Heroes: Love Abounds Summoning Focus, Tap Battle, New Event Calendar, Mini Acrylic Figures, & More!

The latest batch of Special Heroes is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Dive into the Love Abounds Summoning Focus to nab yourself new, special 5★ versions of Roy, Lilina, Hector, and Lyn. Check out our earlier article for a trailer with a breakdown of their skills and abilities.

Like most Special Hero banners, this one is accompanied by a new Paralogue, also titled “Love Abounds“. Complete the new maps and their associated quests to earn yourself 12 Orbs. You can also get up to 13 Orbs for logging in with the newest Log-In Bonus. Hopefully these extra Orbs will help you summon the hero your heart desires most!

The Love Abounds Summoning Focus and its paralogue quests will be available for one month, ending on 9 March.

The latest Heroes special event also starts today: Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon! Check out our Feh Channel article for an introduction, or just dive right in. You can access the Tap Battle in the new Events menu in the Battle screen. Check it out each day to complete new quests and play new floors. The event will run through 23 February.

Once you’re done with all that, there are even more new treats awaiting Heroes players! Two types of “Persistant Training Maps” open today: Special Training Maps and Daily Grand Hero Battle Revivals. The GHB Revivals also come with a new set of GHB Elite Quests. Check out further details in the Feh Channel article or in the Notifications Screen.

If that’s not keeping you busy enough, there are also new Weapon Refinery Quests beginning today as well. They’ll be around for the next couple months, ending on 29 March.

Additionally, Heroes has released a new Event Calendar! This calendar starts off where the previous one left off, giving us a hint of what’s to come for the rest of February and into March.

As usual, the dates on this calendar are based on the daily reset happening in Pacific Standard Time at 11pm. For everyone else, the dates given on this calendar are one day too early. Check out a text breakdown of the calendar below, with adjusted dates.

Finally, some new Heroes merchandise has been revealed! These two Mini Acrylic Figure Collections contain 20 different small figures made from the Heroes battle sprites. The two “secret” figures appear to be Feh and Reinhardt.

These figure collections will release later this month in Japan. Each box contains 10 figures and has an MSRP of ¥3,500. They are not yet available for pre-order, but likely will be soon from sites like AmiAmi and CDJapan.

February & March Event Calendar Breakdown:
Summoning Focuses:
  • “New Power” Summoning Focus: 20 Feb ~ 5 Mar
  • New Heroes 1: 22 Feb ~ 9 Mar
  • Next Legendary Hero event: 28 Feb ~ 5 Mar
  • 4★ and 5★ Heroes: 3 Mar ~ 17 Mar
  • “Falchion” Summoning Focus: 5 Mar ~ 14 Mar
  • New Heroes 2: 9 Mar ~ 21 Mar
Special Maps & Events:
  • Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny: 14 Feb ~ 28 Feb. If you’ve seen the datamine, you probably already know that a Love Abound version of Eliwood will be the reward for this TT.
  • Special Maps: Shadow Dragon: 15 Feb ~ 8 Mar
  • Bound Hero Battle: Corrin & Azura: 16 Feb ~ 24 Feb
  • Grand Hero Battle – ???: 24 Feb ~ 8 Mar. Likely this GHB will feature a character matching the new banner that releases on the 22nd.
  • Voting Gauntlet: ???: 2 Mar ~ 8 Mar
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Arvis: 4 Mar ~ 11 Mar
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel: 10 Mar ~ 18 Mar
New Quests:
  • Battling with Fjorm: 12 Feb ~ 25 Feb
  • Water Blessing Quests: 27 Feb ~ 13 Mar
  • Three Heroes Quests: 7 Mar ~ 21 Mar
Log-In Bonuses:
  • Tempest Trials Log-In Bonus: 14 Feb ~ 28 Feb
  • New Heroes 1 Celebration Bonus: 22 Feb ~ 8 Mar
  • Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus: 26 Feb ~ 11 Mar
  • New Heroes 2 Celebration Bonus: 9 Mar ~ 21 Mar
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Vaximillian

    …And of course, there is no Sharena or Anna among the figurines. Reinhardt and Wrys the twin memes are in, though.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Well… They are Vol.1 and Vol. 2. Maybe we will see a Vol 3 or more in a near future.

    • Mattrex

      I’m hoping for Deirdre and Robin next, since we have Lucina and all of the Jugdral family present already.

