Azura, I recommend her more than any other unit in the game. Her versatility means she can fit on a lot of teams and she really helps with grinding.

    Also, I don’t think the special heroes coming 2/9 were mentioned so watch out for them

  • Kneekicker

    Wow, that’s some pretty neat stuff. Thank goodness I can finally get Xander since I was out sick throughout his initial GHB.

  • Familyplayer

    Disappointed in the legendary hero. Then again I really hate RD Ike and didn’t feel like he deserved a different version for his RD appearance. Oh well. We have to appeal to his Smash popularity.

  • Well free stuff is always nice….but honestly….I expected….like more? Like addressing common complaints in the survey that’ll be looked into (because lets face it, this game is far from perfect). Didn’t even point out any new GBH or the upcoming special units. The Rhythm game (for now) is only for February….so who cares? Like add something else permanent because just doing TT and Voting Gauntlets is just boring because TT is basically just autobattle and VG is just a joke now. “Advertises the direct as being nearly 15 minutes long but only spend 9 minutes of actual content (from a slow talking Feh) and 3 minutes of Feh just fucking around….yeah….totally worth it. I could have got this all from random news updates. It seems like I’m being negative….because I am. I do appreciate the free orbs and more orbs….but we have the Legendary Banner and the Special Heroes banner. That shit will go away quickly. So far Heroes is just going about stuff superficially and not addressing anything new….which gacha games typically do on their anniversaries. Plus would it have killed them to reveal the winners of the CYL? Obviously they wouldn’t have started on them but at the very least they have the results.

    • Honestly, the best thing they could have done was announce fixing the summoning pool. Like getting rid of some of the unwanted 5 stars that plague pity rates. Because lets face it….a 5 star merric/ cain/ oscar/ peri etc. are things we Totally~ still want as our pity breakers.

      • mrkisukes

        Fun fact, the 5* pool is bigger than the 4* and 3* pools combined…yeah…that’s a not so fun fact. There ARE too many bad pity breakers: Jakob, Hawkeye, Roy, Mathilda…that’s not to say they aren’t good (except Hawkeye, f*** Hawkeye), but they’re not 5* summonable good, make them 3/4*. And there are many 5* exclusives too that, while not bad, are not amazing: Luke, Alm, Nephenee, Mist, Jaffar, Faye; and they should be demoted to 4/5*.

        • nate

          pool whining is the worst

  • mrkisukes

    Vangaurd Ike seems good, though Warding Breath on a 21 base res seems weird (you can actually see the lv40 stats for a brief moment in the FEH channel reveal, not the separate FE trailer, he’s basically a slightly better version of vanilla Ike). Other than that, P!Azura is the only other unit I might go for. I’ll probably pull for Brave Ike in that Hero Fest banner.

    100 orbs is nice, but you can go through orbs like crazy so I’d rather they fix the summoning pool. Certain characters should not be 5* (Jakob, Hawkeye, Roderick) and some heroes need to be 4* (Nephenee, Luke, Genny).

    The rhythm game is interesting, but it’ll all come down to how the music is. Also the reward was kept hidden so it’s most likely not orbs otherwise, why hide? So maybe the reward will be a new inventory item (as if we don’t have too much), free unit, interested to see.

  • Shayne Stroud

    I’m pretty pleased with the revealed info. Unfortunately though that live stream was cancer. Why do they have to make these things so fucking stupid lol. Feh has this whiny voice and just fucked around the whole time. Idk I’m more of a “get to the point kind of guy” and that live stream was one of the most cringe inducing things I have ever seen

  • Another SuperIke, and still no Great Aether…I mean, yeah, he’s the RADIANT Hero with RADIANT Aether, but it’s just not the same…

  • dmurr

    Vanguard is easily my favorite appearance for Ike, and the fact that they now have official art for this is one of the coolest things ever. I’ve always wished they made his Smash 3DS/Wii U appearance be modeled after it.