FE:W: Shadow Dragon DLC out today by 4 pm PST and Indepth Information

Happy Valentine’s Day, or if you’d rather, Singles Awareness Day, fellow Warriors! I have some good news for you. The Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC will be releasing in just a few hours; Treehouse has officially confirmed it.

Navarre, Linde and Minerva will be added to the roster with this update, and some of their supports have been revealed, be it the FE:W official Japanese twitter or Treehouse. Click the “Read More” button for the main details of this update.

We know so far that Navarre supports with Tiki & Caeda, Minerva supports with Sakura and Linde supports with Leo. Navarre comes with the skill Lone Wolf in which the character with this skill will be powered up while not paired up, so if you prefer your units to cover more ground and not use pair up as much, this might be an interesting skill to mess with.

Minerva comes with Iotes Shield, which nullifies effective damage. Since the translation lacks clarity on the effective damage source, this could be massively beneficial to not only her but Camilla as well in two ways, since they take bonus damage not only from Bows, but Falchion users as well.

Linde comes with the skill Quick Wit which allows critical hits (which happen when you lower an enemies weakness gauge down) to give Awakening meter to the character, this will not only be useful in general, but will be especially helpful to giving Tiki both more time in her Manakete form and faster access to it.

Like the Fates DLC, we are getting 3 History Mode maps. One is based on Chapter 3 of Shadow Dragon A Brush in the Teeth which introduced Navarre.

Chapter 10 Princess Minerva introduces Minerva to the side of justice.

Finally, Chapter 11 Knorda Market brings Linde, who was originally recruitable via a village visit by Marth.

Some referencial dialog as per the norm has also been added to these maps, as shown on the Treehouse update regarding the DLC.

Anna, Tiki and Caeda will be recieving their Prf/Exclusive weapons in this update, Anna’s Bow, the Divine Stone and of course…

A fan favorite, Caeda’s almighty Wing Spear, better known to some as Glue Factory, returns after being heavily requested since release.

We’re getting some new weapon skills, such as Statflip which flips a characters strength & defense or in a mages case, their resistance and magic.

Elise’s Res is now highlighted as her main combat stat. You can combine this with the new Topsy-Turvy skill, which allows users to fight with their Defensive stat instea. After Statflip swaps your Str/Def and Mag/Res, Topsy-Turvy allows you to fight with your unused combat stat (Mag for bow users, for instance). Niles would probably most benefit from this as he has amazing Res, so Topsy-Turvy Statflip him if you so wish! Compound this with the increases stats available with the new increased level cap of 130, and you’ll have some great new ways to battle.

The skills “Genpeer” and “Gencross” have also been teased. Which we know from the Japanese translations of the Famitsu articles are “do better damage against the same gender and opposite” respectively.

And of course we have the final bit with the new costumes.

Bridal Caeda & Groom Marth

Awakening Lyn & Bridesmaid Tiki.

The update launches soon! As always, look forward to my video showcases soon!

Together We Ride, to Archanea!

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