  • Sisyphe

    Well Tap Battle was, unsurprisingly, tedious, but I do like how they’ve at least realized their writing can at least strive for entertaining (and it was!). Hector is terrifying.

    Alas, with two sets of new heroes coming and another 4/5* banner, I can’t find it in me to pull here. And that’s not even mentioning the shot at Alm and Hinoka.

    • Unless there is some hidden reward at the end, I don’t see the point of doing more than one round of tap battle, since the rewards don’t even scale with difficulty. There is also no way I’m turning on voices, so there’s no appeal in this to me.

      Regarding the bgm, I’ve played with sounds off in general for quite some time now due to that inconsistency.

      • Sisyphe

        I haven’t found any reason to do more than one round, thankfully, and even the rewards are kind of boring. You’d almost think there would have to be something to justify even developing the game mode, because it seems like a really roundabout way to give us one orb, a few crystals, and whatever else it is.

        It would have been more appealing if you could grind it for more stuff, and if they gave you some control over the music. Starting with the map themes from Binding Blade and Shadow Dragon (which we’ve probably all heard a million times) was not ideal

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Yay! Lucky me! I got LA!Hector as my free summoning! And after 60 more Orbs, I got LA!Lyn (Yes! Lyn Emblem!), and, for my surprise and happiness, Ninian in the same summoning session!
    I got a +Res – HP Hector, a +Atk – Res Lyn and a +Spd – Def Ninian.
    The “Falchion” Summoning Focus will be something. Only Red units as focus. Corrin and Azura BHB? Iam ok with it. It will probably have Male Corrin? Also, the banner always have 3 units, so… M!Corrin, Azura and… maybe Felicia (because she is Corrin’s retainer and she got a new weapon), or even F!Corrin. I am happy with Arvis’s return. He is a good unit, and free Def Ploy is always welcomed. The “Shadow Dragon” maps are based on Warriors, so… a lot of reinforcements! And finally, GHB Elite quest are really interesting. Not only we will get a lot of orbs, but also 4-stars heroes and blessing, which will help you a lot in for the new “Legendary Mode”.

    • Daniel Smith

      congratulations on the Lyn Emblem mate!!!!

      My friend and I both have 3 of the 4 Lucinas… He needs normal while I need spring…

  • Familyplayer

    Got the new hector only to get a + speed and – Def one… Definitely hope I get a better one with more rolls.

  • speedster

    This banner gave me bountiful gifts. Effie with +atk -spd, Jaffar -hp +spd, Hinoka at neutral and Vlyn (+hp -def). All in 130 so it was worth the amount. Was only sniping blues

  • mrkisukes

    100 orbs later, and Hawkeye comes in to ruin things for me…again. I’m seriously starting to hate Hawkeye, please IS, get rid of these 5* pity breaks. Things are not turning out well with this banner.

    • speedster

      I hope you get a focus hero. Good luck!

    • Sisyphe

      I am so sorry…best of luck to you. Hawkeye has done me in before too…

    • Ugh, I know what you mean…I blew 120 Orbs on the Hero Fest that featured Genny and had it broken by a Kagero and then a Lucius. Sanaki’s also kicked me in the nuts before as well. It’s super frustrating that so many meh Units are in the 5S Pool when maybe three players in the world will ever be happy pulling them. Same goes for quite a few 4S Units – Bartre in particular won’t leave me alone, and I’m sick of pulling him.

      • mrkisukes

        Finally pulled a LA!Hector, +Res/-Def…at least it’s not -Atk, I’m just happy I got someone.

        • Hey, at least you got the one you were initially looking for! Plus, you managed to not have your Pity Rate busted by Lili…wait. Hawkeye was a worse Break. Sigh…well, you got your Hector and I got my Roy, so we’re both good!

  • Daniel Smith

    after spending a lot of orbs hoping for a myrrhricle, my free summon on this banner was a L’arachel…

    Also, just use a good Horse emblem on infernal Lloyd, it honestly is super ez

  • dmurr

    This banner reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Sisyphe

    Hmmm, looking at early builds for Hector and Lyn, and also at the Armor GHB quests, I’m starting to think Armor is the “qhale” playstyle where cavalry is the budget style. Most of the new armors are special or locked into 5*, and the really viable builds seem to make heavy use of Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, and Armor March, which would be expensive to get (and now impossible in the case of the first two), much less fodder. The only armors I have are the free Black Knight and Zephiel, Effie, and Normal Hector, but I could see people not even having that, so I’m a little worried about those quests.