Heroes: Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny Banner & Details!

The latest Tempest Trials will be arriving soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! To help you prepare for this new event, the Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny banner is now available, containing three Elibean 5★ focus units: Ninian, Klein, and Clarine.

All three of these units will be bonus allies in the upcoming Trials. Using one of them in your team will give you a 20% score bonus. The 40% bonus allies are the new seasonal variants of Hector, Lyn, Roy, and Lilina. All four of these heroes can be found in the current Love Abounds banner.

The final 20% ally is the special, armoured Love Abounds version of Eliwood. As expected, you can earn copies of this version of Eliwood by competing in the Trials. Check out a breakdown of his skills below. The Rewards preview shows that you can earn Eliwood’s 5★ at 30,000, as usual. You can also snag a rare Earth Blessing at 25,000.

Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny will start on Wednesday, 14 February, at 7:00am UTC. The associated banner will stick around the entire length of the event, ending on 28 February.

Eliwood: Devoted Love:
  • Casa Blanca+ (Lance, Might 14): If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, neutralizes foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat.
  • Rally Attack/Defense (Assist): Grants Atk/Def+3 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn.
  • Fire Boost 3 (A slot): If unit has at least 3 more HP than enemy at the start of combat, unit receives Atk+6 during combat.
  • Goad Armor (C slot): Grants armored allies within 2 spaces Spd/Atk+4 during combat.
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  • speedster

    @Sisyphe So I refined Alm’s Falchion and now he’s a total beast. Mine is +hp -res so his overall combat ability isn’t that affected. I’m running Death Blow, Hit and Run, Threaten Def, and Heavy Blade seal on him. Glimmer to enhance the dragon effective damage.

    There was a skill called Armor Boots found in the datamine so I’m guessing it’s a brand new seal that has an seal original effect.

    • Sisyphe

      That damage sounds absurd. How are his matchups? Can he handle Nowi or other blues at all? I guess he functions a lot like Brave Chrom, so he’s probably still at risk of getting blown up by mages on enemy phase.

      If I remember correctly, Armor Boots allows an armored unit to move two spaces at full HP. I suspect it will be the 40,000 reward in the Tempest Trials. It will be pretty useful for armor teams, who I’m getting increasingly concerned about.

      • speedster

        By having Dark Aura give +6 atk and +3 atk from Lucina’s Geirskogul as well as Delthea’s Drive Atk giving another +3, plus Axezura’s quadruple stat buff affecting other stats, plus summoner support, plus ally support, he can kill every opponent in the game with their default kits according to FEH mass simulator. And by using just a simple 1 on 1 match up with these buffs on Alm against Nowi who maximized her defensive capabilities with a def boon, summoner support, fortify dragons, ally support, double close def, def refined lightning breath, triple drive def, fully charged escutheon, shield pulse, Alm still wins. TA Nowi fucks him in the ass though. And my Alm doesn’t even have +atk. I have all these units for buffs so this team should be fun.
        I run Hit and Run so he can escape foe’s range.

        • Sisyphe

          I like Hit and Run on him. I think that was a good call. Axura is a great partner as well since she dances and buffs, beats TA blues, and can tank Reinhardt. I have to imagine cavalry would still give him a hard time because of their range, because I can’t imagine he’s taking many hits in this meta.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I have all these units as 5-starts in my Catalog. I made both Klein and Clarine 5-stars last year, but with her I only did it to give my Genny Fear+. And I was Lucky to get Ninian when I was trying to get LA!Lyn. For this banner, I will only get the free summoning.

  • Major Kusanagi

    It is becoming more and more difficult for us F2P players.

    Another Trial without a +40% character for me…

    • Salveon

      On auto-battle Hard 5 you use an extra 760 Stamina (or maybe closer to 640, I think I messed my math up somewhere), ignoring the 3x multipliers. With a 1.2x focus you overall would need 4180 stamina to reach 100k points, this number does include the 3x daily bonus. You would only need 2090 stamina to reach 50k and only 1672 stamina to reach 40k points for the final notable reward. Assuming you use your 100 Stamina twice a day you can get 200 per day without pots, or 2800 used over the course of the entire event without using stamina pots. Alternatively you get 1400 over the course of the event if you only play once a day.

