FE:W Shadow Dragon DLC information surfaces at last!

After a long period of silence, we finally have new information and it involves our lovely cast of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.

Images of Navarre, Linde and Minerva have surfaced, showcasing some potential Musou/Special attacks. Linde looking like she utilizes Aura for hers, along with much more info that we will be digging into.

We have four DLC outfits, one for Tiki, Marth, Caeda and Lyn each.

Where can I get a tux like that?

Marth and Caeda wearing some nice bridal and groom attire while Lyn dons her look from the Fire Emblem Awakening DLC. Tiki’s, I’m unsure of, but it looks really adorable. Marth’s look reminds me of Ichiro Ogami from the Sakura Wars franchise.

Broken armors for the SD cast + Celica and Lyn will also be added

Twitter user Black Kite, who’s helped me in the past with both FE:W and Dynasty Warriors 9 info, has more on this famitsu update;

As per usual we have threenew history maps, several new weapon skills, a raised level cap, among several other additions, these new skills should prove beneficial to building some characters in interesting ways.

This seems to be releasing February 15th, so prepare yourselves for it.

When more information releases I will update this.

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  • dmurr

    I don’t know how Caeda will wear a dress on her pegasus.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Minerva and Linde look great!

  • Daniel Smith


  • Diovani Estivalet

    Both Marth and Lyn look amazing. I was thinking about Tiki’s costume and I thought it could be a Nagi’s costume, but Nagi use a different outfit. So, maybe Tiki’s costume is a original desing.
    The Devil Mountain is probably the Chapter 3 – A Brush in the Teeth map.
    Also, “Broken armors for the SD cast + Celica and Lyn will also be added”. We will receive Anna’s Broken Armor as well.
    And we also know the skills for Minerva and Navarre:
    Minerva has Iote’s Shield, which negates any damage effectiveness (no weakness against bows), and Navarre has “Solitary”, which Raises stats if not paired up.
    In Japan, the DLC pack is planned for February 15.

  • Kazuya

    Marth is cute

  • Oh boy, I had no idea this was scheduled before Awakening’s DLC Pack!!
    First off, Minerva looks amazing, I look forward to her Supports(she’d better have one with Cordelia after seeing Cordelia’s Caeda Support), and though I must admit I don’t have high hopes for her being not a Camilla clone, I’ll still hope for it this final week before her release! Plus, I mean, even if she IS a Camilla clone I’ll still use her a lot.
    Navarre will also be exciting to see, even if I’m fairly sure he’ll just be a second Lyn. Should be interesting to see his interactions with the other cast members in Supports! Linde I’m neutral towards, as I never really used her in SD, so we’ll see how she holds up.
    The costumes are wonderfully done, though it looks like Marth is stabbing Caeda in the hip in this shot…I’m especially looking forward to that Awakening Lyn!
    Overall, interestingly enough I find this to be the DLC Pack I’m most excited for, even though Owain was my number-one pick for a Warriors – Tharja kind of kills the Awakening Pack for me, I’m really not interested in sending IS the message that I’ll pay money for Tharja, but I really want to play Owain, so it comes down to how unique and interesting Olivia is to decide whether it’s worth sending the message that Tharja sells.

    • dmurr

      I like Linde, and I actually expected her to be included before it was revealed, but I really wish they’d picked Camus instead of her for this DLC pack.

    • cedrickterrick

      Both Owain and Tharja sell. I guess Olivia, too.
      The Awakening Pack has almost the rest of the foreseeable cast. 😀

      • Eh, guess you have a point. I just don’t like sending them the concept that we like fanservicey characters, because devs are stupid in that section of gaming and think we like them BECAUSE they’re fanservicey, which isn’t always the case.

  • Jinco Cypher

    Actually i think tiki’s dress is a flower girls dress from a wedding, since she is still a child.

  • The Third-Rate Poser


    • BlueMaxwell

      High quality boob jiggle here I come

  • should’ve been in from the start

    • cedrickterrick

      Maybe they where not finished yet.

  • Anne O’Namus

    I think Tiki’s dress might be from Tokyo Mirage Sessions

  • Kneekicker

    Something about Marth reminds me of Itsuki, which might mean IS is finally willing to pay attention to TMS again.

    • I’ll believe that when we get Heartless Chrom…uh, I mean, Mirage Chrom as a costume.