Heroes: Incoming Fallen Heroes Banner & Grand Hero Battle

If you were curious about what’s to come in Fire Emblem Heroes after reading the recently released Calendar‘s “New Heroes Summoning Events” and “??? Grand Hero Battle” then you’re among many. Just a short while ago, we got our first glimpse at the mysterious events to come.

If her eyes could kill…

We’re about to be hit with the Fallen Heroes Banner. The Fallen Heroes Banner will be available starting at 11pm PST on February 21 (tomorrow night), and will be available “through future summoning events”. The banner features a Grima-possessed male Robin, Archanea’s Emperor Hardin and Duma-possessed Celica. The three of these units being some interesting new skills, including the never before seen Armor Manakete in Robin. Click Here for the Japanese release.

Additionally, on February 23, we’ll be able to battle Takumi: Empty Vessel, in his incoming Grand Hero Battle.

Picture courtesy of reddit user /u/CongaMan1


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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Cool theme never expected this that Celica art is very gorgeous looks more improved!

  • Sisyphe

    That Celica is not going to be fun, between the buff and Chill Spd. I’m already annoyed by Gunnthra’s skill. I don’t like debuffs you can’t avoid at all…

    Hardin and Celica loom really pretty though. Also, the armor additions continue

    • Shenai

      I wonder what happens if the top speed is shared between two charas? Is there some kind of tiebreaker or will both or neither then be debuffed?

      I’d have prefered for those skills to stay super rare. They’re kind of OP… this week I saw a valentine’s Hector with Quick Riposte seal and Bold Fighter B skill. What can you even do against that.

      • Sisyphe

        I think, from my experience with Gunnthra, it debuffs both. As usual, I think the skills would be fine if they didn’t keep adding more ridiculous armors. And as you say, the quick riposte seal is part of that.

        For Valentine’s Hector you would pretty much have to attack into him and hope he does before his second attack, which is hard to do. Otherwise, units with axebreaker will be necessary for arena assault. I also main Genny so a lot of the time I just dazzling gravity troll him.

        Still, it’s a little out of hand.

        • Shenai

          I see, thanks.

          It’s really hard to 1HKO him. Ah, Axebreaker, a rare sight. I suppose… it’s already on my new toy, Raven, but eh.
          Speaking of, I’ve never had as many defense wins as I do these past two weeks. Still with VL Ike (-Def!), Fjorm, Inigo and Raven. Guess it’s just not quite what people expect?
          Never had a Genny, that would certainly work. My little Nino properly buffed and in Desperation range might work too. But not at full health. For that the standard Wary Fighter is actually worse.

          • Sisyphe

            Yeah, the problem is that you really have to treat each build like a different character. For example, I can use Tobin to tank and counter the Wary Fighter one, but that wouldn’t help me against the monstrosity you mentioned. Also, Quick Riposte does bypass Wary Fighter, so maybe that could help.

            I definitely don’t have the answers for him. I’m still guessing mostly, and I expect these new three to be similar headaches

          • Shenai

            True, but for Quick Riposte you would have to bait that monster, and since that means he gets his second attack first, that’s hard to survive for anyone… ah, the Wary Fighter one of course, got it. But I don’t usually run a lot of enemy phase oriented charas.

            If you run into my team, I’m sorry, I guess? I usually just have my arena team of the week defend as well, because one defense above 500 points is all I want for feathers. I don’t have a defense team as such. Just right now that means more wins than the 1-2 wins of someone messing up against my usually player phase oriented team.

            If you run into that Hector as well, then I’m really sorry ^^;;

  • Marine

    Oh, man, I’ve been waiting for Grima!Robin since this game came out, I’ve always absolutely loved the concept of actually being able to use a possessed version of them, but… it’s not female Robin.
    As much as I would absolutely love to pull him for dragon + armor business, I find it hard to care all that much because it’s not the Robin I’ve spent Awakening with and poured tons of TLC into. :p

    Celica looks pretty neat, though.

  • mrkisukes
    • speedster

      I didn’t think Grima was possible since the Avatar’s gender is depatable as well Grima being too big. They somehow managed to do it with that head cut-in

    • speedster

      you liked Laevateinn. what do you think of her sister? she’s damn fine

      • mrkisukes

        Her sister is fine, but Laevateinn still overall has the better design in my opinion.