      So beyond that (assuming you put in the effort any F2P should and you’re making using 200 stamina a day) let’s see how many stamina pots you would need for the three important thresholds:

      40,000: 1672 – 2800: You’ve met the goal playing free with a 1.2x focus and even have time to spare.
      50,000: 2090 – 2800: Again you’ve met the goal easily as a F2P with a 1.2x focus.
      100,000: 4180 – 2800 = 1380 Stamina required to hit 100,000 points. Which is 14 Stamina Pots. Which is less than the amount you get for free from playing daily and completing the associated quests. (1 per day week one and 2 per day week two).

      This is not difficult at all.

      EDIT: Especially because you have Clarine as a 20% focus, who any F2P should have at least one of.

      • Major Kusanagi

        Point is people also have one thing called “a life”.

        I can’t spend all my time consuming 200 stamina points per day, not even leaving the game on auto since it requires me to confirm some choices at the beginning of every map.

        • Salveon

          Each run takes ~5-6 minutes with confirmations at most.
          5 runs per 100 stamina = 30 minutes.
          200 stamina per day = 1 hour.

          You don’t even need to be actively paying attention for that whole time. I do HW or exercise or watch shows or anything else at all while grinding TT. Autobattle 5 is the least effort you could possibly put into an event like this and it has such minimal risks associated with it that you can look over every now and again while doing anything else and be fine.

          There’s a difference between saying a game is becoming harder for F2P and complaining that you don’t want to put in the effort to properly be F2P. If you want the rewards for playing an event, then you actually have to play the event and considering the rewards consist of:

          42 Orbs.
          Three Seals.
          2 V!Eliwoods (who is our second source of Goad Armor.)
          Lots of Crystals, big and small.
          An Earth Blessing.
          11k Feathers from points alone.
          and 80 Sacred Coins.

          It speaks that minimal effort would be required on a F2P player’s end to reach the top scores. I haven’t even covered the placement rewards, daily quest rewards, SP farming benefits or even the HM farming rewards you receive from TT.

          As a word of advice try this: 100 Stamina in the morning while you wake up and get ready for the day. 100 Stamina in the evening while you have dinner and wind down for the night. And then you can use stamina pots on the weekend to boost your score if you want the extra rewards from 50,000 points+.

          Even if you don’t want to play twice a day, you’ve still almost reached the 40,000 point threshold for all important rewards by playing once a day and then using a couple extra runs here or there beyond that.

          There is no excuse for a F2P not to hit 40,000k or even 100,000k points. This is not FGO, this is not a hard grind.

          EDIT: At most a TT run will take 5-6 minutes, usually only 2-3.

          • Morgan Rodgers

            “At most a TT run will take 5-6 minutes, usually only 2-3.” The highest difficulty one? That is 7 maps right? You think 20-50 seconds a map? (not to mention for some F2P players that requires using only your best possible units, who don’t benefit as much from the SP). (FWIW, I don’t think a top-level TT run has ever taken me less than 10 minutes, and I don’t beat it with a single team if I try to auto-battle through it.)

          • Salveon

            I explicitly stated Hard 5. Which is a level 30 difficulty setting with 5 maps.

            Turn off all animations and you’re looking at easily fitting into a 36 second per map period at the higher end of the time it would take to complete a map.

            On top of this you could spend even less grinding if you had a team capable of handling Lunatic 5 or even Lunatic 7 on auto-battle. However I agree that that is a lot more difficult to achieve, which is why I used auto-battle 5 in my premise.

          • Sisyphe

            I don’t think you’re wrong, because I haven’t, and can’t, check your math, but I probably would’ve recommended a gentler tone. As a F2P player, I’m mostly fine with them giving us a 20% unit, and I’ve maxed the Trials every time, even the first time, which sucked. People can pay for convenience I guess.

            Besides, it really hard to lose even on the hardest difficulty with a Xander-Reinhardt-Cecilia-Brave Lyn Horse Emblem team, which is two free units and two units available at 4* or less, and my Reinhardt is even -ATK. I don’t even have any crazy skills on them. In fact, my Xander still has Armored Blow. So I guess I’ll just use this comment as another reminder that all F2P people should have that team build, and the Trials will never be an issue if you do. At least, getting to 40k won’t be. Any higher and you will have to work for it.

          • Salveon

            You’re probably right that I could have used a gentler tone. I just tend to find it hard to keep my cool when people complain about something being difficult when instead it is just them being lazy or inefficient.

            As for my math: I did make a few errors, but the end results are the same. I’ve redone my math, along with a better tone, and put it better on Reddit here if you would like to see the full math: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/7wy7ii/tempest_trials_focus_unit_type_vs_total_stamina/

          • Sisyphe

            No worries. It didn’t really bother me, but well, you have to play to your audience, which is fine too. The Reddit post looks really thorough though. I’ve never used auto-battle before, so it was really helpful for me. Thanks!

  • Sisyphe

    As expected, Xander Infernal is the first of the Infernal maps whose quests I have no chance of complete with my Emblem teams. I expect Robin and Ursula to be similarly insurmountable. I really hate leaving orbs on the table, but I guess the blessings are the primary prize with the new game mode coming (ick).

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Xander’s Infernal battle is really difficult to win with Emblem teams. I only got with my Infantry Team (thanks to VL! Ike), and with my Armored Team (thanks to WE! Tharja)

      • Sisyphe

        Yeah, I beat it with my normal team (Micaiah, Sothe, P!Azura, and Genny) for the Infantry win, but none of my Emblem teams have the dancer/movement skill combo, so I can’t survive any of the attacks. Without that, you basically need certain units (Sigurd for cavalry, Tharja for armor, Palla could probably tank the green mages), so I’m stuck

        • Kemo Allen

          Yeah I can see Christmas Tharja being broken for that map, I haven’t done it yet because I have limited feathers and box space. For flier emblem my -Res Tana could tank a hit from the green cav with double ward and takes 0 from Xander. From there it was Desperation Minerva and NY Azura nonsense, but you said you don’t have the dancer combo which sucks.

          • Sisyphe

            I don’t really understand why a dancer combo is basically essential for these maps. I realize most people have them, but I’m sure there are other ways to design the maps. My Caeda with 37 Res couldn’t survive Xander, the green mage, and the WoM healer, who finished her off at 1 HP by doing 1 point of damage. I pretty much quit after that.

          • Kemo Allen

            That’s funny doing 1 damage when you have 1 HP left, I had something
            similar happen with my Distant Defense Fury Corrin being reduced to 1
            health after the green cav then Xander killing her doing 1 damage. Maybe you could use Narcian to take out the Lance enemy, reposition him with Caeda or Palla so Xander goes in her direction, but even from there the other green mage is an issue if you don’t have a ranged or distant counter unit. Hopefully you get some luck in getting a unit that can fill those criteria other than that the emblem team quests for Xander’s infernal seems ridiculous if you don’t have certain seasonal units.

          • Sisyphe

            Yeah, I’m out of repositions too, is the thing. I feel like that will change eventually, and once it does, I’ll probably figure fliers out. Besides, I guess I have a year…I’d like to think I’ll acquire a Sigurd by then, for instance, which will help with cavalry. I really just don’t like playing armors though, so I only have the common and free ones.

    • I really didn’t have any trouble with the Emblem teams with his infernal, but that’s just because I lucked out in pulling certain units (like LA LYN and HA Nowi), but what I will say is fuck that mode for horse emblem. That’s the version that a majority of people (and me) are having trouble with. If it wasn’t for that asshole Keen Wolf Tome user on the top, and the fact that Infernal Xander is set up so you can’t ORKO him, then it wouldn’t be as bad. (yeah, Guard, Aegis, Panic Ploy, & DEF RES buffs….you know the devs were making this unbelievably hard on purpose).

      • Kemo Allen

        I used Sigurd, Reposition Brave Lyn, Mirror Strike Gunnthra, and Hone Calvary Mathilda. First I repositioned Sigurd with Lyn so he could kill the green cav, then with speed smoke and hone cavalry buff Gunnthra could kill the green mage and I had Mathilda block the sword enemy. Xander then proceeds to aggro onto Lyn who takes one hit and things were simple from there.

      • Sisyphe

        Surprisingly, Xander is the least of my worries, since Caeda, S!Corrin, and Reinhardt kill him easily. It’s really not so bad if you can survive the first turn, but I just can’t right now with the units and skills I’ve got.

      • Kneekicker

        I managed to deal with that Keen Green by equipping Quickend Pulse on Brave Roy, who killed Keen and damaged the regular green near him enough for Brave Lyn to finish him off from down below. Reinhardt and Gunnthra were just there as Reposition bots with the former dealing some helpful damage on Xander and the other Sword. From that point on the rest of the map was easy.

        Though I suppose Roy and Lyn couldn’t have survived that tactic if they weren’t both at +2.

  • Hey, finally a shot at Ninian! I was wondering when I’d get another one of those.