Heroes: March Update Brings New Game Modes + Weapon Refinery Updates!

Fire Emblem Heroes has shared some intriguing tidbits about the upcoming March Update! It includes two new game modes and also some Weapon Refinery updates. Take a look down below for further info.

Rival Domains

An entirely new game mode called Rival Domains will be starting up with the new update. Players will deploy up to 20 heroes in large Brigades to capture enemy camps. In addition to using your own heroes, you can recruit some from your friends!

Rival Domains features a point-based scoring system, similar to Tempest Trials. Player can earn points based on how many foes they defeat and camps they hold, in addition to separate scoring for Offense and Defense. Complete details on scoring will likely be shared once the event goes live.

New Rival Domains will be added each week on Saturdays at 7:00am UTC.

Blessed Gardens

Another new game mode called Blessed Gardens will be using the new upper left icon on the Battle screen. This game mode was hinted at in a previous update, as players will only be able to use heroes with Legendary Blessings bestowed upon them.

The update hasn’t actually told us much about how this game mode will play out. However, they do stress that many of all four Blessings will be available in the game mode, including four Water Blessings right at the beginning. So, all players should be able to play the new game mode, even if they haven’t summoned any Legendary Heroes yet.

New Blessed Garden maps will be added each week on Sundays at 7:00am UTC.

Weapon Refinery Updates

Three heroes will be receiving upgrades with the latest Weapon Refinery update! First up is Soren, who will receive a new tome at 5★: Wind’s Brand. Soren’s Wind Brand as well as Eirika’s Sieglinde and Leo’s Brynhildr will all be able to be improved with special effects in the refinery. We’ll get full details of the weapon skills when the update goes live.

All three of these updates are scheduled to go live with the March update which is scheduled for “early March”, but we do not yet have an actual date for it yet. Stay tuned for further details!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor