Heroes: Shadow in the Mirror Banner + Voting Gauntlet Details

The next Voting Gauntlet begins soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can glimpse a hint about the Gauntlet’s participants in the new Shadow in the Mirror Banner.

The banner contains 5★ focus units for Celica, Zelgius, M!Robin, and Takumi. Two of these units have alternate versions currently available in the Fallen Heroes banner. Similarly, Takumi has a version currently available in the latest GHB, while the Black Knight has been around for a while…

Yes, the latest Voting Gauntlet: Shadows in the Mirror features these four heroes pitted against the darker version of themselves. Check out the full bracket below:

The Voting Gauntlet begins Friday, 2 March and will last until 8 March. Each round lasts a little under two days, leaving a few hours at the end before reset for final calculations. As usual, there will be quests to complete during the Gauntlet, and we’ll also have a new Log-In Bonus. Pick your chosen hero and prepare for the upcoming battle!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • speedster

    Does anyone want a packet of salt?
    Going for Fallen Takumi. I like his stat spread and kit. Skadi isn’t amazing, but it is funny under the right circumstances. Imagine 3 Skadis in your team in VG battle and then some guy with a raventome comes up. At least Vengeance could kill them on top of the 3×10 damage from Skadis.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Thanks Mila for the blessing. I finally got Celica. But nothing is perfect… +HP -ATK. That’s ok.
    I am between Celica and Grima for this one…

  • Shenai

    Well, that’s an… odd… voting gauntlet. At least it’s thematically sound.
    I only have Robin and BK (and EV Takumi), but I guess that’s enough. Maybe I’ll finally get a Celica.

    Hard to predict who to go for to get lots of feathers.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Odd Voting Gauntlet? Really? For me, it is better than “Short-Haired Ladis vs. Long-Haired Gents” theme.

      • Shenai

        Never said it was the only odd one ;D
        But pitting units against other versions of themselves? Yes, odd, in my book.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Yeah… Robin is the only one who makes sense.

  • Sisyphe

    I pulled a Takumi with my free summon which was nice because my first Takumi was +DEF/-ATK. But this is one is +RES/-ATK, so it somehow manages to be less useful. Anyone know anybody that might want close counter?

    • Besides Possessed Takumi?

      • Sisyphe

        That was a really obvious option… that I didn’t think of at all. Still, I’m leaning toward keeping Life and Death on him.

        • That’s fine, I was mostly joking. Is he any good? I can’t seem to beat the second difficulty with my secondary account(my team is Cordelia, Selena, LA-Roy and Elise) and haven’t trained the 3S one very much.

          • Sisyphe

            He’s fine. I assume he’s not going to be anyone’s primary archer, and I think most people probably don’t have to 5* him. Infantry archers aren’t really that valuable right now, especially if they don’t have the Brave Bow. However, I do think running multiple copies could have some fun results. Even with one, I’ve found the AoE damage is more useful than I thought.

            It’s a really hard map though. I beat Lunatic after a few tries and didn’t even attempt Infernal after seeing another dazzling staff user. I beat it with Horse, so I don’t even have any advice, except maybe that rushing at least one Takumi as if it were the original Conquest map worked for me, and definitely try to kill the gravity user without baiting him, if possible.

  • Laggalot101

    Guess I’m supporting Black Knight. Or if he loses, well, I guess Zelgius would be next. And if he too goes down, but Celica is up, she’ll be my third pick. Otherwise, I dunno.

  • kirindas

    The match ups are really strange, but I’ll take advantage of the fact that I have one unit in every bracket. Three of them are level 1 so I can easy clear things if I join Fallen Takumi, Robin, or BK.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Also… tomorrow will probably be the day we will have the trailer for the next Legendary Hero Banner. I hope we can get a original character. We do not have a colorless legendary hero… I hope he/she is a flying healer or a flying archer. It would be cool.

  • mrkisukes

    I’m going Fell Robin, though none are characters I particularly like with Celica being the only one I hate. That said, the winner of these gauntlets are meaningless as IntSys has yet to make it at all meaningful with the victor literally coming down to whoever gets the right multiplier bonus cycle (with the exceptions of when that cycle gets disrupted). I have no investment in these voting gauntlets outside of the free stuff we get.

    • Yes….we’re quite knowledgeable with whom you hate considering you feel the need to just throw that in there whenever appropriate.

  • Should be interesting. The real question is of course who to choose…

  • O.H. X-1990

    It’s Good vs. Evil, but what is Black Knight/Zelgius doing here? He’s neither good nor evil!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Well… Zelgius is a general in Begnion (the good side) and Daein (the evil side), at least in PoR.

      • Sisyphe

        Yeah but Radiant Dawn teaches us it’s not that simple

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Yeah… I know his full story… but that’s the only conclusion I have for why he is in the Voting Gauntlet.

    • speedster

      BK was pretty much this evil knight in Daein. I think they meant red armor Zelgius since Sanaji spoke so highly of Zelgius in RD.

  • batty

    Burger King for people’s champ. He demands no orbs, luck, or battle to join. Only a token show of dedication.