        • speedster

          i like her sister more, but that’s probably because she has that mature vibe

  • speedster

    Grima is obviously going to be slow, meaning that he’ll be tanky as hell, especially with that extra dragon BST boost on top of armor. Hardin will have middling speed, a bit below 30. His def and res will be a bit higher than Eliwood’s. Celica will probably have average speed (around Joshua’s level) as well as above average def.

    • Laggalot101

      Dragons don’t inherently get a BST boost. Look at Tiki and Corrin for instance, they both got the original common melee infantry BST. With the dragons, it’s just the loli’s that get a trainee bonus. So I’m assuming Grima’s just gonna have the standard melee armour BST, at like 174-ish.

  • Laggalot101

    Well, this isn’t quite what I expected to see when I woke up. All of this, really.

    I guess it’s nice that Vengeful/Bold Fighter are being added to the permanent summon pool now.

    Can’t really say I expect anyone to get demoted here, though… Maaaaaybe Celica, but eh…

    • Vaximillian

      Celica will probably be the one to get demoted, not really bringing much to the table except for Troll Spd.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Good for me! 🙂

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Not every single new banner needs a unit to be demoted to 4-stars. In my opinion, IS will keep all 3 units as 5-stars.
      If not, Celica is probably the one who will be demoted. There is not chance to have a Bazen skill, Vengeful Fighter or Bold Fighter in 4-stars units.
      But we need to pay attention to Chill Spd because, different from Gunnthra’s Chilling Seal, Celica doesn’t need to have HP>50% to use it.

  • Shenai

    Yet more amors =.=
    And armor manakete??? *sigh*

    Is it just me or is that Robin art really weird?

    • Sisyphe

      The artist, uh, probably could’ve benefited from another draft of the face, to be generous. But in any case, I think that’s where the issue with the art is

      • Shenai

        I find the whole anatomy to be off. The legs too long, the torso too short and very weirdly defined, the waist way too slender, the shoulders and hips non-existent, the left hand, even with the perspective, big in proportion to the rest and the other hand which is much further away is not significantly smaller, and the neck seems not quite right either, the face is just the weirdest :s /rant

        • mrkisukes

          I actually find Robin’s to be the best of the bunch with it having it’s own style to set it apart. Hardin and Celica’s art are very standard, their not bad, but I can point to the designs of other characters not done by Daisuke Izuka or Fujikawa Akira as looking same-y, I can’t do the same for Robin.

        • Sisyphe

          Hmm I see what you mean. I think the face is the only thing that really bothers me, but I can see how the rest could. I kind of like it otherwise, for some reason.

          • Shenai

            The style is cool enough, but the weird proportions I can’t help but see.

    • Suicunesol

      That’s called style. It’s really different from the rest, but the exaggerations give it character.

      • Shenai

        I don’t mind the style, I mind the messed up anatomy, really.

    • King Marth 64

      I think they made Grima Robin into an armor that Grima is really gigantic in Fire Emblem Awakening and he had alot of defense and attack power that can deal with the non-Falchion users.

  • Hardin is the only interesting thing here for me (+VF), so I might go for him. Horace is not a thing and I don’t have a lance general so yeah.

  • speedster

    Your fetish for armor is simply barbaric

  • 100%B-Type

    Berserk Ike and Ashnard, Risen King Chrom, Possessed Delthea, Duma blessed Berkut with Kriemhild and burning hot Witch Rinea when?

    • Stevosan

      I understand everything you’ve said, except Risen King Chrom? Did I miss something in awakening? :S

      • Cole Millions

        That was a special version from Cipher! He looks hella cool!

    • Zog58

      May as well complete Ike emblem lol.

    • Michael Ingram

      Just make Witch Rinea the graphic when she attacks, no need for two versions of that character.

  • Considering that Female Robin has been the Grima through both Cipher and Warriors, it’s interesting that Heroes chose to go with the Male one.

  • CombatMagi

    gonna be honest this might be the first banner I don’t really try to get anything for I like the idea but in a way I’m not feeling it rather save my orbs and wait for the next new heroes on….. march 8th I think?

  • Tom J.

    Five Robins, still no sword users. Sounds about right. Least there’s sword Celica.